Afternoon observations

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Seattle clearly wants to focus on stopping the 49ers running game and forcing the ball into QB Alex Smith's hands. Smith is improving steadily, but is still prone to mistakes.

The Raiders get a big win, 35-17 over the now 0-4 Dolphins. Yes, I consider it a big win. They went on the road, overcame the loss of their primary running back, played strong defensively, and answered every challenge. That is the sign of a maturing football team. I will take the rest of the afternoon to celebrate and enjoy the fact that my boys are 2-2 now, the same number of wins they had all of last season. Time enough tomorrow to think about facing a struggling Chargers team next weekend in San Diego. Go RAIDERS!!

Tough break for the 49ers as Alex Smith has gone down with a shoulder injury on the first offensive series. Veteran Trent Dilfer is now the QB. But the major problem at the moment is that Frank Gore can't seem to hang on to the football!! Dangit! That's his second fumble, but luckily SF got the ball back.

Denver has started the game very well against the Colts. The Broncos drove down on the first series to get a field goal, then kept Indy from scoring on their first drive. That's 22 games in a row that Denver has not given up a score on an opponent's opening drive. Peyton Manning is usually unstoppable on that first drive too.

Pam just twisted herself into a pretzel. Seattle LB Julian Peterson just got a big sack against his former team. Then he proceeded to behave like a jerk and incite the crowd. Pam loved the play, but then she yelled at the TV for Peterson to get off the field and act like a professional. Heehee. She loves her team, but she hates a showboat.

I need to pay a little more attention to Tampa because Jeff Garcia is in a rhythm right now and playing very well.

I like that Mike Nolan, head coach of the 49ers, dresses in a suit for home games. I don't know why I like that, but I do.

SF just got a big play on a blocked punt. Now that's defense and special teams stepping up. Too bad the offense is pathetic at the moment.

Pam is really annoyed with Julian Peterson pointing to his name on the back of his jersey every time he makes a play. I also think it's a stupid thing to do.

Wooooooooooooooooo!! That's how you make your own momentum!! SF recovers an onside kick to begin the second half. Now the question is...can they actually get a drive going? And the immediate answer is...NO as Trent Dilfer throws an interception on the first play. Nice.

The Phillies put the capper on the Mets late season collapse by winning the NL East. And Colorado will host San Diego in a one game play off tomorrow for the NL Wild Card.

Damn. All the progress that SF has made this season is being deconstructed in this game. The injury to Alex Smith was the key. Trent Dilfer just is not getting it done.

Well gang, thanks for tuning in for my Sunday observations. We gotta get laundry organized and finish up the afternoon games. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Steven says:

    I'm still trying to get over my beloved Mets horrible end to the season. "An epic collapse" is what they're calling it...(sob, sob)

  1. Yeah, what was with the Mets? Sheesh.

    I'm with you; I agree that seeing a coach in a suit is refreshing and looks very professional. What I can't get over is the youth of many of the head coaches.

  1. Bond says:

    Now, I did not know I was getting running commentary here on Sunday's...

    Nicely done my friend...

  1. Travis says:

    Steven: It was pretty spectacular. But at least now you're free to blow raspberries at the Phillies without anymore bad mojo heading back your way! See? There's an up side to every set back.

    Songbird: There are some young fellas out there on the sidelines. Despite the nose dive SF took yesterday, I'm pleased with Mike Nolan so far. I'm also very happy with Lane Kiffin.

    V: It's just my small contribution to sports entertainment.

  1. Pam is a contortionist? for

    (the dilfer family and I go to church together...probably a good thing Trent doesn't show up during the season...)