Tuesday Tunes - One Shining Moment

Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 by Travis Cody in

I know. It's not really a Tuesday Tunes post. For some real music today, head on over to The Couch for an Allman Brothers treat.

As for me today, well I'm still on a little high with the NCAA Tournament about to begin on Thursday. I got Thursday and Friday off as my reward for surviving hell week at work. I'll be in front of the tv at 09:00, ready to watch whatever regional coverage CBS sees fit to provide.

But I'm not bitter. Noooooooo. Not yet anyway. We'll see if they do the usual and stick with a regional blow out while at the same time a 15 is upsetting a 2.

At least I don't have to listen to Dick Vitale do color anymore this season. I'm stuck with Billy Packer instead. Yeesh! Someday CBS will do the right thing and put Clark Kellog on the #1 college basketball broadcast team. Mr Packer, you have done your due service - it's time to step down Sir.

I offer today One Shining Moment - and again and again and again, and one more time for good measure. Sorry gang...it's just that time of year.






It's enough to make a grown man weep.


  1. There was a time long ago when they used to put basketball games on Malaysian TV. I used to sit and watch the globetrotters in action... :D

  1. wolfbaby says:

    I used to play in school. Was never great but always had fun;) You sound a bit like my husband when he rants about NASCAR racing LOL. Enjoy your time off after surviving Hell week!! Better yet go see a movie you will totally enjoy it!!

  1. I'm a little partial to '98 :-)

    Seems like a lifetime ago. This grown man almost does weep every time he sees Scott Padgett do the arms-in-the-air yell :-)

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Trav, if I wasnt taking time off to go to D.C. next week I'd be off this Thursday and Friday as well. And I whole-heartedly agree with you about Vitale and Packer...Cheers

  1. I don't have the time to view these vids now, but rest assured, I'll be back in a bit!

    It's enough to make this grown woman cry, too.

    Bring it ON!

    (Oh, and I wanna know - where does Clark Kellogg hide the other 11 months of the year?)

  1. Wow.

    That was enough to make this grown woman bawl from the outset. You started with the best - My Hoosiers, 1987.

    I really hope that Florida goes out early. I'm sick of that damn Gator Chomp, I'm sick of looking at that kid Noah's mug, and I'm sick of hearing the announcers pronounce the kid's first name in that illiterate, Anglicized version "Joke-'em." I mean, c'mon Yannick - if we could tolerate your antics on the hard courts and clay courts, we could certainly learn to say, "Wah-keem." Sheesh.

    Besides, I don't want to have to live with hubby's misery if FL wins again, especially after the debacle in this year's college football national championship. Yikes! I would like to see his Bucks go farther than those damned Gators. Of course, I'm a dreamer, and I'm praying that if my Butler Bulldogs don't at least make the Sweet 16, that one of the other Indiana teams (preferably my Hoosiers) goes deep. Hope springs eternal for fans of Indiana sports teams. Miracles happen - witness my Colts this year!

  1. Travis says:

    Terra: Luv me some Globetrotters!

    Wolfbaby: I may see a movie, but hoops take precedence this weekend.

    Jeff: I will refrain from saying that I am a Duke man - oops! They did play the greatest game in college hoops history, didn't they?

    Matt: I had to fight for the days off, but I got em!

    Songbird: Well darlin - I picked Butler to advance all the way to the Final 4. I just had a feeling.

  1. Trav: Regarding my Butler "Dawgs" - from your mouth to God's ears, baby! I think if my Dawgs actually went that far, the entire city of Indianapolis might have a collective heart attack!

  1. GO TIGERS GO!!!!

    University of Memphis Tigers that is... wooooooooooooooooo