Seahawks vs Packers

Posted: Saturday, January 12, 2008 by Travis Cody in

It's cold and the snow is flurrying in Green Bay.

Seattle gets the first break, recovering a fumble at the Green Bay 1 yard line. Shaun Alexander gets the quick TD.

Green Bay RB Ryan Grant fumbles a second time and Seattle recovers at the 50 yard line. The Seahawks get another TD to take a 14-0 lead early.

Quick! Somebody get down to the Green Bay sideline and tell them the game has started!

The Packers seem to have gotten it together now. We've got snow showers and Favre has Green Bay in the red zone. And TD! That was a great mix of the run and pass. They had Seattle's defense off balance all the way downfield.

I'm happy because I get my snow game.

So far Seattle's pass rush isn't really able to get enough pressure on Favre to make much of a difference. He's able to slip around in the pocket to get his throwing lanes. And Ryan Grant is making amends for those two early fumbles with a couple of good runs down to the Seattle 1 yard line.

And Grant gets the TD to tie the game at 14-14. Now it's on and it's still only the first quarter.

Seattle is determined to try and run the ball. Maurice Morris just got a good run to get near a first down, but it was called back for holding.

Is anybody checking out Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tomorrow night? Lena Headey stars as Sarah Connor, with Thomas Dekker as John Connor and Summer Glau as Cameron, a protector Terminator. We're going to give it a look.

Ooops! Seattle just fumbled and the Packers recovered inside the Seahawks' 20 yard line. Pam is looking grumpy now.

TD Green Bay on a great pass from Favre.

Seattle has to get organized here and re-group. Green Bay was able to recover from the early mistakes, so there's no reason the Seahawks shouldn't be able to do the same.

It won't happen if Hasselbeck is going to fumble a snap on 3rd down. But Seattle gets a break as Green Bay runs into the punter. So the Seahawks get a first down on the roughing penalty.

Seattle is doing the right thing by throwing the ball. They shouldn't completely abandon the run, but they can't rely on it. Runs stopped for short or no gain just blow up the momentum and rhythm of an offense and get the pass rush charged up for the defense. The Seahawks are a passing team and even with the weather, they need to be who they are to have a chance to win.

But Seattle goes to a couple of runs in a row that go nowhere, and then the 3rd and long pass is incomplete. So they settle for a field goal.

The Green Bay receivers are so good at making guys miss and breaking tackles to pick up extra yards after the catch. Favre has been equally evasive, avoiding rushers and stepping up in the pocket. The offensive line is playing great in both giving Favre time to throw and blocking for the run.

Seattle finally gets a good rush on Favre, but he makes a great play to keep his balance and toss a little underhand flip for the first down. And Grant dives into the endzone on the next play to put the Packers up 28-17 at the half.

Well gang, Seattle is in big trouble now. After a 3 and out on their first offensive possession, the defense couldn't stop anything Green Bay tried and gave up another TD. It's 35-17.

Now the Packers need to keep up the pressure and not let Seattle get any kind of offensive rhythm. But the Seahawks are pulling themselves together and sustaining a drive, pushing into the red zone as the snow continues to come down hard.

GAH! A TD pass just went right through Marcus Pollard's hands! The Seahawks have to settle for the field goal to get back within 2 scores at 35-20.

Wow! During the commercial break between the FG and the kick off, the field has been covered in snow.

Ryan Grant breaks off a 41 yard run and gets tripped up before he can score. But it's only a matter of time before Green Bay gets another TD and goes up 42-20.

There are still 13 minutes to play in the game, but Seattle needs to throw to get back in the game and the weather conditions just aren't going to cooperate.

With the exception of those two early fumbles, Green Bay has been in control the whole game. The Packers adapted to the weather and stepped up. The Seahawks showed again that they are an inconsistent team that doesn't play as well on the road as they do at home.

Green Bay wins and now I'm 4-1 with my playoff picks. The Packers could host the NFC Championship game if the Giants beat Dallas tomorrow.


  1. Turnbaby says:

    YAY (sorry Pam ;-)) I LOVE a weather game!!

    And I always root for the Packers if they are not playing my team--

    And Farve--how can you NOT love this guy if you love FOOTBALL!!

    Here's hoping I'll be seeing him playing in Texas Stadium next Sunday.

    Great recap of the game as usual sugar.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    I spelled his name wrong--sob--it's been a LONG day Favre

  1. I'm with TB - how can you NOT be a Favre fan now? I mean, c'mon, his tenacity, his sense of fun, his good ol' boy attitude. Shucks, I love him.

    I'm rooting for the Giants not because of Eli, but because I really wanna see Brett in the Super Bowl again.

    Against Peyton and the boys, of course.

  1. Jeff B says:

    OK Travis, quick, go get Pam some dark chocolate or her favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor. Let her drown her sorrows in a yummy sweet treat.

    With Seattle's up and down play this season they made it a lot farther than I thought they would.

    Anyway yeah Pack and come on JAX step up the defense in the second half.

  1. Jeni says:

    Trav - do you write sports reports for a living? If you don't, I really think you should because your write-ups are a lot more interesting to read than those in the regular newspapers -who write often with their point of view slanted towards the local teams, of course. You can put slants in your write-ups but I don't find them pushy or obnoxiously pro your favorite team - just gentle word of support. Keep up the good work - you make many of these games understandable and come alive as I read them.

  1. Travis says:

    Turn: I've just never been a fan. Good luck tomorrow.

    Songbird: It's easy, I'm just not.

    Jeff: We had CAKE and some other goodies, and lots of sympathy snuggles. Too bad about JAX...the strategy was sound but the execution was not.

    Jeni: I don't write for a living. I just enjoy the game and I like to communicate the things I know and enjoy about it. I'm glad you like the posts.

  1. the teach says:

    is, I watched the game and I got misty eyed watching Bret Favre - 38 years old and still in there fighting for his team! I'm so glad they won. I'm looking forward to the Giants today - I asked my husband if they deserve to win and he said Dallas has really done better all season - but I'd love to see Eli pull it off. :)

  1. the teach says:

    Sorry TRAVis, in previous comment I meant to type your whole name not just "is" :)

  1. Your dating insight for the day in sports: Pam needs a long hot bubble bath!

    How am I doing??

  1. That was such a great game for so many reasons! Probably my 2nd favorite Packer game in recent years.

    There was the snow! and then there was the snow! LOL!

    There were the 2 Ryan Grant fumbles. I was afraid he (and the Pack) wouldn't be able to bounce back from that, but they did. I think they grew up a LOT in this game.

    There were the snowballs!

    There was the play where Favre is stumbling and yet was still able to find an open man and make something out of nothing. Favre - Mr. Improv!

    Yep, definitely an awesome game! Thanks for writing about it. I had fun remembering it.