Wait til next year

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Congratulations to my Dodgers on battling through 30 spring games, 162 regular season games, 3 division series games, and 5 National League Championship Series games.

The Phillies are just a better team at this point. They closed out my Dodgers last night 4 games to 1 to advance to the World Series.



  1. Anndi says:


    Want a piece of cake?

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Sorry about the Dodgers big guy. After it got out of hand, I switched over the watch the World Series of Poker.
    I don't expect to see the Texas Rangers in the post season anytime soon.

  1. Doh, sorry Trav =(

  1. i had a sports post too trav! only i messed up with the numbers, oops.

    smiles, bee

  1. Mags says:

    My Dad (a Yankees fan) was hoping the Dodgers did well too. I, as you know, am a Sox fan and am hoping they have another come back kids moment like they have twice in the past.

    Alas, they're not the same team, so I think it's not going to go well, but I can still hope, right? :)

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Sorry, Trav. There's always a next year (we say that a lot in Cleveland :o)

  1. Turnbaby says:

    Sorry sugar---my guess is after tonight the TV folks may be wringing their hands over a TB Phillies series.

  1. Double rats honey. I'm sorry Travis. Maybe next year. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. Off to the boat for us. Big hug. :)

  1. Akelamalu says:

    You know I know nothing about sport, so is that bad news for you honey? Sorry. :(

  1. Linda says:

    As a former Red Sox fan, I feel your pain but as you said - there's always next year, right?!?

  1. Bond says:

    ARG...I hated seeing that my friend...

    I am not scrolling further down because my plan is to watch DWTS tonight when I get back to my home

  1. Travis says:

    Ann: I had the melty CAKE and I might have some more tonight!

    Drilleraa: Everyone was making such a fuss that the Phillies hadn't been to the World Series in 15 years. It's been 20 years for Dodger fans, so I got a bit annoyed with the pronouncers because of that.

    Starr: Oh well. Now I can focus on the extreme suckage of my Raiders!

    Bee: Well I'll try to get over there and check that out!

    Mags: One can and should hope and root right up until the last out.

    Ivanhoe: It's a young team, so maybe this is just the beginning.

    Turn: I've heard some of that already today.

    Sandee: Enjoy the boating!

    Akelamalu: It was disappointing for me.

    Linda: Baseball is like spring...it always returns just when you need it.

    V: It did suck indeed.

  1. my instinct is to be nice...and say that I am sorry that your team is out.

    however that would be lying and you would know it.


    what's a girl to do?

  1. jennifer says:

    Aww, Rats is right. I am sorry your team didn't move up.

    Have a great weekend.

  1. Jeff B says:

    I have to agree Katherine on this one...except for the girl part.

    Hey, it could be worse, you could be a Raiders fan...


  1. Travis says:

    Katherine: I'm happy with what they achieved...NL West champs, NLDS champs over the favored Cubs in a sweep. And it's very likely that they will not re-sign that baggy-uniformed guy. So it's all good.

    Jennifer: Since my expectations were low, any success they had in the playoffs was a plus.

    Jeff: Wise guy.