Wild Card weekend concludes

Posted: Sunday, January 06, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Tennessee begins the game with a radical shift and a trick play, which results in an incomplete pass.

The main reason I picked San Diego to win was the question about Tennessee QB Vince Young's health. I would not be unhappy to lose this pick. I despise the Chargers. Although, I'd rather see Jacksonville go to New England next week, which would require San Diego to win today.

Tennesse is dominating, but they just turned the ball over as they were driving for a possible TD.

Dang this is a boring football game.

LaDanian Tomlinson rushed for 6 yards in the first half. But the SD offense did get rolling in the 3rd quarter.

The game is still boring.

SD went for it on 4th and a half yard at the goal line. Tennessee stopped Tomlinson cold, but then he put the ball over the goal line and got the TD call. Tennessee challenged the call, arguing that forward progress was stopped short of the goal line. On the replay, they give the second effort and call it a TD.

And that wins it for San Diego. It wasn't much of a game for interesting remarks.

So the divisional playoff games are set:

Seattle vs Green Bay
NYGiants vs Dallas
Jacksonville vs New England
San Diego vs Indianapolis


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  1. Except that I think that Jax (much as I LOATHE THEM - have I mentioned that?) have a decent chance of beating those more LOATHED Patriots. And I'm sure that the Colts, even though it could be a struggle at times, can beat the Chargers.

    Then, of course, my Colts would go head to head with...Ugh...you know. Either way, after the Colts win next weekend, I ABHOR their next opponent.

  1. I will leave you with my usual off the wall comment on sports. I'm so keen on that subject (cough). So, I've decided from this point on to say something completely ridiculous in response to your sports posts because gosh darnit I love your blog and remain a loyal fan but for the life of me can't answer intelligently on the subject at hand. Here's my comment:
    I have no comment on the subject at hand except that radical shifts, trick plays and incomplete passes sound like a first date, not a football game.

  1. We are playing football aren't we?

  1. Jeff B says:

    Next weekend I have someone to root for or against in each game, Yeah-hoo.

    So here's my wish list:

    Green Bay (sorry Pam)

    New York (I don't think this will happen, but I just can't bring myself to root for Dallas, ICK)

    Jacksonville (see comment above, sub in New England's name)

    Indianapolis (just cause)

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Right now I am watching the Tulsa vs Bowling Green GMAC Bowl game. Tulsa is taking names and kicking rear ends.
    They lead the nation in offense even though Frank Broyles (former Arkansas AD) and Huston Nutt (former Arkansas head coach)said that the spread offense wouldn't work in the SEC. Well Gus took his spread and is currently spreading it all over Bowling Green. Oh yeah, Arkansas got their clocks cleaned by Missouri...and the spread offense. Go figure.

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: I agree that Jax has a great chance to win. I don't think the Chargers can beat Indy...it'll take another all time worst game from Peyton.

    Mimi: Now that's clever! I love a good madcap comment. And yes dear, it is football, but only for about 4 more weeks. You can hang in that long, right?

    Jeff: Even Pam is uncomfortable going into GB - the Seahawks just haven't played well on the road.

    Drilleraa: Drat! I missed that game. I know what you mean about the spread - if you have the athletes, it can be really effective.