NE vs SF, second half

Posted: Sunday, October 05, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Maybe I'm losing my sense of humor, but I think the new Jack-in-the-Box commercials are bashes at men and I don't like them. And I believe I'll use my consumer power and stop eating at JITB as long as these commercials run.

My Dodgers travel to Philadephia on Thursday for game 1 of the National League Championship Series. The Phillies closed out Milwaukee today in 4 games.

NE gets the ball to start the second half, and SF brings the kitchen sink and sacks Cassel on 1st down. But then NE runs a screen pass to get the yardage back and then some, bringing up 3rd and 6.

Cassel is able to hit WR Wes Welker on a quick slant for the first down and the Patriots are on the move again. NE is helped by back to back SF penalties. The Patriots have them guessing and they are on the field for much too long.

There we go! SF got pressure on NE and sacked Cassel for the 5th time, forcing the punt. Good news not to give up points on that drive, but now the offense needs to get a drive going to keep the defense of the field.

Dammit! O'Sullivan tried to force a ball into double coverage and threw an interception at the SF 24 yard line. Now the defense has to try to hold NE to a field goal.

Well, so far so good. Cassel throws incomplete in the endzone, then the defense stuffs the run for a one yard loss and it's 4th and goal from the 2 yard line. But then NE runs the direct snap to Kevin Faulk, who gets the TD to extend the lead to 24-14.


Any semblance of an offensive game plan is gone from the SF side of the ball. O'Sullivan isn't getting any good reads, the receivers aren't getting open downfield, and the running game is getting stuffed. And now they have just gone 3 and out again.

And the defense has just been on the field too long to be effective against the NE offense. Through the end of the third quarter, NE has had the ball for nearly 30:52 and 66 plays, and SF for only 12:46 and 28 plays. Unless you're hitting big plays for scores, that just isn't going to get it done.

I shall try and look at this from the positive side...NE leads 27-14, which is 13 points, which means that SF is two big plays from taking the lead, and there is still almost the entire 4th quarter to play.

Well there's a couple of first downs, one on another of those direct snap plays to Gore and the next on a pass from O'Sullivan to WR Bryant Johnson. And now there's another first down on a run from Gore.

Move the chains, sustain the drive, get points.

After a dropped pass, the 49ers get a break on a pass interference against NE. That's going to put the ball down on the 8 yard line. That's a 31 yard penalty.

There we go! O'Sullivan to Bruce for the TD. And now the 49ers are within one score at 27-21 with 10:22 to play in the game. It's good to see them compete.

Now it's about the defense. Can they hold NE?

They gave up a few first downs before forcing a 3rd and short. NE challenged the spot of the ball, and replay confirms the correct spot which makes it a first down. Dangit.

SF needs to get a stop right here to keep NE out of field goal range. NE does get the first down, but there is pass intereference on the offense for blocking downfield as the pass pass was thrown. That pushed the Patriots back out of field goal range. Although SF holds on 3rd and 20, the Patriots did pick up enough yardage to get back into field goal range.

NE makes the 49 yard field goal to push the score to 30-21.

Now SF needs 10 points in the final 4:42.

Allen Rossum gets good field position out to the SF 35 on the kick return. I'm not sure why the 49ers are huddling. They should be in the no huddle to increase the tempo. NE is going to give up the short stuff, and SF needs two scores.

You have to give yourself a chance. Anything can happen. Earlier today, Indy scored 3 TDs in the final few minutes of the game to come back and beat Houston.

But O'Sullivan is sacked on 3rd down, bringing up 4th and 16. O'Sullivan is forced to scramble and throws an interception.


Oh well. The 49ers were competitive. But there's still a lot of work to do to consistently win.


  1. Jack in the box that brings back some fond memories of Sacramento Ca.

  1. Hi Travis. Enjoy the game. Hope you have had a great week. :)

  1. Don't tell me you really haven't noticed that MOST commercials tend to man-bash? In commercials men are all stupid & testosterone-driven & women are all overbearing, controlling b!tches.

