New York vs Green Bay

Posted: Sunday, January 20, 2008 by Travis Cody in

I'm watching these guys hit the ground in Green Bay, and there is no give in that turf at all. That's real grass and it looks like concrete...truly frozen tundra.

On the first drive, the Packers eschew the run and end up punting.

Eschew...that's a good word.

Eli Manning looks pretty sharp on this opening drive. The play calling is balanced and he looks very comfortable. But finally the Packers put more pressure on Manning and he is unable to get a good look downfield.

The Giants settle for a field goal to go up 3-0. And then NY quickly forces another 3 and out from GB.

Both defenses have settled in to play very well. The Giants were able to pick their way down the field and get into the red zone, but the Packers held again. NY does get the field goal and goes up 6-0.

Just that quick, Brett Favre hits Donald Driver for a 90 yard TD pass to put GB ahead.

The defense holds NY and Favre takes over again, but the Packers can't move the ball.

So apparently these is one of those push-me-pull-you games, and then someone breaks out one side and gets a big play. Then it's back to the rugby scrum again for awhile.

There's also a lot of posturing and other BS between the teams, which I don't like much.

Manning just dodged an interception bullet. The GB defender picked off the pass, but he had interfered with the receiver before the pick.

The Packers made another huge mistake with a late hit on Manning. Plaxico Burris is having a great game. The Giants are taking advantage of the GB mistakes and now have the ball at the one yard line.

Green Bay is self-destructing just a little bit with two straight offsides penalties. The Giants have the ball 1st and goal from just outside the goal line. And Brandon Jacobs punches the ball in for the score. He could have done without the taunting of the crowd.

The Packers get a big return on the kick off. And Farvre takes advantage to put GB back in front.

But now the Giants have a strong drive to answer. Toomer just made a terrific sideline catch, dragging his toes before his elbows hit down out of bounds. Replay confirms the catch and the Giants have 1st and goal just outside the 10. Ahmad Bradshaw follows up with the TD.

Well, Favre scrambled and made one of those bad throws. It was picked off, but then the Giants fumbled and GB got the ball back and now the Packers are in the red zone threatening to score again. The Giants hold and the Packers settle for a field goal and we're tied at 20.

I lost the thread of the play by play action. I was watching the game and chatting with my pal Vinny in Yahoo IM. The Giants had GB pretty well bottled up. The Packers totally abandoned the running game, and Favre wasn't having any success flinging the ball downfield.

But then the Giants couldn't get into the endzone and missed the two field goals. Anything can happen in an overtime. The Giants picked off Favre and then made the 47 yarder to win.

And now I have an unexpected Manning to root for in the Super Bowl.

Giants win and that brings me to 6-4 for my playoff picks.

Super Bowl XLII will be New York Giants vs New England Patriots, Sunday Feb 3.


  1. Roger says:

    Hey did you notice the Giants coach's face looked frost bit. Good game & great notes Trav!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry our convo made you lose your thread, but it was nice watching with someone...and Roger hit one of our comments on the head..yes Coughlin looked like he had frostbite, but i bet he did not feel it at all after the game

  1. Travis says:

    Roger: I did notice that. Pam and I were both worried about it throughout the game.

    V: Oh no worries. It was nice to "watch" the game with you.

  1. lisa says:

    yay, NY Giants are in the superbowl!! and our house had the same attitude as yours during the Patriots game. YUCK.

  1. OK. Today I am learning about New York and Green Bay. Let's see...
    I learned a new vocabulary word: eschew. Got it. "eschew the run"...

    Manning looks sharp. What is he wearing? Obviously the bill of his hat is too low or he would have gotten a better downfield look.

    Why did Brett hit Donald?
    Green Bay is "self destructing"...that I understand.