Ike Turner, Nov 1931 - Dec 2007

Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Rock pioneer Ike Turner died yesterday. He was 76.

Rocket 88, released in 1951, is generally considered to be the first rock and roll song.

Music insiders understand the legacy Ike Turner leaves behind. His influences can be felt throughout the music industry, in nearly every genre.

Still trying to get around to your blogs. I'll see you soon...promise.


  1. TopChamp says:

    The 1st video is up for the music.... the lady with the stockings is just a bonus, right?

    I did not know this - rest in peace Ike Turner.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Have a good one Travis. Cheers!!

  1. Julie says:

    Ahhhh young Tina....what an icon. Ike? Well, I have to side with Tina on this one.

    Hang in there dear...one more sleep..then VACATION!!

  1. Roger says:

    Great tribute Travis.

  1. the108 says:

    Trav, I'm having an awful time getting through to your comments :( It took me trying to load this one five times and now I forgot what I was going to say...lol.

    Love Tina... Ike... sigh. He was a dick.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    I like Ike until I heard Tina's story.:(
    I still enjoy their music though. :)

  1. Dixie says:

    How many more sleeps till vacation?

    Excellent tribute to Ike.

  1. wait til vacation...THEN catch up!

    Ike wasn't a very good husband...but a remarkable musician.

  1. Linda says:

    He was a brilliant musician - a not-so-brilliant man. Which is always a tragedy.

  1. Bond says:

    When I posted about him, I spoke of the music...he denies Tina's allegations...I tend to believe her...but he was still and always will be an important component of the history of rock and roll

  1. Travis says:

    TC: The first video was an illustration of his contribution while the second was the song most casual observers would recognize.

    Matt: You too Sir.

    Julie: The stories of abuse are pretty bad.

    Roger: Thanks.

    Kyra: I'm sorry about the comments. Not sure what's up with that.

    Akelamalu: Sometimes it's tough to separate the man from the music.

    Dix: Just one now.

    Katherine: I might get even more behind during vacation.

    Linda: Indeed.

    V: Agreed.

  1. Steven says:

    Ike was before my time. But Tina's solo career...that girl has legs for days!

  1. This is interesting...

  1. DrillerAA says:

    While Ike and Tina had a good duo career while they were married, they never really had the success of other black soloist or groups.
    Many of Ike's songs were more successful when they were recorded by others, including Johnny Rivers.
    I'm sure that some of the off-stage behavior contributed to the lack of huge commercial success.

  1. May he rest in peace. An icon and a legend.

  1. Travis says:

    Steven: Legs legs legs legs legs! And when she wore the boots...mercy!

    Terra: It's another one of those questions...honor the talent, but abhor the personal behavior.

    Drilleraa: That's true.

    Mimi: We should all be given that, shouldn't we?