  1. Travis says:

    Mike: I like the Ultimate Cheeseburger, but I won't have any until that commercial is retired.

    Sandee: Thanks dear.

    Lana: This one is different. I don't like any of those commercials that speak to stereotypes. This one crosses the line even more that those others.

  1. Janna says:

    I went to watch the JITB video...
    Actually I thought it was funny. :)

    I didn't see it as man-bashing; it was just saying that adults need snacks once in awhile, and they can get cranky when the snacks are not forthcoming.
    (Sounds like ME! Dammit, where are my pita snacks?! :)

    Didn't seem like they were going out of their way to pick on men. Adults, yes, men, no. :)

    Just my opinion... which is kind of a moot point since we don't have Jack-In-The-Boxes in Michigan.

  1. Roger says:

    Man it so cool to come over here and get the sports coverage. You Rock Trav!

  1. I'm kind of with Lana. Most commercials show men and women both in poor light, as they strive for humor. I don't usually let it bother me but once in a while one of these will get to me.

  1. Sorry you don't like the Jack commercials. I thought this one was pretty quirky. I didn't think about the "man bashing" it might portray. Actually, I was thinking I haven't had anything at Jack besides egg rolls (recommended by a Chinese friend, no less) in a while so I might try these.


  1. Marilyn says:

    I thought they were making fun of stock brokers, but they're taking a big enough hit these days so I'm going to act in solidarity with them and you and not eat at Jack in the Box anymore.

    Since we never eat out and the local Jack in the Box went out of business, I'm afraid my statement won't make much of an impact though.

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    I could have sworn that you were a Raiders' fan, not 49ners....:o)
    I'm glad Pats won and I'm happy that they can hang in there even without Tommy :o)

  1. Travis says:

    Janna: I think there are better ways to portray the need for a snack.

    CWM: Hi darlin!

    Roger: I try!

    Charles: I usually just mute the sound or switch channels, but this one struck a nerve. I've even written JITB about it.

    Songbird: Usually I think Jack's commercials are clever. This one, not so much.

    Marilyn: Thanks for the solidarity!

  1. Jeff B says:

    Sorry I didn't come by yesterday to take this in, I was to busy crying in my Dr Pepper. I was really hoping for a better showing of the offense. They weren't horrible by any means, but there just wasn't any punch to them, especially in the second half. When you let your opponent have the ball for twelve minutes in any quarter, it's nearly impossible to win.

    I'm seeing improvements in O'Sullivan from week to week, that's encouraging. Just have to remind myself that he's still gaining experience and is going to make mistakes associated with being a young QB.

    Congrats to Songbird, your Cardinals have sole possession of first place.

  1. Bond says:

    We don't get the commercials here

    JITB was a stop all the time after being out drinking when I was in HS

    Football was interesting this weekend...

    My Giants put a can o whoop a** on Pam's team...- Sorry Pam...

    Both my Survivor's survived (The Colts with a 4th quarter miracle)

    I won 2 of 3 fantasy all in all not a bad weekend.

  1. the first time I saw the "whiney baby" commercial I sorta smiled....but it really is very annoying.

    the niner game was tough. O'Sullivan is not doing too bad for his first time at first string....better than I thought the niners would do this year!

  1. OH Travis...the band is killing Skynyrd! I didn't think I could get more annoyed after Len. Color me wrong!

  1. Travis says:

    Ivanhoe: I am a Raider fan. I like the 49ers, Colts, and Giants. But if it came down to a game between my Raiders and any of those teams, I am all about the Silver & Black.

    Jeff: Understood my good man. I'm pleased with JT's progress so far. And somehow I just can't fathom the Cardinals in sole possession of first place. That's going to take some getting used to.

    Mimi: Yes dear. There's always more.

    V: You're better off not having the commercials, trust me. Pam was reasonably ok with the smack down. It was Eli and she likes Eli.

    Katherine: JT is hanging in there. He got rid of the ball much better. They are slowly rounding into shape.

    Starr: I know. Hang in there. Sometimes it's better to mute the sound and let the stereo in your head fill in the proper music.