A woobie for my friend

Posted: Friday, June 27, 2008 by Travis Cody in

And sometimes a guy just needs to share that woobie with a friend. I wish I could fix it and make it all ok.

So friend...you just go ahead and borrow that woobie as needed.

While you're at it, take a few hugs too.

Hang in there my dear!


  1. I just gave her a hug too. Beautiful Travis. You are the greatest. Big hug to you and Pam, and ear scritches to Mr. Tucker. :)

  1. Travis says:

    Sandee: The things she's having to deal with are just rotten.

  1. Throws some white light in the direction of whoever is having to deal with unpleasant things.

  1. don't know who it is honey but what about some cake too?

    smiles, bee

  1. I did hear from our friend this morning and she said to tell you that she really appreciates the hugs and the woobie. I think she may be feeling some better this morning. I'll keep checking on her. And thank you for being such a great friend to her!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Well whoever your friend is Trav she's lucky to have you.

    I'll send her some Reiki - I can do that without knowing who she is I just say 'the friend Trav is trying to comfort' and off it goes!

  1. Travis says:

    Charles: She'll appreciate that.

    Bee: CAKE always helps!

    Mimi: I'm glad to hear that. I'll check in with her later today.

    Akelamalu: Some Reiki is always welcome!

  1. Julie says:

    Awwww you are the best.

    **sidles up to the sweet one who is getting messed with**

    Want some milkduds?

  1. jennifer says:

    What a wonderful post. Can I share one corner of the woobie, or should I bake enough comfort food for everyone and lets all just group hug? I am all about being there for each other. Compassion and comfort. The best that humanity has to offer.

    Sending some positive thoughts toward this unknown lady.

    Take Care Travis.


  1. Cheesy says:

    How thoughtful of you dear.. I'll toss in some Mimosas....

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....Kitties!!!

  1. cathy says:

    I'm with jennifer onh the group hug. Cake and woobies sound good too.Hope your friend is hanging in there.

  1. Sending over an extry soft woobie to your friend.

    btw, loved the woobie scene from Mr. Mom... ya knwo where MK talks to his son about ditching the woobie?

  1. the teach says:

    I'm sorry for your friend Travis. I hope things get better.

  1. TopChamp says:

    I was cuddling left right and centre last night - there's some spare hugs here.. I'll send them your way (pass them on for mex).

  1. Anndi says:

    Woobies are a good thing.

  1. Turnbaby says:

    Woobies, like hugs, are best shared;-)

  1. Jeni says:

    Everyone can use a nice big hug -or two or ten from time to time -best if you can get at least one hug per day though. Loved this post as it is so very true.

  1. Jamie says:

    Just got a very nice, warm woobie out of the dryer. You can borrow it for your friend. I hope all comes around to a better place.

  1. Kimmie says:

    Big Hugs and lots of Prayers for your dear friend Travis. I hope things are getting better since you gave her your woobie. Let her know she has lots of people thinking of her. :-)

  1. Bond says:

    Our friend appreciated the woobie and she and i spoke on saturday and have a new plan in mind...if that does not work then my plan goes into action..

  1. Travis says:

    Julie: **swipes a few milkduds**

    Jennifer: There's always enough room for everyone to have a bit of the woobie. And did you say comfort food feast?

    Cheesy: Mmmmmmm.

    Lana: Kitties can be surprisingly snuggy when they realize something is wrong with their person.

    Cathy: CAKE & woobies! Wooooo!

    Lois: The woobie talk is one of my favorite scenes!

    Teach: Thanks for the well wishes!

    TC: Will do!

    Ann: Woobies are the best!

    Turn: That's so true.

    Jeni: One hug per day is a good average.

    Jamie: Nice!

    Kimmie: I will...thanks!

    V: Excellent!

  1. Meribah says:

    Awwwww, those kitties are so cute! And, yes, a hug can do wonders for the downhearted. Hugs to everyone who needs one! :)