7 vs 2, second half

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Davidson was unable to solve Georgetown's defense in the first half. The Wildcats were unable to exploit the two fouls on the Hoyas' center, and actually lost ground when he went to the bench. It has been a struggle for Davidson to get its offense working against the solid man-to-man defense from Georgetown.

The lead is 11 at the half, which isn't insurmountable but Davidson needs to make some adjustments and can't afford mistakes in the second half if they are going to advance.

Tennessee uses its athleticism to push the lead out to eight to start the second half. That's the Vols' advantage over Butler. The 'Dawgs must exploit the inevitable sloppy play and keep the score in single digits. That will allow them to extend the game late by fouling and sending Tennessee to the free throw line, where they do not shoot a high percentage.

It looks like Tennessee is dominating, but Butler is hanging right there with them.

Miami, another 7 seed, is on a 19-6 run to cut the Texas lead to three with about 9 seconds to play. Texas makes its free throws, and Miami throws up a wild three pointer that goes in with 1.8 seconds on the clock. But the lead is still two.

Miami fouls before the inbounds pass. Yikes! The Longhorn player shoots an airball on the first free throw, and Miami has a remote chance as he makes the second shot. Maimi tries a long pass, but it is deflected and Texas survives.

Look out now. Davidson is making a run on Georgetown. The ticker at the top of the screen shows a four point lead for the Hoyas with just over nine minutes to play.

Butler is doing everything right. They are getting good pressure on Tennessee's perimeter shooters, blocking out and controlling the defensive glass, and creating turnovers. Offensively they are controlling tempo, driving to the rim, and finding open shooters at the three point line.

Even though the shots aren't going down consistently, Butler is right in the game with less than four minutes to play.

Tennessee is still putting ferocious full court pressure on Butler, and somehow the 'Dawgs are breaking it. Unfortunately, Butler is out of times out so they'll have to continue to withstand the pressure with a time out release.

And it's tied with 2:30 to play.

Tennessee gets the ball inside and scores to go up by two.

Butler misses twice right at the rim, then they foul with 1:23 to go.

Tennessee makes one out of two from the line to go up by three, then fouls Butler with 1:09 to play.

Butler only makes one foul shot and it's a two point game.

Tennessee tries to run some clock, but turns the ball over and Butler drives down for the bucket to tie the score. The Vols take time out with less than 23 seconds to play.

Tennessee runs the clock down to four seconds, but then they turn it over again!

Butler has no time out to set a play, but is unable to get a shot off and the game goes to overtime.


Davidson and Georgetown are tied with 4:15 to play.

Did I tell you about these 7 seeds????

The Wildcats were down by 17 in the second half, but they continued to play with confidence and now have taken a two point lead with less than four minutes to play.

Whoa! Stephen Curry makes a huge three point shot to put Davidson up by 5 with 2:41 to play.

Now we're back over to Butler and Tennessee, where the Vols have taken a three point lead.

And then Butler ties it with another three point shot.

It's very physical underneath the boards, and Butler fouls on a rebound. Tennessee misses both foul shots and Buttler gets the rebound. The 'Dawgs drive to the goal and get the bucket to take their first lead of the game.

Tennessee responds to tie with just over a minute to play.

And now Butler turns the ball over with less than a minute to play. And Tennessee gets the go ahead basket.

The Vols block a the shot that would have tied the game with 32.5 seconds to play.

Davidson continues to lead by five with about two and a half minutes to play.

Oh! Curry gets his shot blocked, but Davidson recovers the loose ball and scores to go up by seven with less than two minutes to play.

Georgetown comes back with a three pointer to cut the lead to four.

Davidson drives the lane and gets a goal tending call to push the lead back to six.

Georgetown gets another driving lay up to cut the lead to four with less than a minute.

Davidson misses a shot and Georgetown gets another drive to the basket to cut the lead to two with 25.3 to play.

Tennessee makes two free throws to lead by four with 13.6 to play. Butler misses a three, but is fouled on the rebound and will shoot two free throws with 4.9 to play.

Butler makes one out of two shots, then fouls on the rebound.

Tennessee makes both free throws to lead by five with 3 seconds to play, and will survive to advance.

Davidson makes two foul shots and leads by four with 23.6 to play.

Georgetown is unable to score and must foul with 16.3 to play.

Davidson makes both free throws to go up by six with 11.3 to play.

Georgetown makes a running three point shot to cut the lead to three and then fouls with 9.3 to play.

Davidson misses one free throw, makes the second to lead by four.

Georgetown misses and Davidson advances with the upset!

Whew! Take a breath y'all!


  1. a-HA!!! texas only made ONE of their free throw shots!!! and how would i know this? my son is here visiting and i watched it with him. and i caught trav in an error about sports! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah aha h ah ah

    smiles, bee

  1. Turnbaby says:

    It's hard to dispute this weekend as a magical one in the world of sport--it's just amazing to watch these games--so many close ones that shouldn't be close on paper--but are made so because real people play them and lay it all on the line!

  1. Sanni says:

    I can´t watch... *sniff* but I enjoyed your updates in my feedreader... more than watching, Mr Sports-Reporter!

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Trav!

  1. I hang my head in sadness.

    *walks away dejectedly, sighing*

  1. Roger says:

    Happy Easter Travis! Enjoy the game!!

  1. Travis says:

    Bee: Glad you found a little enjoyment!

    Turn: The lower seeds have nothing to lose. No one expects them to advance. And the higher seeds have so much pressure.

    Songbird: It was so close.

    Roger: Thanks!

  1. Travis says:

    Sanni: Sorry you couldn't watch!

  1. "Did I tell you about these 7 seeds????"

    Yes. But I still don't get it.

  1. Travis says:

    Mimi: Well, it's like the new guy in the row of cello players. He wants the first chair, and he's practicing and working to get it. But the first guy, he doesn't want to give up the spot. Sometimes the new guy is good enough to take it and sometimes he comes up just short.