TopChamp wants to know 5 more things about me

Posted: Saturday, February 24, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Got tagged a couple days ago by my pal TopChamp. So here's five more things about me.

1. I am a stand-up-and-shout fan of Taylor Hicks. I am a proud member of the Soul Patrol. I voted for Taylor for the full 2 hours after every American Idol performance show last season, and for the full 4 hours after the final performance show. I tell people about Taylor and suggest they listen to his music. I point out the facts to those who don't recognize that his "goofy" dancing is actually an expression of his passion for his craft. I remind people that he is an outstanding musician and a writer of his own material. I am unabashed and unapologetic. Listen to it y'all.

2. I suffer from chronic pain in my knees, lower back, and shoulder. It's been particularly bad this winter.

3. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins in Dec 1993. After two surgeries and a round of radiation, I was pronounced in remission in July 1994 and "cured" in July 1999.

4. I have been profoundly influenced by the women in my life, from my grandmother to my mother to my sister to a seriously flawed woman I damn near married to my sweet lady Pam. My Soul Patrol sisters teach me things every day too. If you're interested, you can read more about what I've learned from the women in my life by clicking here.

5. I love my kitty. But what's not to love about Mr Tucker?? Just look at that face....

There you have it. Five things you may or may not have known about me.

Don't forget - another Manic Monday with Mo is right around the corner! This time the word is Yellow. Check out It's A Blog Eat Blog World for details.


  1. Duff says:

    Hi Trav,

    This popped up on my Google Alerts! Cool. Miss you.


  1. JohnH985 says:

    Good to find out more about you. Very cool picture of Mr. Tucker. He looks like a great cat. I love the expression on his face.

  1. tiggerprr says:

    LOL Mr. Tucker looks like he's posing for a Playcat Magazine spread! :)

    I hear you on the pain thing. I've had 2 spinal surgeries and my knees are starting to go. It sucks growing old, especially when your youth was painful too.

    I'm glad you pulled through the Hodgkins so that I could "meet" you here in the blogosphere.

    As you probably know, I'm a Chris Daughtry fan, but I'll have you know I voted for your guy in the finals!

  1. Travis says:

    Duff: Hiya doll!

    John: He is a cool cat.

    Tiggerprr: Daughtry just doesn't get it done for me.

  1. Meribah says:

    Awww, Mr. Tucker is soooo cute! Look at that mischievous expression on his face! Heh, I'm thinking he's just like his owner!

  1. Tisha! says:

    Travis hello glad you came by and I surely hope that you will visit me again!

  1. TopChamp says:

    Yey! Glad you played.... Mixture of things that I knew and bits I didn't. The bits I didn't are pretty big bits!

    Hello to Mr Tucker x

  1. Getting old is hell, aint it Trav. I don't think people understand, unless they experience it, how chronic pain wears a person down, chipping away at you. I remember my friend Jon, who is fighting cancer, currently undergoing radiation and chemo (hence the lack of updates on his blog) sitting with me as we discussed how death becomes an almost desirable fate when one considers the constant pain.

    I will stop being so dark. Good details, thanks for letting me in to see a bit more of Travis.

  1. Bond says:

    TRAVIS: Though I knew these things, I enjoyed reading about them again....

    Thanks for your friendship.

  1. I don't really care for Taylor Hicks. Well, I should say, I respect him for writing his own music, and his passion and his singing. But I am not a fan of that sort of music. I'm more of a metal head, I guess you could say. Although I do like a lot of David Bowie, or even a little of the Black Eyed Peas. It's just how I roll.
    And you'r right...Mr. Tucker is a cutey. Great post.

  1. Travis says:

    Meri: He's a lil stinker sometimes!

    Tisha: Count on it!

    TC: Thanks for the tag darlin!

    Dana: Here's your thudmat.

    Stewart: Yeah - getting older does kinda suck. This is my third winter in the northwest; the cold and wet is really wearing on me.

    V: And I thank you for yours Sir.

    Lucas: Well son, it takes all kinds. I like a lot of different kinds of music, including metal.

  1. I had to laugh when I saw Mr. Tuckers fat little belly! He looks like you love him a LOT :) Sweet face.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    WOOOOOOOOOO-yes we do love Mr. Hicks

    Mr. Tucker so owns you, hehehe

  1. Travis says:

    Heather: He's a large cat!

    Turn: Yeah, he owns me alright!

  1. the risk of appearing really out of the "soul patrol" an American Idol thing?

  1. Skittles says:

    WOOO.. another Taylor Hicks fan! I was so obsessed with him last year that I would find myself worrying in between shows if he was nervous, or if his rehearsals were going well. I'm a little disappointed that we haven't heard much of him since...

    Are you watching it this year?

  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: Yes - it comes from Idol.

    Skittles: Wooooooooooooo!! Taylor is doing well. His tour began on Feb 21 in Jacksonville and reports are that he's rockin the house. His CD has been out since Dec 12 and it has gone platinum. The folks listed in the first part of my links are all Soul Patrollers!