Gone much too soon, 50 years ago

Posted: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 by Travis Cody in

The Day the Music Died, 3 February 1959

Buddy Holly (7 Sept 1936 – 3 Feb 1959)

JP Richardson, The Big Bopper (24 Oct 1930 - 3 Feb 1959)

Richie Valenz (13 May 1941 - 3 Feb 1959)

Monument at the crash site.

American Pie, Don McLean

If you're interested, check out this analysis of the song lyrics by Bob Dearborn.


  1. Yep. American Pie has been going playing in my head all day. Thanks for posting it. And, the memories.

  1. I love that song. :)

  1. Jeni says:

    Thanka, Trav -you've just given me the earworm for today! It's okay though cause American Pie is one of my all-time favorite songs. Can't be a better day to have it as an earworm either, can it -with this being the 50th anniversary of that plane crash.
    Great post. I loved the analysis of American Pie too!

  1. trav you and sarge did the same thing. never thought you two would think alike! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  1. Holy crap travis, we have found common ground. :>

  1. Anndi says:

    They died so very young.

    Seeing Dick Clark that young was a blast. Great clip!

    It happened before both Mah Honey and I were born but we do love those tunes.

    I had to explain to a young engineer just after Christmas who Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper were and I felt a little sad for the world.

    Now I'm humming "Not Fade Away" in my head...

  1. JohnH985 says:

    Great minds must think alike :)

    I just finished a post about Buddy today. Can you imagine what he might have accomplished had he lived? It's staggering to even try to think about.

  1. They had some good music.

  1. American Pie is one of my favorites. Can't believe it's been 50 years since the crash.

  1. Great posting my friend. I was 7 years old when they died.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Ah, but the music lives on!

  1. *reading Sarge's comment*

    Music is the great "unite-r."

  1. Wonderful song selection - I listened to everything. I really enjoyed the Big Bopper's performance. A bit of a card!

    My husband asked me to read the 'American Pie' analysis out to him, as that's one of his favorite songs. And then we listened to the song. Great post.

  1. great post clips travis.

    (never fly in weather)

  1. I just read the Dearborn analysis...had heard most of it...but many new speculations too.

    I love the story about how it took off from that one offer on his radio show.

    thanks for including it

  1. Bond says:

    I totally forgot today was the day....how can I be a music guy if I forget that????

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! You have some good songs here baby! With all these superstars of music in one plane I'm wondering if this is when the President and the VP started traveling separately?

    So sad.

  1. Travis says:

    Nick: I don't mind that particular earworm. It's a good 'un.

    Terra: Yup!

    Jeni: The great thing about the lyrics is that there is really something in there for everyone.

    Bee: It seemed the thing to post today.

    Sarge: We are more than our politics.

    Ann: Of all the clips I could hav chosen, I picked that one for Dick Clark.

    John: I thought about writing more, but then I thought that the music could speak better than I could.

    Charles: I just wish there was more of it.

    WT4W: I was a bit surprised to find that it had been 50 years too.

    Mike: I wasn't even a thought yet. But I did grow up listening to this kind of music because of my mom.

    Akelamalu: We do have that!

    Songbird: It can be.

    Julia: Mr Dearborn did a great job on his analysis.

    Katherine: Never in a small plane anyway.

    V: You're in your busy season. I'll overlook it this time. LOL!

    Julie: I wanted to pick some that were a bit different than what you would normally hear.

  1. Kanani says:

    Oh, I love American Pie.
    Another person who died too soon was Jim Croce. I was listening to his music not too long ago, and really enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing this! It took me back to my childhood.

  1. And just think...a whole new generation has no idea what any of this is about...

  1. Dana says:

    Wow...has it been that long?

  1. Turnbaby says:

    Ann and I are on the same wave length because Not Fade Away was in my head all day too.

    50 years---wow--

  1. Travis says:

    Kanani: Jim Croce is one of my all time favorites.

    Lana: Indeed.

    Dana: It has.

    Turn: That's one of my favorites too.

  1. I LOVE Buddy Holly. He is underrated in my opinion.