Encores and results

Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Yikes! I'm behind in my rounds again! It happens every Tuesday and Wednesday, dangit! But I have a good excuse this week...wanna hear it?

I had to go to the grocery and it was raining.

Am I forgiven? Please?

I'll catch up with y'all during the rest of the week...promise!

I'm out of control with the video again today. I hope you don't mind!

I think you might agree with me that three performances really stood out on Monday.

First we have the surprising Samba from Mario and Karina. He has struggled over the last couple of weeks, but this week he really put it all together in an outstanding performance.

Next is the seductively sensual Rumba from Jason and Edyta. He amazes me every week with his grace and the way he understands how to use his size to become a strong partner. And Edyta simply sizzles.

And the dance of the night, in my opinion...the romantic and classy Rumba from Kristi and Mark. She's figured out how to bring the level of emotion up to her dancing skill, and she is the celebrity to beat. It's going to take a major stumble and a complete breakdown of her fanbase for her and Mark not to be one of the final couples.

Here's the leader board after Monday's performances:

29 Kristi & Mark
27 Jason & Edyta
27 Mario & Karina
24 Marissa & Tony
23 Cristian & Cheryl
23 Shannon & Derek
22 Marlee & Fabian
21 Priscilla & Louis

Now cue that theme music and away we go!

The judges select the Rumba from Kristi and Mark as their encore choice. That's the Rumba I would dance with Pam.

This is a band I've never heard of called Ozomatli with the pros dancing a kick ass group Samba. That was HAWT y'all!

Let's see who's safe now...it's Kristi and Mark. Well DUH!

But, Cristian and Cheryl are in the bottom two. Yikes!

Hey! The ballroom kids are back! First up we have Dimitriy and Michelle, who are both 10 years old and have been dancing together for over three years. Their dance is Jive to You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray. We love that! Len said it was full of energy and fantastic. Bruno said they were technically precise and had star quality. Carrie Ann said it was sassy and energetic, and a great partnership. Here's a clip from the under 11 Championsship Latin division at the 2007 Dance Southwest Regional Dancesport Championship.

Next are Jaryd, who is 10, and Cara, who is 8. They've been dancing together for about a year. They dance Cha Cha Cha to Hey Baby. These kids are terrific. They had very adult choreography and pulled it off so that is was still age appropriate. Excellent! Bruno said they were the two cutest little Gremlins and that they pulled off the cheek and fun. Carrie Ann said they brought so much joy to the ballroom. Len said the whole package was fantastic. I found a clip of these kids from the show.

The judges say Jaryd and Cara will come back and dance again.

Who else is safe you ask? It's Jason and Edyta!

Grammy winner James Blunt is in the ballroom, singing Carry You Home, accompanied by World Champions Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian. That dance was so good. They did a move where he lays flat on the floor and lifts her with one arm, then STANDS UP WHILE HOLDING HER WITH ONE ARM!

Mario and Karina will be back next week, as will Marissa and Tony.

Shannon and Derek survive, along with Marlee and Fabian.

That means either Cristian & Cheryl or Priscilla & Louis will be out.

Cristian and Cheryl will be back...

...and so Priscilla and Louis are out.

Next week the couples dance their pairs routine, and then join together for the group dance.

Now can you stand one more video? This is David Cook and, in my opinion, another WOW moment from that show that shall not be named. I know, I know...I should stop calling it that.

Later babies!


  1. BeckEye says:

    David Cook was very good in a Michael Johnsless, overall very boring night.

    Too bad for Priscilla, but now she can spend more time at the plastic surgeon's office.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    I love your re-caps sugar. As you can see this is my first stop as I MISSED the show entirely last night---come see my post.*sigh*

    I really liked Kristi for the first time with that rhumba. She has finally let emotion come into play to enhance the skills she has been taught her whole life.

    But what Jason has accomplished amazes me. His grace, especially for someone his size that has not been classically trained from his youth, is profound. And the way he leads Edyta is just awesome.

    I may have to.....vote.;-)

    And call it what you like sugar but David Cook is going to win it.

  1. Marsha says:

    I was shocked by Christian and Cheryl being in the bottome two, but let's face it....it was time for Priscilla to go....whewww.

