We Wondersss...

Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 by Travis Cody in

We wondersss, preciousss, yes we doesss.  Like...

...Pam and I bring reusable canvass bags to the grocery and to any other place we shop for our sundries.  Actually, we keep a stash of reusable bags in both vehicles so that we can use them anywhere we might require some kind of bag to carry a purchase.  We bring more than enough bags for all of our grocery and sundry purchases.  And yet, without fail, the person who bags these purchases stuffs as much as possible into as few bags as possible.

We shouldn't have to ask to spread out the load, should we?

...Why History has decided to remove all of the historical programming from its channel.  Oh sure, some would say programs like Pawn Stars and American Pickers might talk about historical trinkets, gadgets, and the occasional significant piece of Americana.  But Ax Men and Ancient Aliens?  I'm sure plenty of viewers enjoy that kind of programming, but why is it on History Channel?  Where are all the documentaries about actual historical events?  Why must so much of the programming be sensationalized pseudo-history or worse...entirely fabricated based on rumor and conspiracy theory?  Can't History make well-researched documentaries about events in time that changed the world, or advanced the human condition?

Perhaps we'll just have to continue to get decent historical and educational programming from Smithsonian Channel.

...Why so many people addicted to posting comments in articles and tweeting their thoughts can't do so with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Or at least two out of three.  Or even one out of three.  I get that you only get 140 characters per tweet, and I get that you want to put your thought out quickly, but you really can take the extra 30 seconds to read what you've just typed for clarity and sense.  Don't you understand that words spelled incorrectly and phrases missing periods or other punctuation marks can change the meaning of what you intended to say?  Or make what you wanted to say completely senseless or impossible to understand?  Or that auto-correct doesn't always understand the word you really wanted and the word it chooses may completely ruin your message?

Those people called "grammar police" or "spelling nazis" get a bum wrap it's not about being self-important at least it isn't for me it's more about figuring out when one of your thoughts ends and the next one begins it's easier to do that if you spend a couple of those 140 characters on a period take a breath you don't talk in run on sentences why write that way?

So we wondersss...yes preciousss, we doesss.


  1. I can see myself as Gollum

  1. I can see myself as Gollum as well. I post a sad Posting On Sunday we Lost a Peace Blogger,when went home to our Heavenly Father.

  1. I've wondered the same thing about the History channel. While I do watch American Pickers semi-regularly, I still enjoy series like, "The Men Who Built America" and "Who do You Think You Are". There are so much interesting history that cannot be crammed into textbooks and taught in classes that needs to be told. I would actually like to see a documentary series on how the delegates are chosen by each party to choose their presidential candidate. How and why did "Super Delegates" come about. How can you lose a primary and win the most delegates. I just think a good documentary on such subjects could serve to educate the masses. Have a blessed day.

  1. Thought I would stop in to see if you had posted recently. April really was yesterday wasn't it? Good things to wondersss about as many of them were on my list of speculaquestions.


  1. Celestine used the reusable bags as well when she goes shopping.

  1. We wondersssss yessss LOL

  1. I am glad to see you in the blogosphere, my friend. Hope you are well.