Dancing - Week 4

Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Everybody dance now!! I could never have imagined that I would enjoy Monday's so much!!

So tonight's dances are Paso Doble...

...and Waltz. This is last year's champ, Emmitt Smith with Cheryl Burke.

Laila and Maks dance Paso Doble. She danced the steps very well, but I didn't feel the passion. Hmmmm. Something was missing from that. Technically, the dance was very good. But emotionally it was flat. It didn't have enough passion. Dangit! She's hawt and sexy, but she didn't bring any of that to the dance. Judges say 7's across for a total of 21.

Apolo and Julianne dance Waltz. Too fast. Not smooth. The crowd makes a fuss, but it wasn't a good Waltz. It was rushed and not romantic. The judges are gushing but that dance did nothing for me. Judges say 9,8,9 for a total of 26. That's way too high. When they watch that dance back, they'll see how flawed it was. You can't just reward the effort and the progress.

Leeza and Tony dance Paso Doble. Here comes an unfortunate music choice - Bon Jovi is not Paso music. And this is not Leeza's dance. She has no emotion and no fire. That was really bad. She looked very uncomfortable in that outfit. Judges say 6,5,5 for a total of 16. That's a tough score, and probably accurate.

Ian and Cheryl dance Waltz. Now that's how Waltz should be danced. Outstanding! Smooth, elegant, romantic. The judges are picking on this dance. Judges say 7,9,8 for a total of 24. That's messed up. It's a good score, but this Waltz was better than Apolo and Julianne's.

Ruh-roh! Pam is annoyed that the judges picked on one of her favorites!

John and Edyta dance Paso Doble. More unfortunate music - Paso to Queen? He got the steps, but he wasn't able to overcome the music and the athletic nature of the dance. It wasn't good. Judges say 6,5,5 for a total of 16. And that's right.

Clyde and Elena dance Waltz. She choreographed a very basic Waltz with simple steps. He did glide through the steps but won't get any bonus for technique. Basically they sketched a box around the floor, and a completely unromantic box at that. Judges say 6,4,5 for a total of 15. That might be generous. It's tough to dance Waltz any worse.

Billy Ray and Karina dance Paso Doble. Oh man - the music! Yeesh! There was the train wreck. I don't know what the crowd is screaming about. It was horrible. The judges are praising effort instead of critiquing the dance. Now that irritates me because they've been so hard on the better dancers. Judges say 7's across for a total of 21. That's just wrong.

Editorial comment: The double standard is rearing it's head. The better celebrities are being harshly graded for not being perfect. The celebrities who are struggling are being graded on effort and not dancing. And the judges are not even applying that double standard evenly! Billy Ray just clunked through his Paso with the same lack of grace that John had, yet John gets a 16 and Billy Ray gets 21?

Heather and Jonathan dance Waltz. That's the first time I was really aware of her disability. It was almost like she was falling into each hold and he was catching her before she lost her balance. It was good, but not great. Judges say 7,8,8 for a total of 23. I don't know, maybe. Jonathan's choreography and strong partnership is hiding a lot.

Joey and Kym dance Paso Doble. Whoa! Oh man! That was so good!! He had the passion, the fire, the character. That may have been as good as Mario's Paso from last season. Judges say 10,9,9 for a total of 28. Yup. That was worth at least one 10.

Indulge me. I'm disappointed in some of the scoring tonight. If you're going to judge the dancing, then do that for everyone. If you're going to judge progress, then do the same for everyone. But don't confuse things by judging some dancing and some progress.

I suspect Leeza and Tony will go home.


  1. I watched part of it tonight with my husband. Ick. You're so right! THe scoring I saw was exactly that - And what is it with that awful music??? I think that may be one of the reasons I don't like to watch it! They don't have to use the "Blue Danube," or "Stardust," but come on! I find the vocals to be especially distracting, especially the broad with the non-stop vibrato.
    Good calls...

  1. julie says:

    I was able to enjoy just the final three dances and you're right Travis...right about Billy Ray....I cringed, I was nearly sick fearing even worse! But Joey....WOW!!!

    I so enjoy your weekly reviews. I've said it before and probably will again....I see a little $$$ on the side for you doing this!


  1. Matt-Man says:

    The only dancing I do is bewteen rain drops.

  1. I watched all of Dancing last night and I'm in total agreement with you. I laughed my head off at Billy Ray... it's his time...

    Joey... OH. MY. LORD.... he was DA BOMB!!!! We got a hot one here tonight... oh wait wrong show.. ;-)

  1. TopChamp says:

    Nice bit of Romeo & Juliet music there. Bit dark and brooding to start - became very dramatic! Wish we got this as well as american idol here...

    Thanks for the reviewing though (off to youtube the ones you like).

    We have a new musicals one that has started - finding a star for Joseph in the West End. I am liking it a lot so far and it will involve singing AND dancing so wins on all fronts for me. There's a rival show on ITV (Joseph's a BBC programme) which is finding Danny & Sandy for Grease, but it's not as good. Might try to find clips so you can see for yourself.

    Didn't realise you had Len Goodman.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    I watched it here and there--saw ohno's waltz--it was ok but i have to agree with your points.

    to me heather has always been just barely hanging on--yes the choreography has saved her here and there

    missed Billy ray--seems that was good

    Really liked joey---

    thanks for the reviews!

  1. BeckEye says:

    Go Steve Sanders!! :)

  1. Anndi says:

    It's very difficult to dance the Paso Doble and the waltz properly..

    So... Don't shoot me, but Leila .. ugh...

    I think her lack of flexibility, stiffness and far too much thinking did her in. No passion, no fire, I cringed the whole time. Honestly, I cringed more when she danced than when Billy Ray did.. I expect nothing from him, she took a downward spiral.. she has enough support to see her through.

    The problem with Ian is that he does mistep .. it isn't really as fluid as I would have liked, his height makes you forget the feet sometimes, but overall he was good.

    Now JOEY!!!


    Now THAT was a Paso Doble with passion and fire and just enough of the flamenco flavour to turn me into a puddle of mush.

    THAT was HAWT!

  1. Morgen says:

    wait, you actually expect faux-celebrity judges to be fair and impartial and judge all things equally!

    you know I don't have broadcast TV, so I'm just waiting for your "HER LEG FLEW OFF" post...

  1. Travis says:

    Gracie: Every season I hope that they will use better music, but it never happens.

    Julie: Joey was great wasn't he?

    Matt: Everyone has their own unique talents. So glad you recognize and celebrate yours!

    Dix: I think Billy Ray will likely stick around at least 2 more weeks, depending on the next dances.

    TC: We just had the show where Danny and Sandy were chosen for Grease on Broadway. Oh - I enjoy Len, but he can be a little cranky.

    Turn: I've been impressed with Heather, but now my expectations are up and I'm more critical of the dancing - I think Jonathan saved her last night.

    Beck: Wooooooooooo!!

    Ann: You're right about the difficulty of those two dances and sadly I also agree with you about Laila. And Ian does lose his balance, but overall I still thought his Waltz was better than Apolo's.

  1. I have two bad knees. When I watch people dance, it just reminds me how hard it is for me to get around. But when I was younger, you should have seen me bust a move. Quite the figure I cut. No..who am I kidding. I was always rather pathetic on the dance floor. Even when I had my clothes on.

  1. Travis says:

    Hey Stewart! Welcome back.