Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 by Travis Cody in

So my lady brought Chinese food tonight. She called this morning and we made our date for the big Dancing finale, which starts in about 10 minutes.

We're pulling for Emmitt, but we think Mario is likely to win. We also think that the judges tonight will do everything possible to make the scores tied so that the fans ultimately decide the winner.

I'm not saying there's any monkey business, but if the dancing is as good as I think it will be then why not make them even and see who the fans like best?

It's all fluff anyway and in the grand scheme of life, it don't mean nuttin'. So I'm off to enjoy an evening of fluff and nuttin' with my lady.

**does a sexy mambo hip swivel, several heal-toe exchanges, and a tail shake**

See ya!


  1. julie says:

    In a day full of seriousness and sadness it's good to find the fluff.

    I'm still looking for it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What--no high thigh action?

  1. Anonymous says:


    Great...finally get up off my sick bed to read some blogs and get thudded again.