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Yankee Stadium 1923 - 2008
Today the Yankees host Baltimore in the final game to be played at Yankee Stadium. Love or hate the Yankees, and there is no middle ground, it's a sad day in baseball as one of the most storied sports arenas sees its last game. For more about this glorious venue, click here and here.

Giants QB Eli Manning has a great hard count, which can draw an easy 5 yards on the defensive offsides penalty. However, he also gets away with flinching his hands and his shoulders and that's supposed to be called against the QB. It's tough to make that hard gutteral sound without bobbing your head or shaking your shoulders, but just because it's hard to do doesn't mean the QB should get away with it. The movement simulates the snap count and that's supposed to be a penalty on the offense.

YAY! My Raiders are off to a quick 3-0 lead over Buffalo. Johnnie Lee Higgins ran back the opening kick for 69 yards, but Oakland could only manage 25 yards on 6 plays and had to settle for a field goal.

The Bengals look kind of rough and can't get the ball in the endzone, but they did move the ball against the Giants and at this point I guess Cincinnati will take any positive they can find. They settle for a field goal and lead 3-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The Giants march 80 yards in 9 plays for the TD. NY took advantage of a couple more penalties from Cincinnati on that drive. Manning is 6 of 8 for 60 yards to 5 different receivers, and Brandon Jacobs has rushed for 25 yards on 9 carries with the 1 yard TD run.

The Bengals have stacked up the line of scrimmage to try and stop the 5th ranked rushing attack of the Giants, and so they aren't getting any pressure on Manning when he drops back to pass.

My Raiders got another field goal to take a brief 6-0 lead. Darren McFadden and Michael Bush are running the ball well, combining for 47 yards on 9 carries. Unfortunately, QB JeMarcus Russell has fumbled after a sack and Buffalo took advantage and scored a TD.

Meanwhile, the Bengals have gotten into a rhythm on offense and are running the ball well with Chris Perry, who has 42 yards on 7 carries and a TD. Cincy leads 10-7.

But check this out. Miami is leading New England 14-3 in the second quarter. QB Chad Pennington is 8 of 10 for 129 yards and RB Ronnie Brown has rushed for 30 yards on 6 carriers and has the 2 TDs. Miami has sacked NE QB Matt Cassel twice. Cassel is 14 of 19 for 99 yards and has thrown an interception.

Cincinnati is playing extremely well. QB Carson Palmer is picking apart the Giants' secondary in the 2 minute offense. Palmer directed a 13 play, 66 yard drive in 3:23 down inside the 5 yard line, and then NY DE Mathias Kiwanuka got pressure from the outside and sacked Palmer on 3rd down. The Bengals settled for a field goal for a 13-10 lead at halftime.

I love! Let's go around the league at halftime, shall we?

Tampa Bay leads Chicago 14-9. TB QB Brian Griese is 11 of 15 for 92 yards, a TD and an interceptions. The Bucs defense has 3 sacks and 2 interceptions. The Bears don't appear to be playing poorly, but the offense can't get in the endzone.

Oakland leads Buffalo 9-7. Raider QB JeMarcus is 7 of 16 for 65 yards. He hasn't thrown an interception, although he has fumbled. Buffalo has controlled Darren McFadden, only giving up 25 yards on 10 carries. This appears to be a defensive game. The Bills have lost 3 fumbles.

Carolina and Minnesota are tied at 10-10. Panthers QB Jake Delhomme is 9 of 15 for 115 yards, but he has fumbled twice and Carolina is getting nothing from the running game. Minnesota QB Gus Frerotte is 9 of 17 for 87 yards and an interception.

Miami leads New England 21-6. This is clearly the surprise of the day just based on the recent history of these two teams. But give the Dolphins credit. Miami QB Chad Pennington is 12 of 14 for 166 yards and no mistakes. RB Ronnie Brown has 3 rushing TDs. The Dolphins have 3 sacks and an interception. NE QB Matt Cassel is 15 of 20 for 103 yards and a pick. The Patriots are getting nothing from the running game.

Atlanta leads Kansas City 24-7. Falcons rookie QB Matt Ryan is 7 of 13 for 134 yards and a TD. RB Michael Turner has rushed for 76 yards and 2 TDs on 16 carries. KC QB Tyler Thigpen is 7 of 24 for 61 yards with 2 interceptions against 1 TD.

Tennessee leads Houston 21-12. Titan QB Kerry Collins is 10 of 17 for 141 yards, a TD and an interception. RB LenDale White has 11 carries for 42 yards and 2 TDs. Texan rookie RB Steve Slaton has 104 yards on 9 carries and a TD...the lone bright spot for Houston's offense.


  1. Meribah says:

    **Eyeballs glaze over** So...I take it you like football? LOL :P

  1. Anndi says:

    *sigh* Where's the eye candy?

  1. I'm depressed about Yankee stadium, personally, as a native New Yorker whose precious few good memories from childhood involved going to watch a game or two with my dad.

  1. Travis says:

    Meri: You know it! You know, footballs are very good for puppies to glom.

    Ann: Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting the interludes.

    Lana: I'm sad that I never made it back east to see a game in Yankee Stadium.

  1. Julie says:

    **confusion sets in** the post title is NFL Sunday and I see a baseball diamond. You see...this is when I get confuzzled!