Joyous Yule!

Posted: Thursday, December 25, 2008 by Travis Cody in


  1. Turnbaby says:

    And to y'all as well from Brad, the Babies and me!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Back at'cha from the Grebowski clan! Have a blessed holiday!

  1. Cheesy says:

    Merry Christmas morn!
    Eat CAKE!

  1. Merry Christmas to you, yours, and give thanks for the soldier who is standing the post on Christmas day...

  1. May you, Pam and Mr. Tucker have a very Merry Christmas. :)

  1. Thank you ... and may the joys of the season remain in your hearts throughout the coming year!
    Hugs and blessings,

  1. Kanani says:

    That is SO pretty!
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  1. cathy says:

    Yule? Are we celebrating the winter solstice or the birth of Christ. What the heck. Merry Christmas:)

  1. Dana says:

    Merry Christmas from Dana, Bethany, and the cow who is hanging around somewhere...

  1. Jamie says:

    Best Wishes to all you love for the happiest of holidays. Stay safe and warm.

  1. Sanni says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Trav!

    May your Christmas celebrations be filled with peace, hugs, good food, lovely prezzies, lots of warm fuzzy moments and all those marvellous things that make Christmas so special!

  1. Wishing you and your family the best of times!

  1. jennifer says:

    I hope that it was wonderful for you all!

    I am posting video of my kiddos tomorrow - they were completely joyful and you might get a kick out of it.

    Take care and keep warm Travis!

  1. I hope your Christmas was a happy one for y'all! Many blessings to you and yours!

  1. Joyous Yule to you, too, Travis! Very beautiful card.

  1. Hoping you and Pam had a joyous and peaceful day.

  1. Jeni says:

    Et tu, Brutus! LOL
    I don't know how I got so far behind in my reading -only missed yesterday -but today, I had about 280 posts showing on my reader and five of 'em were yours! Holy rip, I'm slow!
    Hope it's been a great holiday thus far for you and Pam -and Mr. Tucker too!
    Hope I'm not getting sick now as the stomach just started feeling more than a bit queasy and two nights ago, Mandy and I were up with Kurtis for close to three hours as he was upchucking everything under the sun -or so it seemed! Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

  1. TopChamp says:

    Trav, Pam & Mr T: MERRY XMAS TO YOU TOO x Best wishes for the forthcoming year too.

  1. Bond says:

    Glad you had a wonderful day my friend. Nancy and I send our wishes for an incredible 2009 for Pam, Mr. Tucker and yourself!

  1. Travis says:

    Thanks gang! We had a great day and hope that you did as well!

  1. Kimmie says:

    Now how did I miss wishing you, Pam and Mr. Tucker a Merry Christmas? I hope you had a very blessed and wonderful day! Thank You for the lovely Chrismas Card.

  1. Meribah says:

    Now there's a picture of winter! Happy Holidays to you and yours! :)

  1. Julie says:


    I wanna write on pictures!