Mo's Manic Monday - Egg

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to another Manic Monday with Morgen. Don't forget to cruise by MM HQ at It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Today's word is Egg.

Eggs are a wonderfully flexible food.

You can have them scrambled for breakfast.

You can have them fried in a sammich for lunch...

..or hard boiled and mashed as an egg salad sammich for supper.

You can have them in a lovely omelette as breakfast for dinner.

And you can have them as an hors d'oeuvre.

The incredible edible Egg, brought to you by Mo's Manic Monday.


  1. I agree. I can't imagine life without eggs!!

  1. Now I'm soooooo hungry for a fried egg sandwich!

  1. Mariposa says:

    Nice MM make me hungry!

  1. Eggcellent post, Travis. But now I want to feast on eggs... and I haven't been able to eat them since I don't have my own chickens anymore. I can't stand the flavorless, rubber things they call eggs that you buy in the stores. They are just not the same thing as free range farm eggs. I need to find a 'supplier', haha.

    Happy Easter and Manic Monday

  1. Grandy says:

    Yum...I love eggs. Now I want a snack. Too late for deviled eggs?

  1. Jeni says:

    Or add them, raw to many entres or desserts, the main ingredient of course in eggnog, a yummy drink. Oh so many uses for the wonderful, incredible egg -without which, none of us would ever have made it here either, ya know!

  1. Linda says:

    Egg salad and deviled eggs - two of my very favorites! Though now that I think of it nothing beats a good omelet, too!

    Now I need breakfast!

  1. Gattina says:

    I love eggs and I am very hungry now with your appetizing pictures ! I think I will have a boiled easter egg now for lunch !

  1. DrillerAA says:

    I love deviled eggs!! Actually I like them about anyway you want to fix them. Some restaurants offer them on their burgers as well.
    I think I need to go to Cracker Barrell this morning for their "Old Timer" breakfast.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Oh God I'm hungry now, I want bacon and eggs!

  1. I love eggs. We have a nice egg supplier now who raises her own chickens. The kids love going there. The chickens, not so much.

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    I looove egg salad! Great pictures, now I'm really hungry. Happy MM!

  1. Why did the egg go to school?

    To get "egg-ucated".


    Have a great Monday! Love your egg post! Come check out my poached post!

  1. Sanni says:

    Ohhhhh.... ahhhhh... you made me so hungry, Trav.

    It´s lunch-time here, so I´d like to order one, no, wait... two of those yummy looking sammiches, please!

    Happy Manic Easter Monday, Trav!

  1. this is an excellent post trev, now I want some eggs.

  1. Kimmie says:

    Nice MM Trav! All your pictures made me hungry for them too. I love Egg Salad the best too!


  1. Yummmm......Did you snap those pictures from my kitchen? I can cook ya know! You believe me, don't ya Travis?

  1. Bond says:

    We had deviled eggs yesterday...yummy

  1. yummy post trav!!!

    smiles, bee

  1. Villager says:

    Happy MM! I like those pictures. I have some bacon on the oven right now ... the eggs will follow right behind 'em!

    As usual, my response this week to the MM meme takes Mo's word to a different place that is unique to the African American culture.

    peace, Villager

  1. Mo says:

    I really want some egg salad now!
    Happy Manic Monday!

  1. I love all things eggs too Travis. Deviled eggs are just about my fave. Yummy. Have a great MM. :)

  1. Anndi says:

    Or you can put them in a cake...

    Happy Easter Manic Monday!

  1. Julie says:

    Mmmmm yummy! Well.....except for the one with the runny yolk. GACK!

    Great MM post my dear. Hopefully I'll get back at it next week.

  1. Matt-Man says:

    Eggs are incredible. love em, love em, love em. Cheers Travis!!

  1. the teach says:

    Travis, that all sounded very familiar to me - I love eggs all ways! Especially a nice 2-egg omlette with bacon on the side. Yum! Your pictures are great too!

  1. the teach says:

    I forgot to say - my brother calls it sammich too...he's a grown man too!

  1. I LOOOOOVEE eggs and that post made me so hungry.


  1. I tend to eat breakfast only when I'm off work, but I do enjoy a good one. Lana made me cheeze omelet and pork chops one morning. Mymmm,

  1. tiggerprr says:

    OK, I had the munchies when I clicked on your site. I'm full blown hungry now! Shame on you! :P

  1. Ya know what? Eggs are also a main ingredient in CAKE!!!!!

    That makes me smile!

    Happy MM!

  1. Jeff B says:

    I've even had them on my face, but that's a story for another time.

    Nice post.

  1. Travis says:

    Terra: I wouldn't live in a world where there were no eggs!

    Heather: Love me some fried egg sammiches!

    Mariposa: I made myself hungry!

    Alice: A friend of mine had some chickens and brought me some fresh eggs once. Fantastic!

    Grandy: It's never too late for deviled eggs.

    Jeni: Yup yup yup!

    Linda: And wouldn't you know it...we don't have eggs in the house and it's not time to go to the grocery yet!

    Gattina: My mouth watered while I was searching out those pics.

    Drilleraa: My mom always used eggs when she made meatloaf. Yummy!

    Akelamalu: Bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes!

  1. Travis says:

    Nancy: My friend recently had to get rid of his chickens, but the fresh eggs were great while they lasted.

    Ivanhoe: I suspect we'll be getting eggs later this week and making some egg salad.

    Monkeys: Bwahahahahahahaha!

    Sanni: How about another sammich?

    Sarge: Love them eggs!

    Kimmie: I learned some special seekrits to put in my egg salad. But now I have to remember what they are!

    Mimi: Of course I believe you dear! **snicker**

    V: We didn't, dangit!

    Bee: I'm all worked up to have some eggs now!

    Villager: Oh man!

  1. Travis says:

    Mo: Me too!

    TC: Indeed!

    Sandee: Deviled eggs remind me of parties when I was a kid.

    Anndi: This is true.

    Julie: I love a runny yolk! All the better to dip the toast!

    Matt: And they go with bacon or sausage or ham too!

    Teach: My omelette's almost always end up as scrambled eggs. I think I've said sammich ever since I was a little guy.

    Onangelwings: The cool thing is that those dishes taste as good as they look because of the eggs!

    Charles: We generally have a snack type breakfast - pastry or toast or bagels. But we'll do it up right on weekends.

    Tiggerprr: Who me???

    Lois: Yes they are!

    Jeff: LOL!

  1. Roger says:

    Gotta have the eggs over easy with hash browns!

  1. 10:18 p.m., and now I'm hungry.


  1. jennifer says:

    Eggs = Atkins diet. They are not my favorite. Unless....I have baked them up in a cake! Then I can eat eggs with great pleasure!


  1. Meribah says:

    Mmmm, eggs! I've had scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs and eggs made into a nice omelet. They are one of life's (almost) perfect foods. :)

  1. Travis says:

    Roger: Yeppers!

    Songbird: Eggs are ok any time!

    Jennifer: Baked in a CAKE works for me too.

    CWM: I think the whole gang was hungry making rounds yesterday with all the great egg posts.

    Meri: All most outstanding ways to enjoy eggs!

  1. I love them all...all the ways you just listed... yummmy!