Falling behind in many things

Posted: Saturday, December 20, 2008 by Travis Cody in

Hey gang!

The last couple of days of weather have been a pain in the backside. The snowstorm kept me home on Thursday and Friday. The roads were just too slick. The white stuff is gorgeous to look at...

...but I had no intention of slipping on these steps and spending the holidays in traction. And even if I made it up the steps, or hiked around them, there would have been icy roads to slide around on. The Puget Sound is all about hills, which are lovely but not build for snow!

The road I take once I get off the freeway was closed today due to ice. It's a hilly road. And then there was this little goody just a block north of the freeway onramp I take to get home.


The bus drivers tried to find an alternate route when they saw that the road they wanted to use was closed. And they ended up sliding on the ice and nearly went over the side and down to the freeway 30 feet below.


Now I know some of you live in climates that get "real" winter snowstorms. But the thing to know about the Puget Sound is that this is unusual weather. We get this stuff maybe 2-5 days a year. The snow is slushy, and a serious cold front always moves in behind it so everything wet freezes for days.

And remember what I said about the hills? We just don't have the infrastructure to deal with it. And the area is full of people like me who don't have the skills to drive safely in icy conditions.

Can you really drive safely down a steep hill that has a 2" thick sheet of ice on it?

So we close schools and we stay off the roads if we can. Because to us, this is a pretty "real" winter snowstorm.

Anyway, all I really meant to say today was that I've fallen behind in my blog rounds. I'll catch up this weekend.

Happy Holidays and Joyous Yule to you!


  1. It's beautiful but so dangerous especially when you're not used to it. We had snow last week in Louisiana for the first time in 20 years. Check out my blog and see.
    Stay in and stay safe, Travis!

  1. Cheesy says:

    Oh man I saw that bus fiasco on the news last night... made my tummy turn!

    Did you all do that video? I heard a bird and a wee one both telling that driver "WATCH OUT!!"

  1. Ick. I'm so glad you are tucked away safe at home. I remember very well how hilly that area is from when I lived in Bremerton; it can be intimidating even in dry weather.

  1. Jeni says:

    Finally, someone with intelligence who listens when people say "Stay off the roads!" Wish more people would pay attention and do that cause with ice, no one has a pray in Hell of determining where a vehicle is gonna go! I saw that bus accident video on my MSN news thingy. Scary, very scary! We got the "wintry mix" junk here yesterday with a little bit of everything yucky so it was a "something for everyone" kind of weather event, ya know. I'm thankful, extremely so, that I no longer have to venture out when the roads and weather are treacherous but I had to do that for many years as I always seemed to have jobs at places open 24-7 and personnel HAD to be there, or else. Risking life and limb ya know, for barely over minimum wage but then again, that's life sometimes, isn't it?
    Hope you all get thawed out and able to traverse in a couple of days though.

  1. The picture of the bus made my knees go weak. OH MY LORD!!! I can't imagine how afraid those people must have been. It was the movie "Speed" in real life.

    Stay safe and warm with Pam and Mr. Tucker. Peace!

  1. Tuck into a good blanket and a book and stay off the roads. Those ice conditions are so extremely dangerous.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Crikey Trav, if we had snow that bad I'd never leave the house at all! That's scary! :(

  1. This is the reason I don't like snow country! Yikes! :)

  1. Cherie says:

    Glad that you're staying safe. That stuff is scary.

  1. TopChamp says:

    Ooh - see now snow does seem very exciting. Making a snowman is a rare treat as we don't often get snow deep enough. But it can make for dangerous conditions and you are wise to stay safe!

    Have fun cozying up in the warm.

  1. Jeff B says:

    I'll bet the driver of that bus and the one that hit it, both had to change their shorts after all was said and done.

    Even with four wheel drive and chains on my truck, I know when to stay put.

  1. Meribah says:

    Snow is beautiful, but it can be treacherous too. The snow was gently falling yesterday, so I decided to take a walk in it and almost slipped a few times due to the ice beneath the snow. Needless to say, I didn't like that, especially since I have a bum knee. Snow is fun, but ice is skeery!

  1. Jamie says:

    You got hit harder than we did, but I'm dreading tonight's storm. Have to admit I giggled at the bus picture. At least it ended safely. Hope you all stay safe and warm and have a lovely holiday.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hon, we get snowflakes and they close school. Down here I can't blame em... Hills, one snowplow (it seems), ice and all sorts of inexperienced drivers...

  1. Linda says:

    I saw those buses on the news but didn't know they were so close to you - hoky smokes!

    Honestly, I don't think that anyone should drive in weather like that no matter where they live unless they absolutely positively have to and even then they should be very careful.

    People here in New England seem to think that it's okay to go out and drive when the Governor tells you to stay home because "I live in Connecticut and of course I can drive in the snow!". Hum ... no ... not everyone can and as far as ice goes, I don't care who you are - unless you're driving with spikes on your tires - stay home!!

    Enjoy the time in with Pam and Mr. Tucker and watch a movie or two while you curl up on the couch, it's a much better alternative to ending up like those two buses!

  1. Hi Trev, holy crap, it must be global climate change, :), we should have a debate........

  1. Julie says:

    Holy cow Travis! That was some nasty stuff. Hunker down and try your best to enjoy it.

  1. Marsha says:

    Sounds like you are just like we are in the south.....the snow is pretty and wonderful, but it's that dang ice we get that's under that snow that causes all the problems. We aren't use to it and no one can really drive in it despite what they think.

    Stay safe my friend and have a wonderful and joyous holiday.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  1. Travis says:

    Tookie: It is pretty scary to get out and try to drive in it.

    Cheesy: I heard the bird too. That wasn't our video.

    Songbird: We're getting more snow now and we may be stuck here for a couple more days.

    Jeni: There's just not much that is worth trying to drive out of here.

    Mimi: I remember how my heart rate went up last a couple years ago when I got stuck on the roads.

    Charles: Excellent suggestion.

    Akelamalu: As long as we have power and food, we're good to go.

    Sandee: Indeed.

  1. Travis says:

    Cherie: No point in adding to the mess for the crews that have to be out there.

    TC: That's the balance all right. Kids are having a great time out there, but it's sure scary for anyone who has to drive.

    Jeff: No kidding. A lot of vehicles with chains were still sliding around. It's the ice underneath the snow that causes the trouble.

    Meri: I hear that. We got out and take pictures, but we're really careful about our steps.

    Jamie: We got hit again last night, and we're expecting to watch the Seahawks today in a snow game. And nobody got hurt in that bus crash, so I guess we can admit that the scene was slightly amusing.

    Lois: When you're not used to it, you just have to be more sensible.

    Linda: I can't even imagine how you get up and down that hill during the winter.

    Sarge: Considering that the first year I was here there was no snow, and 4 years later I'm snowed in for 4 days, yes I'd say it has something to do with global climate change.

    Julie: It's beautiful today, but it's not looking good for us getting out to work tomorrow.

    Marsha: I think we now have layers of ice then snow then ice right on down to the pavement now!

  1. Dana says:

    Oh my goodness! Now you know why the South closes down when we see one snowflake! I'm glad you're safe :D

  1. WOW! That's craziness!

    I grew up with "real winters" and icy hills (Salt Lake City) and so it's run of the mill for us, but my mom grew up in Houston and she always said how the shut everything down for an inch or two of snow because no one knew how to drive in it...

    Enjoy the time off!

  1. I am loving your Yule pictures =)

    This has been quite a strange weather run this last week!