I miss The West Wing

Posted: Friday, June 01, 2007 by Travis Cody in

The West Wing was my favorite show of all time. I can name many shows of which I'm extremely fond. I'm nostalgic for a lot of shows I watched when I was younger.

But none of them stir me up like The West Wing.

I have lots of favorite clips. I wish I could find the opening sequence from the pilot episode. It was shot in a single take as Leo McGarry moved through the West Wing of the White House on his way to his office next to the Oval. It's sharp, fast, and has the line "...your President is a geek".

Martin Sheen played the deeply religious President Bartlett, who balanced his faith with an open mind and the belief that to serve is the highest calling.

John Spencer as Leo McGarry proves that friends do for friends.

The writing in the first three seasons of this show was routinely brilliant. Bartlett concealed that he had Multiple Sclerosis when he ran for President. He and several others were shot in a hate crime attack. And Bartlett's long-time friend and secretary is killed by a drunk driver. Here is his crisis of faith.

The West Wing depicited a fictional liberal Democratic White House. But listening to this liberal agenda...it doesn't really sound so bad or unreachable, does it?

Dang. I miss my show.


  1. i just can't seem to watch any of that liberal stuff. i watched this show once and gagged. how can i like you so much trav?? ha ha

    maybe it's the cake we have in common? ha ha ha

    big country smiles, bee

  1. Angell says:

    Never got into the West Wing - nothing against it at all, just have WAY too many shows that I watched regularly.

  1. That was one show that I never got into watching... too bad I missed it.... maybe I'll be able to catch it in re-runs...

  1. You sound like one of my friends.. she's a West Wing fan(atic) through and through that she got herself the DVDs although she never missed any episode while they had it on TV :)

  1. Neila says:

    I know how it is to be so into a show that it physicially hurts to see it go off the air. I never got into The West Wing, although I knew a lot of people who were.

    However, I have the same feelings about Buffy, so I can totally relate.

  1. Comedy + says:

    I have never seen the show. Okay, I don't watch television. I blog though and that's about it. Have a great day Travis. :)

  1. Trav! I KNEW there was another reason I loved you!

    Hubby and I adored The West Wing. When Bravo was running this on reruns, we recorded these over and over and watched them repeatedly. One of my all-time favorite episodes was "The Supremes" (the one where Glenn Close is chosen as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). I just bought hubby season one on DVD for his birthday a few weeks ago.

    I am enthralled by the relationship that grew between Bartlet and Charlie - Charlie got all the wonderful zingers in those conversations.

    I know Rob Lowe grew disenchanted by this loss of "starring role" and left the show, but the interaction between his Sam and Alison Janney's CJ was priceless. "Schmutzy pants" was classic.

    And I loved that scene where he and Bruno were talking after the university bombing, while Bartlet was giving his speech. "The streets of heaven are lined with too many angels tonight." Bruno asks Sam when Sam wrote that, and Sam's reply was "in the car."

    Bruno looks straight ahead, and out of the side of his mouth utters, "Freak."


    Witty, snappy, snarky, intelligent dialog. Sorkin is BRILLIANT.

  1. JohnH985 says:

    I LOVED the West Wing! It is one of my favorite shows of all time. It's hard to pick the number one, but it would definitely be in the top three, right there with Buffy. That show was brilliant. And you know what to me was the best part of the show...it made me proud to be an American. It showed the best of what we can do as Americans, the people that worked at the West Wing may not have always been the best, but they always strived for the best.

  1. Bond says:

    Of course you know how much I loved this show... and the characters that Mr. Sorkin created...

    The way they played off each other.. sorry Bee..I appreciated their agenda and always hoped some of it could have been adopted...

    The show where Toby and Josh formulate the college tax program... sorry folks, but it made more sense than anything the Senate or Congress ever came up with...

    Are you enjoying Studio 60 now that it is back on?

    I am

  1. julie says:

    Yeah....Hubby got hooked on West Wing...now what did I watch while that was on? Hmmm I can't remember.

