Oh the memes they just keep a-rolling along

Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Beckeye at The Pop Eye got me for this one.

A. Available or Single: I'm single, but not available, deeply committed to My Lady.

B. Best Friend: My Lady and M&K.

C. Cake or Pie: CAKE, CAKE, a CAKE fiend am I.

D. Drink of Choice: Diet Pepsi.

E. Essential Item: Ipod filled with tons of tuneage.

F. Favourite Colour: Black.

G. Gummi Bears or Worms: GACK! No gummy type stuff for me.

H. Hometown: I really have no hometown. There's the place I grew up as a kid, and then there's the place I spent my youth and early adulthood. But a hometown should have an emotional connection. And I have none to the places I grew up. So my hometown is where I currently reside because this is the place where My Lady and I met and are making our life together.

I. Indulgence: Did I tell you how much I love CAKE?

J. January or February: I'll say January, only because February is such a tough month for me at work because of our wonky fiscal calendar. Neither month is my favorite, especially after this year because of the trouble I had with severe pain.

K. Kids: Not only NO but HELL NO! Let me explain here...I like kids. I just never wanted any of my own. Luckily for me I've met a woman who shares this attitude. I have tremendous respect for those who choose to raise kids, but it's never been in me to do it. I prefer the freedom to pick up and go. Call me selfish, but if My Lady says she's off to Rome for business and would I like to join her...well I call the job and get the time off and we go get on the plane!

L. Life is incomplete without: Emotion (You thought I was going to say My Lady again. Well you're right, because she brings out so much emotion in me that I've ignored in the past.)

M. Marriage Date: See K. This marriage thing is not for us, and I don't think that lessens our relationship in the slightest.

N. Number of Siblings: Just one, a younger sister.

O. Oranges or Apples: I like both, but in a pinch it would have to be apples because I don't have to stop what I'm doing to eat one.

P. Phobias/Fears: I'm a little nervous about heights. I have an aversion to spiders. And I have an irrational fear of rodents and reptiles.

R. Reasons to smile: Anytime I'm thinking about My Lady.

S. Season: Summer in the pacific northwest - it's not too hot and I'm rarely impacted by my chronic pain.

T. Tag 3 People: I tagged folks for the Janna meme, so if you want to do this one then consider yourself tagged.

U. Unknown Fact About Me: I've dislocated both shoulders, had both knees destroyed, sprained both ankles, and had fingers mangled...but I've never broken a bone.

V. Vegetable You Hate: Peas. GACK!

W. Worst Habit: Swearing at traffic.

X. X-rays You've Had: Knees, hips, ankles, chest, full body CT scan.

Y. Your Favourite Foods: Mashed potatoes, CAKE, tuna casserole.

Z. Zodiac: Aries.


  1. Travis! Are you masochistic or into extreme sports??? Whatever did you do to yourself - should I say what was done to you? Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!
    And have you ever had a "Mississippi Mud" cake?

  1. Travis says:

    Bee: Oh yes!

    Gracie: LOL! The knees and one shoulder happened in high school playing football. The rest? Well, sometimes I'm clumsy and sometimes stuff just happens! The cake sounds fantabulous!

  1. cathy says:

    Another meme!
    I did Janna's meme and traced it back. I've made a link list following its progress just to be different.nice blog

  1. Skittles says:

    Yummmm.. CAKE!

    Guess what? You've been TAGGED with the Gotta Get Goals meme!

  1. Sanni says:

    The A-Z MEME... oh yeah... gerat fun - and nicely done (of course)!

  1. Dana says:

    :steals this and runs like heck:

  1. Travis says:

    Cathy: Welcome and thanks for dropping by my place!

    Skittles: Another one? I'll be by to check it out.

    Sanni: Thanks! One does one's best!

    Dana: Looking forward to your version my Queen!

  1. Tisha! says:

    Boston Cream Cake!

    Have to meet your Lady! So when will she do a guest post huh huh!?

    Rodents and I are at war!

    BIG hug

  1. Travis says:


    That's just naughty! Now I'll be thinking about that Boston Creme Cake (and Gracie's Mississippi Mud cake) all day!!

    A guest post eh? What an interesting idea.

  1. Tisha! says:

    I'm sorry Trav and for making you queasy too on my blog, I'll try not to be so grotesque!

    Yes a guest post so she can tell us what it's like living with you ha ha :)

  1. julie says:

    Oh I loved this one....so I learned something new about you. Yup I did....no gummy candies!

    I'll get to that other meme that you tagged me on...gimme a little more time.

  1. Janna says:

    It's cute how you love cake so much. :)
    And yes, tuna casserole is yummy too!!