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Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 by Travis Cody in

I have many encores for you today, ranging from what I thought were the best performaces to the ones I thought were most charming.

First up, I have to recognize Ty and Chelsie. Ty has improved dramatically, and but for a couple of slips this was a well danced Foxtrot. Chelsie has done a wonderful job, taking advantage of the ballroom styles to give him some confidence. Click here.

Sometimes a style just fits the dancers, and such was the case with this Foxtrot from David and Kym. She did a stellar job of making a dance to take advantage of David's Broadway roots. And he did the rest. Click here.

Shawn and Mark are getting overshadowed just a bit, but I still find her balance and posture so elegant. They danced a magnificent Foxtrot. Click here.

Not only do I enjoy the way Melissa dances, but I appreciate the little extras she puts into the performance. A shoulder shrug here, a pop of the head there. Tony took full advantage of her ability and made an outstanding Foxtrot. Click here.

So that leaves the dance of the night to Gilles and Cheryl. All that's left to say about this Samba is Wow. Click here.

Good stuff eh?

Here's our leader board:

27 Melissa & Tony
27 Shawn & Mark
27 Gilles & Cheryl
25 Lil Kym & Derek
24 David & Kym
23 Ty & Chelsie
23 Chuck & Julianne
20 LT & Edyta
17 Holly & Dmitry
16 Denise & Maks
15 Steve & Lacey
10 Steve & Karina

We'll have another dance off for judges' scores, which will replace Monday's scores and be combined with vote totals to determine who goes home.

Right to results. The first four to be safe are...

Melissa and Tony
Gilles and Cheryl
Shawn and Mark
Steve and Karina

A Steve makes it...many thought this would be the end for a Steve. And the next four to be safe are...

LT and Edyta
David and Kym
Chuck and Julianne
Lil Kim and Derek

Hall and Oates in the ballroom performing Maneater, accompanied by Maks, Tony, Dmitry, and Karina. Excellent!

Adele sings Chasing Pavements. I didn't know who this was, but then I checked for the video on youtube. I've seen it before...it is amazingly well done. And I liked the song too. Her voice is very intriguing. Alec Mazo returns to the ballroom to dance with Edyta in another stellar performance from our pros.

You know gang, if you love dance you should be watching the results show because there is some fantastic dancing going on.

And are the two safe couples?

Steve and Lacey
Ty and Chelsie

Look at that! The other Steve defies predictions and makes it through. So that means Holly & Dmitry and Denise & Maks will dance off.

Brief interlude: Mr Tucker caught site of his Friskies food on tv. He jumped over to the coffee table and stared intently at the screen. When the commercial was over, he started looking for where the kitty went with his food. And then he told us all about it. HA!

Now we dance!

Holly and Dmitry go first with their Samba from Monday. She needs to bring the performance and not be afraid of the dance. Just dance it baby. She's just not musical. She doesn't feel the music, leaving her completely disconnected from it. And her lack of coordination really hurts. That was a bit better than Monday and she looked a little more relaxed. But it still wasn't very good. The judges gave her positive notes. Judges say 6's across for a total of 18.

Denise and Maks dance their Samba from Monday. Part of Denise's problem is that she's too timid. She lets her nerves get the better of her. Like Holly, she just needs to relax and dance, and stop worrying so much about the steps. She's got to try and have fun. She's smiling this time and she looks like she's enjoying it. And because of that she's dancing better. She conquered her fear and entertained that time. Whether she stays or not, she can be happy with that if it's her last performance. Again, positive notes from the judges. Judges say 6,7,7 for a total of 20.

Who goes and who stays?

Holly and Dmitry make it through, and that means that Denise and Maks are out.

Next week it's the return of the skeery double elimination. Yikes!

The dances are Lindyhop and Argentine Tango, which are two new dances to the show. I love Lindyhop! My gram taught me how to do that, and Jitterbug, when I was a kid.

Later gang!


  1. Mr. Tucker's expression is priceless!

  1. Mr. Tucker steals the blog on you, too? hahaha!

    Honestly, Trav, I saw DWTS in the guide and switched to it because of you. I tuned in just before the who was safe and who as going to dance off. They lost me before the 2nd couple did their dance. So many loooong commercials.

  1. DrillerAA says:

    I keep thinking that someone named Steve is going home each week, but they're still here. I'm not sure I completely understand that logic.

  1. Marsha says:

    I'm with Driller....somebody named Steve NEEDS to go home...and keep going home until ALL Steves are gone! :o)

  1. Marsha says:

    BTW...did anyone notice that Maks didn't seem all that upset to see that it was over? Looked like he thought she was a lost cause anyway.

  1. Jamie says:

    Please let Gilles dance the Tango!!! Tucker won't be the only one drooling over a tasty tidbit.

    I do the click and switch to because of the commercials. This show cannot be that expensive to make which means they are taking advantage of the public and the ratings to milk the money. Could kill the goose that lays the golden egg because of greed (and where have we heard this before?)

