NFL Sunday

Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2007 by Travis Cody in

This is for Miss Bee and all the other lovely Ladies who come by on the weekend but don't care for the sports talk.

And Pam said this might be appropriate too.

Now the rest is about sports.

There are a couple of things that disappoint me about my Raiders this season, and the QB situation is at the top of the list. Culpepper isn't the guy. McCown isn't really the guy either, although if he could stay healthy he'd be a good guy to hold the spot for awhile. I don't know if rookie JeMarcus Russell is the guy either. But it's getting close to time to find out. Oakland has been competitive in it's last 4 games, but hasn't been able to score enough points to get a win. The Raiders offense has been on life support, and at 2-7 maybe it's time to see what the rookie can do.

The 49ers' offense is dead last in the league in points scored, total yards gained, and passing yards gained. There's a word for that kind of performance...PUTRID. SF beat the Rams in St Louis in week 2 and haven't won since. The season for St Louis has been just as futile. I can't even take any joy in the Rams' being lousy because SF really is worse.

The Seahawks will likely win the NFC West at 9-7. It could be 8-8. And they will host a first round playoff game as a division winner. Pathetic. And QB Matt Hasselbeck was really quoted as saying he thought his team had turned a corner and could finish with the best record in football. Apparently he doesn't read the papers and hasn't heard of the Patriots. Pam has been irritated all season with Coach Mike Holmgren. She has not been impressed with his play calling or his decision making. This is not a good football team. The Seahawks have played a pretty weak schedule and have only managed a 5-4 record against it. Fans are not amused in the Emerald City.

The defending champs are struggling due to injuries. Today 11 players are listed as questionable. Defensive lineman Dwight Freeney is out for the season. And yet, the Colts had chances to win the games against New England and San Diego. This is still a championship team and they need to get back to that form today. QB Peyton Manning threw 6 interceptions last week. Some of that can be attributed to not having enough receivers to make plays. But the rest of the league doesn't care so it's time for players to step up and get it done.

Week 10 was dismal for picks. Here's how I've done so far:

Week 1 = 12-4
Week 2 = 11-5
Week 3 = 10-6
Week 4 = 8-6
Week 5 = 9-5
Week 6 = 7-6
Week 7 = 10-4
Week 8 = 10-3
Week 9 = 9-5
Week 10 = 7-7

That brings me to 93-51 for the season, dropping me to 65% winners. I need to step it up if I'm going to get to my normal 68%. I should probably be more realistic with my favorite teams, but what can I say? Sometimes I'm just a fan. And there are days when I just can't bring myself to pick a team I don't like.

Bucs over Falcons
Browns over Ravens
Lions over Giants
Eagles over Dolphins
Raiders over Vikings
Jaguars over Chargers
Colts over Chiefs
Bengals over Cardinals
Packers over Panthers
Texans over Saints
Steelers over Jets
Seahwaks over Bears
49ers over Rams
Cowboys over Redskins
Patriots over Bills
Titans over Broncos

Tonight Turnbaby Talks about sex. That got your attention didn't it? Heehee! The topic is "goal oriented sex" and the ways men and women differ in their approaches to satisfying their partner's needs/wants. Check it out at 8pm EST on Blog Talk Radio.


  1. Turnbaby says:

    That Pam is a smart woman!! And since I am a sports chick it's all gravy for me;-)

    Excellent picks today!!

  1. Travis says:

    Turn: Yup. That would be why I don't argue very much when she makes a suggestion. Heehee!

  1. yeah...out of the three...I'm liking Pam's contribution the best...

  1. Damn...cake!

    And Beefcake too!

  1. Jeff B says:

    Your commentary about the 49ers is like taking really foul tasting medicine. PUTRID pretty much sums up this season. The game a couple of weeks ago between the Pats and Colts was being dubed as the half Superbowl. Well todays game between the Niners and the Lambs could be called the Suckbowl. I'm still a fan though. I know you Oakland fans like to call us fair weathered on the other side of the bay, but I'm stickin' with them.

  1. Now I saw this post in the Google reader and I would not have shown up if there was just talk about football. I saw the flowers, the hot men and the cake and well, here I am. Tell Pam she did good... Have a great day Travis. :)

  1. Well, the roses, cake, and hot guy are nice, but I'm really here for the football talk!

    From you mouth to God's ears, let's hope the Browns kick some Raven butt. The Browns and Ravens have both been surprising this season, and thankfully the Browns loving hubby can rejoice in the demise of those hated Ravens.

    Dungy will find a way to get those farm players to fill the vacancies, but it won't be easy. Still, I look for the Colts to stay atop the AFC South. At least for now.

  1. oh trav i love it when you say the rest is sports so i don't read any further, i just get the good part! you are a true gentleman!

    smiles, bee

  1. You piced the Texans Saints game right. Saints blew that one.

  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: Figures.

    Starrlight: I aim to please.

    Jeff: I'm a fan too. We all have to stick with our teams through everything.

    Sandee: Glad you cruised by!

    Songbird: Sometimes a doink works too! Coach Dungy is really having to work for it this season.

    Bee: **bows, tips hat*8

    Charles: It's getting tougher to make the right picks. I'm getting lucky on some.