Thursday 13

Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2007 by Travis Cody in

So You Think You Can Dance took last night off due to Independence Day. And for whatever reason, the long versions of the videos I posted last week won't play anymore.

Lucky for us, this week I did find the shortened versions with just the dances. So I can share with you Jamie & Hok, and their beautiful interpretation of Wade Robson's brilliant choreography.

I can also share Sabra & Dom, and their tremendous Rumba.

And before Evil Nigel was his big meany self in curtly dismissing Jesse from the competition, she was at least able to dance the Cha Cha Cha with Pasha.

So the dancers are down to 16, and I'm itching to post reviews.

Let's move back into my library, shall we? If you missed any previous lists, you can find them here.

1. Sharon Green - The Rebel Prince
2. Simon R. Green - Shadow of Haven, Blue Moon Rising, A Walk on the Night Side
3. Zane Gray - The Deer Stalker, 30,000 on the Hoof, Wildfire, The Thundering Herd, Riders of the Purple Sage, To the Last Man, The Hash Knife Outfit, West of the Pecos
4. Romer Zane Gray - King of the Range
5. W.E.B. Griffin - Brotherhood of War series, The Corps series, Presidential Agent series, The Last Heroes, Men In Blue, Special Operations, The Victim
6. Gary Gygax - Grayhawk Adventures
7. Arthur Hailey - Strong Medicine, Wheels
8. Alex Haley - Roots, Queen, The Autobiography of Malcolm X
9. Barbara Hambly - Dragonsbane, The Darwath Trilogy, Icefalcon's Quest, Those Who Hunt the Night
10. Laurell K. Hamilton - Club Vampyre
11. Lyndon Hardy - Master of Five Magics, Secret of the Sixth Magic
12. Walter Havighurst - The Long Ships Passing
13. Simon Hawke - Sons of Glory, Call to Battle


  1. Matt-Man says:

    Good List Trav. If you really like history Evan Thomas wrote a book about John Paul Jones you might want to check out. Cheers!!

  1. Travis says:

    Matt: I'll mark that down. My historical library does need a little beefing up. Thanks!

  1. julie says:

    Oh Travis...I'm so glad I popped in here! That dance with Pasha and Jesse! Oh my! Woooo....**fans self**both of them exuded a huge amount of sensuality...geez I just can't understand why she had to go. Her solo wasn't the worst by far!

  1. a couple of my faves on that this Trav!

  1. JAM says:

    As a teen, I read a bunch of westerns that my parents liked to read, like Louis L'amour. Then one day at the library, I picked up a Zane Grey book, they had dozens by him. I remember thinking, who is this guy who has written so much and I've never even heard of him? I still haven't read all of his, but he was a great western writer. His way with words was almost poetic, something I had never experienced in the rough and tumble world of western novels.

    My Dad was a HUGE fan of all the W.E.B. Griffith books, but although I read a few and liked them, I got out of reading them. Much like James Michener is for some people. Just not my style.

  1. Anndi says:

    If I can find time, I'll print out a Trav's Reading Suggestions and head off to the library.. unless I can come over and visit and peruse the bookshelves... ;)

    Have to come back again for the vids.. *sigh*

  1. Gail says:

    Are you giving out library cards? Cuz it looks like your library is way better than the one I've got in town...


  1. Jay says:

    I love that the show took a night off but you didn't.

  1. Morgen says:

    So what's you're opinion on Laurell K Hamilton?

  1. Travis says:

    Julie: It was a great Cha Cha wasn't it?

    Katherine: Mine too, especially Griffin.

    Jam: I love both L'amour and Gray, and I just wish I had more.

    Ann: YAY me - all I have to do is walk into the other room!

    Gail: LOL!

    Jay: I missed it last night too.

  1. Sadly, I've never read any of those. :( I have seen a few in movie format, though I know that's not the same.

    I did watch SYTYCDance, though! It was so awesome. Wade Robson is SO cool. I love his stuff.

  1. Steven says:

    Travis, I think I have fallen for "So You Think..." even harder than "Dancing with the Stars." I love the variety of dancing, and Wade rocks!!

  1. Neila says:

    I can't watch one more reality show! Big Brother started tonight, and I am too sucked into that already!!

    Out of all the authors on your list, Alex Hailey is the only one I have read. I must be too busy watching reality TV. ;-)

  1. I was totally bummed when SYTYCD wasn't on this week. SIGH. Happy TT!

  1. TopChamp says:

    I was gonna come and check out your books tonight....... and now I have to go to work without checking the dancing! Grr..

    In the words of Mr Schwarzenegger - I'll be back.

  1. Anndi says:

    Ok.. grrrrr... the first two are no longer available, but Pasha and Jessee.. oh my!



  1. Travis says:

    Mo: I haven't actually read that book yet, but I hear PN Elrod - an author I do like - has good words about Hamilton.

    CWM: Wade Robson can be hard to understand, but there was nothing but beauty in this piece.

    Steven: I so love this show because the dancers have futures in dance. This season has the most talent of the three so far.

    Neila: No worries! You can get the scoop here. I'd say too busy with a couple of wildly active rugrats!

    Joely: Me too.

    TC: That means I get two visits! YAY!

    Ann: Wasn't that a great Cha Cha Cha?

  1. Great list! I used to like Laurel K a lot but lately that whole ardour crap is wearing thin =(

  1. TopChamp says:

    Hello! I did come back but the dancing videos didn't work. boo hoo.... really wasn't having a good day!! Still - it's finished and I have many more Travis posts to cheer me up now.