Sunday morning observations

Posted: Sunday, October 14, 2007 by Travis Cody in

We've been sipping on excellent pumpkin lattes this morning with our delicious old fashioned chocolate donuts. Yum-OH! We had some fog early this morning, but now the sun is starting to shine through a little bit and we're getting patches of blue sky. It's crisp and cool...a perfect fall day.

Why oh why would anyone ever kick a football to Devin Hester???? He ran another punt back for a TD today for the Bears. It's like pitching to a great clutch don't do it in certain situations. And you shouldn't kick to Hester unless the score is out of reach and the game no longer in doubt one way or the other.

The thing about Jeff Garcia, Tampa QB, is that he's elusive. He may not have the big arm, and he may not be the biggest guy, but he's mobile and athletic and fearless. And he's tough. He takes a lot of hits. He makes his share of mistakes because he's always on the move trying to make a play. But he also makes his share of big plays because of that mobility. If you put a good offensive line in front of him, and give him a solid running game, and give him speed at wide out, he'll get you some wins with that elusiveness and drive to win.

Both Tampa and Tennessee are laying the leather to each other. This is one of those games where you make sure the chin strap is fastened up and all your straps and buckles and laces are done up tight.

Tampa got a gift on an interception. Phillip Buchanon picked off a Vince Young pass, but replays appeared to show that his right toe came down out of bounds. The referee reviewed the play and let it stand as called on the field.

We like when the games on CBS and FOX are slightly out of sync. Tenn at TB went to halftime. We got to watch the last 2 minutes of Wash at GB. Then that game went to halftime just as the Tampa kicked off to the Titans to begin the second half.

Jeff Garcia made a great throw. Joey Galloway split the corner and safety on a deep post and Garcia hit him right in stride. Neither defender could adjust to the ball and Galloway caught it and scampered into the end zone for the score.

Vince Young hobbled off the field with a reported strained quadricep, right before the Tampa touchdown. The pronouncers said his return is probable, but Kerry Collins came in at QB for Tennessee and threw an interception to Rondae Barber. Well, it was called a pick on the field but Barber may not have kept possession. On the replay it looked like the ball was coming out before he hit the ground. That's the call, so the ball goes back to Tennessee on the overturn.

Well, I guess that's it for the morning observations. They might be slightly lame, but that comes of not really having much of an interest in the morning games. We enjoy watching Vince Young, but he's out with an injury. Watching a good defensive game can be cool, but that doesn't make us any more interested in the outcome.

So we'll have some lunch, see how the rest of the morning cames end up, and get ready for the big game between New England and Dallas coming up shortly.

Later babies!


  1. Pauline says:

    Ok, I understood latte, do nuts fog, sun and fall after that I suspect you were speaking sport which unfortunately is not among the languages in my repertoire. lol
    Have a great week Trav!

  1. Travis says:

    Pauline: LOL! I'm trying to remember to put some non-football stuff in my weekend posts, but I guess I didn't get enough in there today.

  1. Was very upset when Vince Young was out for the rest of the game... I just love watching that talented young man play... I was sooo looking forward to OT but that just didn't happen.

  1. lisa says:

    I am skipping the football talk today Trav, too depressed about Syracuse and too inundated with football in my house lately. :-)
    Now pumpkin lattes..... mmmmmmm.

  1. Travis says:

    Dix: Yeah, when Young went down the writing was kind of on the wall. Kerry Collins just isn't the solution at all.

    Lisa: Awwwww. Maybe they 'Cuse can be spoilers coming down the stretch. I see a BC team that might be ripe for an upset.

  1. Jeff Garcia still has a lot of football in him. The Eagles were fools to let him go. I think Garcia's more durable than McNabb.

    Then we have the woeful QB situation here at the Cards. Sigh. What's next?

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: I've always rooted for Garcia. He got a raw deal in SF and Philly. He just needs the right offense, and I think he has that in Tampa.

    It's pretty woeful in Arizona after a promising start to the season, just like in SF. The good news is that there aren't any really strong teams in the NFC West, so it's still anyone's game right now.