  1. I never watched it either...I can't abide Martin Sheen. He ruined "Gettysburg" for me.
    I just don't care for him as an actor - nothing else. I think it has to do with "Apocalypse.." and the Viet Nam war.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and I'm sorry it's off the air for your sake. I hated it when Frazier went off. You almost go through a mourning period!!!
    ~~~Thanks for the sweet words about my grand-dog, Otis. You really touched my heart with Buddy. They're something, aren't they...always true-blue.

  1. Travis says:

    Bee: Because people are more than their politics and we have other common interests.

    Angell: No problem. I realize that the show wasn't on everyone's list.

    Dix: I've cut way back on my TV watching over the years, but I always made time for TWW.

    Terra: Yup! That's me.

    Neila: Buffy is in my top 5 - I miss that show too.

    Comedy: I remember - no TV for Comedy!

    Songbird: The cast was so perfect for this show. I have so many favorite moments, including the clips I posted.

    John: Exactly! Republican or Democrat, the show told us that we can at the very least attempt to overcome our differences and try to do what's best for the nation.

    V: And they formulated that plan after actually listening to an ordinary guy! What a novel concept to actually speak to a person instead of to rely on votes or polls to determine what real Americans are thinking. Oh and I'm enjoying Studio 60 - I just wish it would get a chance in a 2nd season.

    Julie: I was hooked from the first. It did suffer during seasons 4-5, but it made a strong come back and was in top form as it showed us a glimpse of what the campaign trail might be like.

    Gracie: I understand avoiding a show because of an actor you don't like.

  1. Villager says:

    Travis --> I thoroughly enjoyed the West Wing. I was a political science major back in the day. I think that is part of the reason that I enjoyed West Wing so much.

    peace, Villager

  1. Travis, I like your response to Bee..people are more than their politics. I would add that people who aren't more than their politics are empty shells and easily led.

    I never watched "WEST WING", but I know what you mean about missing a favorite show. Still, stop and think about this...more time now to write.

  1. Travis says:

    Villager: I like to think the show may have gotten younger people interested in the process. I hope so.

    Stewart: More time to write eh? I knew I was looking at this all wrong.

  1. Yet another show of yours I did not watch. I should just come here to watch them.

    You are in my conversation with God today at Mimi Writes....in fact, you are dancing at the North Pole. Better check it out before God changes his mind.

  1. Travis - I just saw your comment at Angell's about trying not to make a political peace post.

    Write from your heart. I intend to do the same. I never know how it will sound when I start the process, but I do know that little "thing" that churns around as a writer telling me I'm on the right path. So do you.

    Your writing is always superb. Can't wait to read it.

  1. Steven says:

    I, too, loved the West Wing. It was one of the best written shows around. Dang, you have good taste! :-)

  1. I never watched a single episode.
    Must've come on during some of my other "reality" shows probably! heh heh

  1. Jamie says:

    Fellow addict!!! Boy could we use a Bartlett presidency. I miss it so much.

  1. Travis says:

    Mimi: LOL. Your conversation was terrific. I did write from my heart and managed something of which I can be proud.

    Steven: I don't do too badly, do I?

    CWM: No worries. Back then I was watching a little too much TV - maybe it was better then. But I've scaled way back since.

    Jamie: They didn't always get it right, but the effort and compassion and willingness was there.

  1. miller580 says:

    Yes I miss the West Wing. I haven't found the reruns in a long time either. That first clip...with the Dr. Laura look alike was my all time favorite. Thanks for the post.

    Did you watch the Studio 60? I like this as well...its a little more preachy, but still good. and probably canceled because it couldn't hold its own against National Bingo Night.

    Thanks again.

  1. Rob says:

    Anyone who likes the West Wing has their heart and head in the right place. I want them in my foxhole. I always thought Sorkin would make a terrific President. The wisdom that he put in the mouths of the cast surpassed any of that we hear from our leaders. Certainly it is easier to have the answers when you write the questions, but he really didn't cheat that much. The questions were often pulled straight from the headlines--and he had some pretty great answers.
    It was not good for West Wing when Sorkin moved on to do other things. The show remained one of the best on TV, but it lost the magical quality that only Sorkin's genius could provide.