Thunder & Lightning & SNOW!!

Posted: Monday, November 27, 2006 by Travis Cody in

So it took me over an hour to get home. I only live 11 miles from my office. But if you're watching the Monday Night Football telecast from Seattle, you know what's happening out here. In the 70 minutes I've been home, my vehicle has been covered in at least 3 inches of snow.

It's absolutely beautiful to watch from the coziness of my apartment. I just heard kabooms of thunder outside. And now there's lightening! We're having a real winter storm!!

It's a first for me, so pardon my giddiness. I'm sure it'll get old fast. Hell, it'll get old by tomorrow morning when I have to dig out and try to get to work. I got no options - it's quarter end and I have to go.

I'm not joking about digging out - the forcast says we could get a foot of snow tonight.

Wild stuff y'all!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ain't snow great!

    Hey throw a snowball or two for me.

  1. julie says:

    **flashes back to a time of snow angels after jumping out of a hot tub**

    Be safe honey....crazy drivers out there!

  1. Anonymous says:



  1. Travis says:

    **tosses snowballs at Ann** Oh wait - you said throw them FOR you, not AT you. Ooops - my bad!

    Snow angels. . .hot tubs. . .hmmmmm

    Thundersnow - what a great word!! I'm stealing it.

  1. Diana says:

    I'll send you the foot or two we usually get here somehow via airmail. I mean it should be snow still by the time it gets to you? Right?

    *Ha, it's late

  1. Anonymous says:

    holy moly!!

    I love snow but I avoid shoveling at all costs!

    Enjoy!! hugs!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    As far as I'm concerned, you can keep that snow there in Seattle... LMOO... I don't want any...

    Well.... I would like for it to begin snowing Dec 23 and end Dec 26... only for a White Christmas..

    Drive safe....

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa! Better you than me, Trav! I don't want any snow! I know exactly what it's like to have to shovel out from under piles of snow! You can keep it! Although, I did enjoy sledding as a kid. I also liked when my dad would hook up the horse for a sleigh ride. He'd have bells all along the harness, which was awesome! I remember, a few years ago, we gave a friend of mine a real scare when she came out just as we were coming around the side of her house! Heeheehehe! Good times!

  1. Anonymous says:

    snow is great while it is falling.. after that.. not so great

  1. Travis says:

    Di: No thanks - I've still got at least 6 inches here.

    Mary: Doesn't look like anyone did any shoveling here today. Still the same as when I left this morning.

    Dix: It ain't going anywhere soon. We're due for another storm tomorrow.

    Meri: When I got home there were little snowmen throughout the complex. Made me smile.

    V: It was beautiful last night, but a little scary at 6am this morning trying to get to work.

  1. Diana says:


    Snow is gorgeous. But I haven't had to shovel it more than twice.

    There's nothing more wonderful then a kiss during the season's first snow fall. The world goes silent and it's you and the person you care about. The light snow makes a quiet noise on the pavement, painting it with speckles of white, and you look into that person's eyes and you get lost.

    Hope you were able to have a snow moment with Pam.

  1. Anonymous says:

    **brushes the snow off** just you wait mister... I'll have you know I'm a Master at the art of the snowball fight!

    Did you catch any snowflakes on your tongue? Now that is a simple pleasure.

  1. Travis says:

    Di: Check on the moment with Pam.

    Ann: Heeeheeee!! No snowflakes on the tongue - we have not been having gentle snow at all.

  1. Anonymous says:


    And maybe one of a leather jacket...

  1. I think the same storm is bombing us now. Thunderstorms last night; freezing sleet and rain today; snow tonight. Yay.