Let the Madness begin!

Posted: Sunday, March 08, 2009 by Travis Cody in

There are those who will argue that the best cheer in college sport is the Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant from Kansas.

Others will claim that the best pre game chant belongs to UCLA.

Many will tell you that the Cameron Crazies of Duke inhabit the most innovative cheering section in college basketball. When told that the traditional "bullshit" chant to protest a referee's call was inappropriate, they came up with the chant "beg to differ", with emphasis on each syllable.

The color, pageantry, and passion of college sports is a wonderful thing to see. Every school that has a sports team to follow has a cheer. Many have unique and clever chants. I've named just a few here.

But the best cheer or chant I've ever heard in support of a team belongs to Austin Peay (pronounced pee).

What is their chant, you ask? You should be able to figure it out.

"Let's go Peay!"

Congratulations to these teams who have won their conference bids to the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament:

East Tennessee State from the Atlantic Sun
Radford from the Big South
Moorehead State from the Ohio Valley (they upset Austin Peay in double OT)

Three in, 61 to go!

And only one more day to Dancing with the Stars!


  1. Akelamalu says:

    Sport? :(

    Dancing with the stars? :)

  1. Yeah, Travis, where is Dancing with the Stars? I need to know what happened to two of the women dancers who broke things...

    I like the chants! But the "Wave" will always be my favorite... :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sports...meh...not so much...well cage fighting is good...oh! and one of the NBA sponsors is the USMC...gotta love the commercials at least. Have fun with college ball...if I AM goig to watch sports I do prefer college over pro sports.

  1. Let's go Peay peay, let's go.


  1. Great post, Travis. Austin Peay had an even better one back when "Fly" Williams played basketball there.

    The chant was, "The Fly is open ... Let's go Peay!"

  1. what, no dancing with wolves? GRRRR

  1. T~ you know we dance with the wolves around here!

  1. DrillerAA says:

    There are a lot of people around here that would argue that the Arkansas Razorback fans, calling the Hogs, is one of the most unique and intimidating cheers in college sports. It's particularly effective in Bud Walton Arena with 17,000 fans. The noise can be deafening. This year, not so much.
    But, like you, I love college sports...and Dancing With the Stars.

  1. Cherie says:

    Oh, it's less than 24 hours now! I can't wait to see your analysis! :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Southern Insanity...

  1. Travis says:

    Akelamalu: Both!

    Mary: We'll find out for certain tonight. Everything else is rumor.

    Hope: I love football, but this is really my favorite time with the tournament.

    Charles: Yup!

    Southern: I had forgotten about that part of the cheer.

    Laughingwolf: We wolves tend to dance by the light of a full moon, deep in the woods where none can bother us.

    NNG: And we dance with our kitty!

    Drilleraa: I should have included the soooooooooie chant. I totally missed on that one.

    Cherie: Now it's less than 3 hours!

    Lois: That chant is hilarious when you hear it on tv.

  1. I don't have much hope that my Bulldogs will dance too deeply this year, but it sure has been fun to watch them on television a bit more this season! Go Dawgs!!!

    "Let's Go, BU, Let's Go, BU!"