Linking up on Saturday

Posted: Saturday, March 17, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I've been remiss in linking up with some new blogging friends. So that gets corrected today. You may already be familiar with these wonderful ladies.

Neila at Blot That Mommy regales with wacky stories of her rambunctious yungins. Or she'll target your more sensual side with her Passion Products.

Whether it's cruising on the high seas or giggling at a blonde joke, it's certainly never dull at Empress Bee's. Bee is also an expert gardener and may be enticed to share some of her tips.

Skittles is changing her life, one day at a time. There's definitely a rainbow of topics and an array of things to learn.

Check in with these lovely ladies once in awhile.


  1. Oh, YAY! I read all three of those girls. :)
    They are regulars for me. I have them in my sidebar. GREAT choices for your Saturday links.