  1. Dianne says:

    Oh Mr Tucker - what big eyes you have!! that's the way I look at Maks and Gilles

    Karina's reaction to not being eliminated was priceless - I don't think anyone was more surprised than she was

    Cloris and Corky were funny - it was good to see them again

  1. I love your Mr. Tucker picture and story!

    Lindyhop - yeah, baby! That's gonna rock.

    If there's one thing that frustrates me the most about any dancer, it's the counting dancers. And it begs the question - why do they feel compelled to dance if they have to count? Of course, all dancers have to count, that's true, but real dancers feel the music. If the dancer's not feeling it, sure as heck the audience is left high and dry.

  1. first...when the pros danced last night it was incredible. I love seeing them dance to popculture songs.

    second....the lindyhop/tango demo tape with cloris was lame Lame LAME

    I love the drama that the fan base brings. I'd be willing to bet that this is the first time that the deciding factor was determined by a group of voters who don't even watch the show. It is so not playing by the rules. (I can appreciate not playing by the rules)

    I totally agree with Marsha...Maks was glad to get outta there. And for me it was the right choice.

    Double elim is skeery..Next to go?

  1. VA Loans says:

    I hope and pray that Denise will win. She is so hot, that the others just melt around her.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    That Salsa was HOT, HOT, HOT!

    I'm a big fan of Adele's, hasn't she got a great voice?

  1. One of the few actresses I knew just got eliminated. At least I heard so on the radio this morning.

  1. unfortunately I am unable/unwilling to watch dancing with the stars...and i love dancing.....

    however....i limit myself to two reality shows a week...and i watch survivor and idol....other wise i waste too much time in front of the tube..

    enjoy the dancing though...

  1. Giles and Cheryl are the ones for me at this point. Denise and Holly are both pretty limp.

    So glad I made it home in time for Adam tonight!

  1. Anndi says:

    Good grief, another week of the geek.

    Poor Mr Tucker. Awwwwwwww.

  1. Linda says:

    The amount of work that you put into these posts always impresses the heck out of me and I think that DWTS is missing a great opportunity by not deeming yours the official blog of the show!

  1. Bond says:

    Either of those women could have gone last night. Denise seems like a real head-case to me...

    I am glad The Woz is back again...so there

  1. Denise strikes me as a TOTAL headcase.

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Oh no! Maks is out? That's my eye candy :o)
    To be honest I think that Hollie was a bit worse then Denise and should have gone...

  1. Travis says:

    Songbird: He's quite the character.

    WT4W: I like those long commercial breaks because give me time to put some extra thoughts together for my posts.

    Drilleraa: Well, one of these times you're going to be right.

    Marsha: I'm not fussed yet because they aren't taking the place of a better dancer.

    NNG: He sure tried!

    Jamie: I've never been all that bothered by the commercials.

    Dianne: Didn't you just love Karina's squeal? That was great!

    Julia: I think many of these celebrities don't really understand just how difficult this dancing is until they try it. They come on the show for exposure and then realize they actually have to work damn hard to even be merely competent. Not all of them are like that, but some are.

    Katherine: I hope that people are at least watching. I don't mind if they vote for whomever they want, but at least watch the dancing.

    VA Loans: Well, I guess you're out of luck since she's out.

    Akelamalu: I could become an Adele fan. I'll have to listen to some more of her work.

    Charles: If you mean Denise Richards, then you heard right.

    Teamster: I'm limited to DWTS and Idol, and then SYTYCD in the summer, so I definitely understand keeping the competition shows to a minimum.

    Starr: Adam was excellent! And if Gilles & Cheryl aren't the ones to beat, then it's Melissa & Tony.

    Ann: The geek feet get a reprieve.

    Linda: I just like to have fun!

    V: Both of them were oddly similar in terms of the problems they had with dancing...both clunky and uncoordinated, and not terribly musical.

    Starr: I don't know about a headcase, but she sure couldn't dance.

    Ivanhoe: Unfortunately, Maks did make the early exit.

  1. Janna says:

    Just checking in to see how you are doing!

    Mr. Tucker is adorable. :)

  1. Hey Trav, guess what I just found out? My cousin works in LA as a journalist and look what she just posted on her facebook status:

    April MacIntyre will be spending the whole day in the makeup trailer of Dancing with the Stars soon-can you say false eyelash application galore?

  1. I was kinda glad that Denise Richards was bounced off DWTS. She didn't dance very well at all. Am I too harsh, Travis? Thanks for the update!

  1. Leigh of says:

    As much as I like Maks, I was glad to see Denise go. ALthough I did think her goodbye speech was gracious.

  1. Mr. Tucker looks mesmerized and incredibly intelligent.

  1. Mr Tucker is perfect!

    I thought that the right couple left. She's beautiful, but she just doesn't have it in her to be a dancer.