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Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2007 by Travis Cody in

Well, it's not snowing hard in Chicago. The major problem is the wind and it is really affecting play. I see players trying to go without gloves...that's just nuts in that kind of cold.

My Raiders got down 14-0 very quickly on a couple of long plays for Jacksonville. JeMarcus Russell is in the game now. He's having to overcome some holding penalties on his first drive. He's making good decisions so far.

Russell made a mistake, throwing late over the middle, and the ball was picked off. But the Raider receiver stuck his hand in and stripped the ball, and the Raiders recovered the fumble. It's not the way you like to get a first down, but we'll take it.

Geeez! The Eagles lead the Saints 21-14 in the first quarter. There has been over 300 yards of offense already! Yikes! How about some defense??

Oakland was unable to make anything out of the interception-then-fumble-recovery, settling for a field goal.

Jacksonville is pretty good. The Jaguars just returned a punt to the Raiders' 3 yard line and followed it up with a short TD pass on the next play.

Oakland can't move the ball. And Russell just threw his second pick. No fumble to get the ball back this time. But, these are the mistakes the kid needs to make.

Jacksonville is really good. They are doing exactly what they should be doing to an inferior team. I guess now I'm just looking for some positive plays from Oakland.

Russell just threw the ball late over the middle again. Luckily the ball wasn't intercepted. But he took a good pop out of bounds and was shaken up a little. So McCown is back in the game and he immediately gets the team moving. But they stall and give the ball up on downs instead of going for a field goal.

The Raiders defense is having a meltdown. They held the Jaguars out of the end zone and Jacksonville was set to kick a field goal at the end of the half. Then the defense started mouthing off at the officials for some reason. The refs threw two flags for unsportsmanlike conduct and tossed Warren Sapp out of the game with another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. That's 45 yards worth of penalties. So that puts the ball at the Raider 3 yard line with 21 seconds to play in the half.

But the Raiders intercept the ball at the goal line and run it back to the 37 yard line! What a sequence!

Well, the Raiders came out with a good defensive stand to start the third quarter but then they couldn't move the ball on offense. Chicago is blowing out Green Bay on the other channel.

Now it's time for lunch. Later kids!

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  1. Have a great football filled Sunday. Stay snug and warm.

  1. I bow to your sports brain.