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Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Here is the Top 10 in the BCS Standings at the start of today's action:

1. Ohio State
2. South Florida
3. Boston College
4. LSU
5. Oklahoma
6. South Carolina
7. Kentucky
8. Arizona State
9. West Virginia
10. Oregon

South Florida already lost on Thursday to Rutgers. So they will certainly fall. And don't ask me to explain how LSU can be #4 - I could go and find the complicated mathematics that rank the teams, but it's not important. I don't support this format to determine who plays for the national title. I want a playoff. It's long past time for one, and the seeming parity in college football this season demands it.

It's another big game for Kentucky, this week against a reeling Florida squad that has lost two in a row and fallen out of the BCS picture. After the huge win against former #1 LSU last week, UK has to pull it back together if they are to beat Florida for the first time since 1986. The key is to contain Gator QB Tim Tebow, who is a threat with his legs as well as his arm. UK has a lot of senior leadership on this team, and I think they will be able to put the excitement of last week behind them and get it done today.

Cal had a chance last week to move into the #1 ranking. But a bad decision by young QB Kevin Riley cost them a chance and they were upset by Oregon State. Now they tumble all the way to #12 in the BCS poll. UCLA is hard to read. They had a couple of bad losses to Utah and Notre Dame. It's hard to figure which Bruin team will show up. Regardless, Cal must get its act together today. I think the only chance Cal has to get back in a BCS Bowl Game - which is a $13m pay day - is to win out.

Oregon is a fumble away from being undefeated and a threat to play in the title game. They could still get there, but it's a tough road. The Ducks visit Seattle today against a Washington team that is a year or so away from making some noise in the Pac 10. And maybe another year away from making some national noise. QB Jake Locker needs a few more weapons on offense. The Huskies are exciting and have been in games through the first half. But they run out of gas in the second half.

The Irish host USC in what should be the last of the "no chance to win" games. Even though the Trojans are beset with injuries and have struggled this season, they still have too much talent and speed defensively for Notre Dame to pose much of a challenge. Of course I hope I'm wrong. The Irish have brought out the green jerseys and bright yellow pants for the game, honoring the 30th reunion of the 1977 squad that featured Joe Montana and a big upset of USC that launched the Irish to the national title. Could tradition fuel another major upset today? I love the '77 Irish, but there's none of that old magic associated with this season's group.

The #1 team in every poll is home today against Michigan State. I think that OSU must be undefeated at the end of the season in order to earn one of the two spots in the BCS Championship game. They have only played one ranked team thus far, beating #23 Purdue. Sorry Buckeye fans, but the Big 10 is not as strong as it has been in the past. Should OSU finish the season with a loss, I think they get jumped by an SEC team like LSU or possibly by Oklahoma out of the Big 12. But right now, OSU sits in the catbird seat, undefeated and #1.

OK gang. Time to focus on channel surfing for a bit. See ya later.


  1. JAM says:

    I went to a 1AA school right out of college, and they eventually won a national championship at that level before moving up to 1A. I always have wondered why the old 1AA, 2A, and 3A schools have had playoffs for decades and 1A still had polls.

    It boils down to money and the power of some of the old guard elite schools I guess.

    But I'm with you, bring on the playoffs. I think that a few years of total chaos in the big leagues can help hasten that day, so I'm hoping a one loss team jumps an undefeated team in the rankings to make a furious uproar. I don't mean to sound mean but that's what it will take to help make the playoffs happen.

  1. JAM says:


    Correction: I went to a 1AA COLLEGE right out of HIGH SCHOOL.

    Can you maybe tell I went to public schools in Louisiana?

  1. Travis says:

    JAM: Well, I suspect we'll have a log jam in the Top 10 with all teams at one or two losses. And that means all those teams can make a case to play in the title game. So I'm hopeful that a playoff is not too much farther off. The logic used to promote the BCS format is faulty and everyone knows it.