And then there were 3

Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Let's see what we can find for encores, shall we? I'm a little concerned because some of the clips have a big skeery message on them:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.


Dear Skeery Powers That Be...I promise that I am not posting these clips to make money. It is purely for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of my readers.

That should do it. Now I feel safe posting A LOT OF VIDEO!

OK so yes I did dammit! I voted for Marie and I won't apologize for it. This was a wonderful Quickstep. You smiled...I know you did!

Marsha asked for the Cha Cha Cha from Helio and Julianne. We hated the music choice, but the dance was excellent.

For Pam and I, this was the dance of the night...the beautiful and incredibly advanced Viennese Waltz from Mel and Maks.

This Paso Doble from Mel and Maks is a little controversial for me. I didn't like it all that well last night, although I appreciated the technical excellence of it. Right up until they fell over. And yet they were still awarded a perfect score. After watching it again, I stand by my initial impression. It was precise and powerful and very well performed, but not perfect because they fell at the end.

Now cue that theme music so we can see who gets to dance next week in the finals.

Vinny wants to see the Cha Cha Cha from Jennie and Derek. Attitude and hip action baby! The judges agree and select this dance as the encore.

Here's the leader board after Monday's performances:

60 Mel
60 Helio
58 Jennie
56 Marie

Avril Lavigne is in the ballroom. I'm not really a fan.

The first couple advancing is Marie and Jonathan!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!! The fanbase strikes again!!! We are also so pleased for Jonathan.

Geeez. The Kenny Mayne stuff is just too stoopid.

Check this out...the Lord of the Dance himself is in the ballroom. I'm sure you've seen Michael Flatley, but if not...

Wow. That is so amazing. If you didn't get to see the performance, I'll find the video. Or chase it down yourself on youtube if you get a chance.

Avril Lavigne returns, accompanied by Sabrina & Mark. Both will be on the DWTS tour. They did some really complicated choreography. She danced like a pro. Her early exit from the show was unfortunate. I hope we see Mark Ballas back as one of the pros next season.

Mel and Maks advance. Helio and Julianne also will be in the finals.

Which means that Jennie and Derek are the victims of Marie's fanbase.

Tune in next Monday for the final performance show.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Turnbaby says:

    ""For Pam and I, this was the dance of the night...the beautiful and incredibly advanced Viennese Waltz from Mel and Maks.""

    The lyrical beauty perfectly melded with a newer song MMMMM the splits!!!!!!!! Amazing ---!! !! !!

    That being said

    Helio and Julianne won me in every way

  1. TopChamp says:

    I'm not keen on any of Mel's here. I also think she looks WEIRD in top to toe skintight red velvet.

    As to Helio - I didn't think he did much dancing himself til about halfway through your clip although I liked it. Quite liked the music too.

    Anyway - hi ho hi ho off to work etc *wink*

  1. Julie says:

    Yeah I agree with Top Champ about Mel's outfit. When I watch a woman dance I want to see some leg...right Trav and Vinny? I'm excited and can't wait for next Monday!

    I want all of us to get together for a biggie finale party! It's gonna be great!

  1. Bond says:

    I am sorry Jennie is gone..across the season, I think she improved the most...Mel is one of those celebrities with an advantage...sheesh all the choreography she uses with the Herb Girls gives her a (no pun intended_ leg up...

    Marie's fan base certainly pushed her through...

    Ummm sure I like leg..but she also wielded a mean bullwhip...

    I think at this point, Helio might beat out Marie, but the fans will have to vote hard

  1. Dr. A says:

    Still love Jennie! Sorry she's gone...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I have to say, for me it is M&M all the way. Ballroom dancing is all about making the woman look good, and Mel has it!

  1. happy thanksgiving to you and pam too honey!

    smiles, bee

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Huh...And here all along, I thought I would be the one going to jail. I'll write ya Travis. Cheers!!

  1. Travis says:

    Turn: When it's just a dance competition, then it should come down to Helio and Mel with Mel getting the edge because she is the better dancer. But those fanbases are going to have to outvote the Osmond legions.

    TC: So are you telling me that you approve of my voting for Marie? Cause I might just do it again you know.

    Julie: Legs legs legs legs legs!

    V: Mel does have an advantage, but I think she has also improved because Maks is such a great teacher and choreographer. So I think she has the edge. But one must beware the Osmond legions.

    Doc: It was too bad that she had to go.

    Starrlight: I don't disagree.

    Bee: And to you & Sarge my dear.

    Matt: I'm a baaaaaaaaaad man!

  1. TopChamp says:

    No - I disapprove. But I'm like that... always disapproving. Harumph. Mutter. Grumble x

  1. Anndi says:

    It's not about who iproved the most as Vince said.. it's about who delivers the final best performance. I still don't think Jennie ever really mastered what to do with her arms.
    Mel and the splits.. I agree with Turnbaby. I checked.. and I can still do them WOOOO! for me!

    Mary shows us why she's still there... she's an all-round stupendous entertainer... not the best dancer.... but yup, I did smile.

    Helio and Julianne are a joy to watch.. that girl has spunk and Helio shows her off extremely well (which is the man's role in balloom dancing)...

    Think Mel has to fight Maks for time in front of the mirror?

  1. Travis says:

    TC: **winks at TC**

    Ann: **contemplates Ann and her splits** THUMP!