16 lattes and 16 songs

Posted: Friday, October 19, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I have to get it together this weekend and download my free songs from Itunes. I think I mentioned about Starbucks and their Song of the Day program, didn't I? Or maybe you've been to Starbucks and gotten some songs for yourself.

I've got all 16 so far, all for the price of a pumpkin spice latte and a classic coffee CAKE or banana loaf. Oh...cinnamon rolls on the weekend.

What? Have you seen the size of the cinnamon rolls at Starbucks??? You wouldn't walk away from it either.

Anyway, I have 16 songs and the cards are stacked next to my laptop. I need to dowload them.

Did you know that the free song download program runs through Nov 7? And did you know that Nov 7 is a very special date in the bloggosphere? It's Blog Blast for Peace Day! Get over to Mimi's and get your Peace Globe soon!


  1. Sounds like a good deal. I'm a sucker for good cinnamon rolls!
    RE: TT
    Isn't that the state of education nation wide? I watched Jay Walking on Leno last night. An English teacher, about my age, couldn't tell Jay who the US won their independence from!!! EGADS!No one knew who would take over if the prez and vice prez were incapacitated - and then, couldn't identify Nancy Pelosi. Never heard of her...Scary!!!

  1. Liz Hill says:

    Yummy--I need to bop down to Starbucks and try that latte.

    And I spent some brain aching time yesterday explaining to a MATH TEACHER that there are 26 pay periods in a year if you are paid bi-weekly. Typing that made it hurt again.

    Snagging your Blogblast button!


  1. Lisa Ryan says:

    Hey, I am going to Starbucks this morning, will check out the free tune deal. thanks for sharing.

  1. I haven't been in a Starbucks in a very long time....I am a loyal Peets kinda gal....smile.

  1. Schmoop says:

    Banana Loaf? Hehehehehe, that's funny. Cheers Trav!!

  1. Linda says:

    I wish there was a Starbucks closer than in the Mohegan Sun Casino as that one is just not easy to get to. Free music is always good, especially when you just have to have a coffee and yummy treat to get it!

    Now I have a craving for a cinnamon roll ...

  1. Unknown says:

    If we give back McDonalds and KFC can we please have Starbucks instead?

  1. if i buy the coffee (can i use that term in a starbucks?) I will need someone else to drink it since I am not a drinker of that substance...

  1. Gracie: I love a good cinnamon roll. Education...I'm having trouble understanding why our system is unable to teach the width and breadth of American History. Our country isn't that old compared to others.

    Turn: Sad isn't it? Snag away...I got it from Mimi.

    Lisa: Excellent!

    Katherine: I prefer Tully's, but it's not convenient in the morning on the way to work anymore.

    Matt: Hehe...made ya laugh!

    Linda: Feed the craving!

    Pauline: I'll have to check with my people.

    V: Well, it's not coffee-flavored coffee (to quote Denis Leary) but it's a decent drink in the morning.

  1. Meribah says:

    Wooo! Free tunes! Me like! Hmmm, I guess I should get the peace globe soon...but I feel like such a procrastinator at the moment! LOL :P

  1. You get a good cuppa and free songs to download?

    I'm beginning to think that the local Starbucks is living a few years behind the Starbucks in the US :D

  1. I have a bunch of those and a big HELL YES to the Starbucks cinnamon roll. Oh my. With a Misto. Which is basically a Cafe Au Lait...oh my.

    Hey...I gotta go to work early tomorrow morning. Perhaps I should eat first!!

    And who all is watching the new Idolesque show American Band?

  1. Julie says:

    Oh great little reminder there Trav....so much to do and so little time! ARGH!!!

  1. I will forever link you to pumpkin spice lattes. You know that, right?

  1. Trav, how ya doin? I think the blogblast is cool but if we as a blogging community want to make a difference, then we must do so through activism. It isn't enough just to post, we must contact the legislature and especially those running for re-election. If the blogging community has real power, then it must be shown through action that manifests itself outside the blogging community.

    Happy Halloween

  1. Anndi says:

    **Poopoos Starbucks and heads off to Tim Horton's**

  1. Meri: There's still time to get your Peace Globe. You'll be joining many other Doggy Bloggers too!

    Terra: Yes I do!

    Starrlight: Get your Starbucks and cinnamon roll on the way to work. I avoided the band show, but maybe I'll pick it up when they are down to something that might be good. I have not interest right now in listening to the crappy auditions.

    Julie: Get your peace post ready before you go on your trip!

    Songbird: Hehehehehehehe!

    Stewart: Hey there! You are correct that activism is the key. I think that if a peace post is a first step toward other, more direct forms of activism, then bloggers can start to become the change they want to see.

    Ann: One takes what one can gets! Does Tim's have free tuneage??? LOL!

  1. NOLADawn says:

    Man... I've only gotten four and I go every morning on the way to work! You're way up on me :) I need to flirt with my drive thru guy more!

  1. Anndi says:

    Selling your soul for tuneage? Dear, with the price they ask for their "coffee".. you've paid for the tuneage.