Let's play a bunch more!

Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2008 by Travis Cody in

The second half of Purdue vs Xavier starts quick, with the Boilermakers getting a three point shot to tie, and then Xavier coming back with a hoop and foul. And now the Musketeers have extended to a six point lead.

Purdue relies heavily on freshmen, just like Kansas State. They have been called the Baby Boilers in the Big 10 this season. From the way the pronouncers are talking, perhaps these freshmen aren't playing as well as they did in the regular season. That's the thing about freshmen...you don't know what you're going to get.

Xavier, on the other hand, is led by upper classmen who have been to the tournament before. I'm not saying that freshmen can't succeed at this level, but it's easier for them to do so if they are balanced by leadership from older players.

At least, that's how the games are playing out so far. Teams with junior and senior leadership are besting teams led by talented freshmen.

Wisconsin finished off Kansas State. Michael Beasley finished with 23 points in what could have been his final game for the Wildcats. I hope he stays for at least one more year. He's definitely ready to go to the NBA now.

I heard an interview with him in which he said one of his goals has always been to get his degree. Certainly he can achieve that goal without playing college basketball. But I hope the experience of being a college kid is something that he has enjoyed. I'd love to watch him compete for another season.

Even Michael Jordan stayed at North Carolina for three seasons.

Woooooooooooooooo!! The fun keeps on coming! Next up is Notre Dame vs Washington State. I'm a little torn in my loyalties with this game. Anyone who visited during football season knows that I am an Irish fan. But I've followed WSU for awhile too, even before I moved up to the Evergreen state.

I gotta go with the Irish. I picked them on my bracket and I just can't root against them. I do like this Cougar team though and I think this is going to be a good game.

WSU's defense is strong early in the game, creating turnovers and converting them into points. The Irish look uncomfortable and the Cougars are taking advantage, getting drives to the basket and wide open looks on the perimeter. Notre Dame can't get into a rhythm as WSU controls the tempo and challenges every pass and every shot.

Meanwhile, Xavier maintains a small lead over Purdue with less than three minutes to play. Xavier looks like they are in control, but the Baby Boilers just won't go away. Purdue is extending the game by sending Xavier to the line, where all the Musketeers need to do is make their free throws and they will advance.


  1. sigh... you're killin' me here trav!

    smiles, bee

  1. Kimmie says:

    Kimmie is looking at the calender, her watch and tapping her toe....waiting....and waiting....is there no end???????????


  1. Trav, should we tell those who are NOT bball fans that the fun doesn't end until April 7th? Should we?

  1. Travis says:

    Bee: It's what I love.

    Kimmie: Just two more weeks. And it won't be every day.

    Songbird: LOL! I posted a schedule on the next recap.

  1. OK, you are probably going to forbid me from ever commenting on your blog again, because I'm totally changing the topic to another sport - hehe. HEY, I HAVE to change the topic... my home-team was made to look absolutely ridiculous (ummm, that would be Kent State - and I don't even want to talk about the low-score 1st half record)

    So - let's talk about BASEBALL!!! The INDIANS!!! Yeah!!! Do you know how much they want me to pay to be able to see the Indians?? It's a crime.

  1. Kimmie says:

    Its okay Trav...I am only teasing ya! I do actually like to sit and watch games now and then. Just don't follow the teams. I have to say, I like most sports. :-)


  1. Travis says:

    Misty: I had Kent State to do a little better than they did...second round at least. And it's just another week until opening day, so get excited for baseball!

    Kimmie: If I have a favorite weekend of the year, this would be it...even over Super Bowl Sunday. But football sure is easier to blog about!