Game day observations - afternoon edition

Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 by Travis Cody in

We checked out's game center for the first time today. It's pretty cool. You can click on any game and get updated game stats and play-by-play. The play-by-play is interactive. Not only do you get a description of the play, but you can see a graphic depiction of the action. We followed the Colts at Houston this way.

SF looks like they are about to dodge a major bullet. Based on the replay, it looks like the 49er receiver caught the pass and took the hit, then when he hit the ground the ball popped up in the air and was picked off by a Steeler defender. But since the ground forced the fumble and the receiver was hit by a defender, that call should be down by contact. So I expect the turnover to be reversed, and it should be SF ball at the Pittsburgh 10 yard line. But instead, they call the pass incomplete and that doesn't make any sense because the ball never hit the ground. If it isn't a complete pass for SF and down by contact, then it must be an interception. That's a complete muff by the officials. So instead of first down at the Steelers 10, or the Steelers getting the turnover, the 49ers instead get a 50 yard field goal.

Ben Roethlisberger looks healthy, and like he has regained the form he had in his rookie year when he took over for Tommy Maddox and went 13-0, and in his second season when he helped lead the Steelers to an improbable Super Bowl victory.

Here's a word or several about the Patriots. I've been singing the praises of Peyton Manning and the Colts, and rightly so as I think they are one of the two best teams in the league. The other best team is the Patriots. Despite the controversy surrounding the video spying, or perhaps to spite it, they have outscored their opponents 107-35 through the first 2 games and the third quarter today. They are playing championship football right now on both sides of the ball and special teams. All things remaining the same, it's Indy and NE as the class of the league and every other team is chasing them.

Damn...Alex Smith throws a pick and Pittsburgh runs it back for a TD. Well, the 49ers still have some work to do. The 2-0 start was good against division opponents. But now they have a benchmark game against a pretty good football team. We'll see how SF bounces back next week against Seattle.

Good deal...SF responds immediately with a quick drive for a score. I like that they don't give up and make sure they leave Pittsburgh with at least one offensive TD, especially against a defense that has only given up one other touchdown this season.

Hehehehehehehehehe...I love to watch Pam get all excited! Seattle gets a 72 yard return on the opening kick off and then they get an 18 yard TD pass to take a quick lead over Cincinnati. She's dancing!

Of course, with this team it doesn't take long to get irritated. They nearly bungle a kick off after allowing Cincinnati to tie the score. Then they get a fumble recovery and two plays later they give the ball back on an interception.

I'm following my Raiders on and they were playing pretty well, until they gave up a 99 yard kick off return to Cleveland. And now they've just fumbled at their own 25 yard line with less than 2 minutes to play in the half. Luckily they only gave up a field goal, and lead the Browns 16-10 at the half.

The problem we're having with the Seahawks is that they are so inconsistent. They make a lot of noise like they are Super Bowl contenders. But when it comes down to cases, they make way too many mistakes. And we see the same thing with Cincinnati. It's not that either of these teams is playing any better than the other. They are just trading mistakes.

It occurs to me that maybe I should post these observations as I observe them. I just read back through and I've written in present tense about things that happened, but now it's a couple hours later. So my dilemma - do I go back and edit what I wrote to make it past tense? Does it matter? Does anybody care?

OK gang, time to focus on the last few minutes. Later babies!


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