    Now, that other show.....DC absolutely ROCKS. I still think the final two are going to be the Davids.......quite possibly the final three will be all guys. The girls just don't have what it takes to win this year. Don't get me wrong...all 7 of these people can sing....it's just, well, it's going to be a guy year.

    I love both Davids, but I really think that DC is going to win.

  1. Julie says:

    Giggles @ Beckeye!

    Good job Travis....of the bottom two on Dance...the right choice was made.

  1. Dude, I post a DWTS commentary too and you've totally put me to shame. I guess I need to step up my game. Great job!

    BTW--I am sooo happy Priscilla is going home, she was giving me the willies. And turnbaby's right, David Cook rocks!

  1. not only did I miss DWTS this week...I also missed your BIRTHDAY!

    I hope it was a happy one Travis...and that this coming year is a wonderful one for you and yours!

  1. Waaa! That second video on the kids is acting wonky and won't let me view it!!!!

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    I must agree with your Monday review. Jason, Kristi & Mario should be in finals.
    I am not crazy about the kids dancing - I know they are cute, but every week? Do you enjoy that part?
    I missed most of last night as NCIS is back and then I peaked on commercials at the show that cannot be named...

  1. Bond says:

    Man it is so difficult to do the radio show while the TV is on, but muted and seeing the dancing and then trying to follow who is safe and who is not...

    David Cook....I am still troubled by the fact that he seems to be stuck in a Vedder/Live sort of setting and that reminds me of someone from Season 5....

  1. TopChamp says:

    nice -thanks for posting the vids of the grown ups. That little shiny white dress thing on Edyta is very sexy!

    I hate kids on tv.

  1. trav good post as usuall.
    I took your advise and added the use of google reader.

  1. Jamie says:

    Sorry to see Priscilla go, but it was the right decision. Disagreed with the judges about the children. Kristi was magnificent. She just keeps getting better and better. It wouldn't surprise me to see her picking up gold medals in a brand new sport.

  1. Kimmie says:

    I missed AI last night Trav! I dozed off on accident...again... :-( But I did wake up to see DWTS results show. I was worried about Christian & Cheryl...they danced beautifully. I agree, it was Pricilla's time to go. It was a fun week with all the Sexy moves, everyone shook their groove really well. :-)
    I won't miss the AI results show tonight. Thanks for the video on DC. He is amazing!

  1. Travis says:

    Beck: After what happened last week, I'm a little worried for DC. I did my part with voting though.

    Turn: I agree with you about Jason, and Edyta is smokin' hot! We shall see about DC.

    Marsha: It could very well come down to the Davids. I can't really see any of the gals winning, but odder things have happened with this show.

    Julie: I agree that it was the right choice. I will give Priscilla props for being the best of the senior celebrities that have been on the show.

    Applie Pie: There's always room for another Dancing review! Can't wait to check yours out!

    Katherine: Thanks! I hope Papa is doing ok.

    Songbird: Dangit! I better check that out.

    Ivanhoe: I love the kids! They are so talented and I think it's a great way to continue introducing dance to a wider audience.

    V: I understand your reservations about DC, but I don't see the same vibe as the season 5 guy. I think DC comes across incredibly genuine.

    TC: No kidding on the white dress! Now the kids were really talented...it's not gratuitous at all. They can dance better than some of the celebrities!

    Mike: That's great! I hope it works out as well for you as it has for me!

    Jamie: I enjoyed the performance of the kids the judges chose more than the two 10 year olds, although I thought the older kids were technically better. And Kristi probably could train up and make a go as a ballroom dancer.

    Kimmie: Oh no! There weren't too many great performances though. And the DWTS results show was more entertaining...at least I thought so.

  1. Grandy says:

    Love your recaps, Travis!! I missed the show and know I can always count on you. ;)

  1. Due to unforeseen "challenges" with my body (pain) I ended up home Tuesday evening instead of at my usual class.... soooo I got to watch DWTS. Those little kids are awesome dancers, and so cute to watch. Really enjoyed it.

  1. David Cook is unbelievably awesome!