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Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Dear BCS, You have an opportunity to be bold and do the right thing. It's hard to win football games. Just ask Michigan what happens when you decide it's a bad idea to play Hawaii because they might ruin your shot at a perfect season, and then you schedule Appalachian State and end up losing to a team that isn't even in Division 1A. Do the right thing. Put 12-0 Hawaii in the championship game. And if you decide that your arrogance is too vast to consider that Hawaii might just be as good as any other team you could choose, then give us the playoff system that might allow Hawaii to overcome you prejudice against any team that isn't in the ACC, SEC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, or Pac 10. Sincerely, a fan.

I don't know if the Redskins can channel their emotions into something positive on the football field. How do you get yourself ready to play a football game while you're still trying to process the violent death of your teammate Sean Taylor? But I do know this. Football is what they do. So they will put on the equipment, paint a #21 on their helmets, say inspirational words to each other, and try to play a football game in honor of Taylor. I picked them to win. I wouldn't pick against them today at all. They may get completely blown out. They may not be able to play well at all. But I won't pick against them today. I just saw on FOX pre-game that the Redskins will start 10 players on defense to honor Sean Taylor. You don't pick against that.

It's the revenge game today! Today my Raiders get a chance to ram that time out back down Mike Shanahan's throat. Yes I'm still bitter about that bit of gamesmanship way back in week 2. Oakland played very well last week. Denver is trying to keep pace with San Diego in the AFC West and I would love for my Raiders to run that truck right off the road today.

Call me crazy, but I think San Francisco can win today. Carolina has had so many injuries that have completely derailed their season. The 49ers played well last week in a win at Arizona. So maybe they'll be able to put another win against a struggling 4-7 team. QB Trent Dilfer won't be the long term answer, and maybe Alex Smith isn't either. But in the short term I guess Dilfer gives SF it's best chance to finish the season with something positive.

Seattle is off to a good start already with an interception of AJ Feeley and a short drive for a TD. It's cold and wet and icy in Philly today. I went with Philly at home today because I think Feeley can get it done. The Seahawks have not played well outside of the NFC West. Because of the conditions, I think the Eagles have a solid running game and a better defense. If Shawn Alexander can run better than he has this season, then perhaps Seattle can get out of its own way and win the game.

Big game in Indianapolis today. Jacksonville has a chance to tie the Colts for the AFC South lead today. I thought that Indy would get Marvin Harrison back this week, but from the looks of things he could be gone until the playoffs or even for the rest of the season. Luckily QB Peyton Manning is becoming comfortable with some other receivers. Indy's defense has played well. But Jacksonville is an outstanding football team and this may be the best chance in several years to actually get the drop on the Colts.

Let's see where we are with picks for the season. I had my best result since week 1 last week, going 12-4.

Week 1 = 12-4
Week 2 = 11-5
Week 3 = 10-6
Week 4 = 8-6
Week 5 = 9-5
Week 6 = 7-6
Week 7 = 10-4
Week 8 = 10-3
Week 9 = 9-5
Week 10 = 7-7
Week 11 = 10-6
Week 12 = 12-4

That brings me to 112-61, 65%. I don't know about this week. I made some emotional picks, like Washington. We'll see how we do.

Cowboys over Packers - already got that one
49ers over Panthers
Redskins over Bills
Titans over Texans
Rams over Falcons
Eagles over Seahawks
Vikings over Lions
Colts over Jaguars
Chiefs over Chargers
Dolphins over Jets
Raiders over Broncos
Browns over Cardinals
Saints over Bucs
Bears over Giants
Steelers over Bengals
Patriots over Ravens

I have one of those itchy feelings that tells me the Ravens could pick off New England tomorrow night. But I'm ignoring it.



  1. Turnbaby says:

    Sure you don't wanna scratch?

    As much as I'd love to see LSU in the title game I am aggravated that Ohio State will be there because they got lucky and didn't play any team that could challenge them even though they play in a conference that is traditionally strong.

    THAT being said

    I say why not let Hawaii play--the 'powers that be ' don't want to because of the money involved but i don't see how Ohio State and Hawaii are that different in actuality.

    We need a tourney.

  1. *poke*

    Just in case we win.


  1. Travis says:

    Turn: The way things have gone for my picks so far today, I should have scratched. We have to have some kind of playoff. It can still use the traditional bowl games as venues, switching off who gets the championship every year. But we need to allow for the parity that now exists, and stop penalizing "weaker" conferences.

    Ian: Yeah. We got your number this time.

  1. As much I detest the Ravens, I would love to see them pick off those damn Patriots. Just for the look on Bellichik's face, you know?

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that a play-off system solves many arguments, it only shifts them.
    Who shoul be the top seeds, who got left out, who, who, who. Even with 64 teams now in the NCAA basketball tournament, we still have to have a play in game for the sixty fourth spot and the argument continues about which bubble teams should have been in the tournament teams and which tournament teams should be sitting home whatching.
    On the flip side, the play off would also allow this year's two loss teams to settle the score. It would give OU, MIZZOU, USC, and LSU the opportunity to play their way into the final game. I just doubt if it will ever happen.

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: I find myself cringing at the thought of actually rooting for the Ravens. Can I just call it rooting against the Patriots?

    Drilleraa: I think a playoff changes the discussion. I think that if you include all D1 conference champions, you're in the ballpark for fairness. The seeding would still be a challenge, but doing it this way would get us closer to fair, and that's all any reasonable fan can hope for I guess.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    I think you have to level the playing field a little for the major conferences in the BCS. Require each confrence to play a maximum of 11 regular season game and a conference championship. If you don't have a conference championship game, you don't get to play for all of the marbles.
    Thanks for coming by and posting. I'm trying to find a few guys to post with occassionally. Just like real life, the ladies seem to have all the words to say. About 90% of the bloggers are female. I certainly don't mind that, I just wanted a little variety in my conversations.

  1. Travis says:

    Drilleraa: That's another good point. This is the kind of discussion the powers that be need to be having.