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Posted: Saturday, November 03, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Doesn't this make you smile?

We had a great day out and about. We took advantage of the big sale at JC Penneys and picked up some flannel shirts. Mine were getting a little ratty, and Pam has swiped the one decent flannel I had left. I don't mind that so much. She's damm sexy when she's wearing that shirt.

I finally got a lap desk. I'm using it right now and it's wonderful. Now I can be comfy while I'm doing my sports recaps and dance reviews.

We spent a couple hours at Barnes & Noble. Pam didn't find anything she wanted, but I did get four books. Vinny has been singing the praises of Brad Thor for awhile, so I got The Lions of Lucerne. And I've been meaning to start reading Vince Flynn, so I got Term Limits. Plus I got a book called The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. I don't know much about this author, but I liked the cover and the first couple paragraphs.

The last book I got is called The Few and the Proud, by Larry Smith. It's about Marine Corps Drill Instructors.

Here's how the BCS Top 10 did today:

1 Ohio State beat 21 Wisconsin
2 Boston College hosts Florida State
3 LSU beat 17 Alabama
4 Arizona State lost to 5 Oregon
5 Oregon beat 4 Arizona State
6 Oklahoma hosts Texas A&M
7 West Virgina idle
8 Kansas beat Nebraska
9 Missouri beat Colorado
10 Georgia beat Troy

The Ducks are making their case for one of the two spots in the BCS Championship game. Oregon destroyed Arizona State today behind the excellent play of QB Dennis Dixon. The Ducks should certainly replace ASU as #4 and could move up to #3 if Boston College is unable to overcome their problems against Florida State. That fumble through the end zone against Cal now looms very large for the Ducks.

Hurray for the Huskies!! They got the win over Stanford today. UW won on the strength of its ground game, rushing for nearly 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Huskies had more than twice as many total yards from scrimmage as Stanford. UW is still dead last in the Pac 10, but we take our small victories where we can get them.

Navy did beat Notre Dame today, snapping a 43 game losing streak that dates back to 1963. Mimi should be happy...she wants the entire Navy to have Peace Globes.

Speaking of Peace Globes, here's something new. Mimi has established a chat room for Blog Blast Day. She's inviting bloggers to a Peace Globe Party. You can get the details by clicking here.


  1. Jeff B says:

    As I finished the first paragraph talking about your wife looking good in flannel I miss read the beginning of the next one. I read, "I finally got a lap dance"


    Certainly changes the flavor of the post. Excuse me while I compose myself.

  1. Did you see how bad Nebraska got beat? 76 points? Some heads are gonna roll there.

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  1. Linda says:

    That first picture makes me smile and be sad at the same time as I am happy for those people who do have someone to walk hand-in-hand with while it depresses me to no end that I may never have anyone to do that with again myself.

    Sounds like you and Pam had a wonderful weekend even though it was lap desk you got and not a lap dance!

  1. Jeff: LOL! Take your time.

    Charles: I did see that. I'm surprised Callahan has lasted this long.

    Linda: Awww...hang in there. Sometimes it just happens when you least expect it.

  1. I can NEVER go into a book store and not find something I want LOL GO BUCKEYES!!!