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Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Cue that theme music because it's live from Hollywood!

I have two encores for you this week, in one super duper step over lip lock clip!

It's the most excellent Team Mambo vs the most outstanding Team Tango...click here.

The judges chose Team Tango for the official encore.

Here's a reminder of our leader board from Monday:

56 Kim and Derek
55 Gilles and Cheryl
52 Shawn and Mark
52 Ty and Chelsie
51 Chuck and Julianne
46 Melissa and Tony

It's tight y'all. And this from a group of celebrities that earned a collective ho-hum from some critics at the beginning of the season.

Robin Thicke is in the ballroom accompanied by Edyta, Cheryl, Kym, Dmitry, Tony, and Alec.

First results...Kim and Derek are safe. Ty and Chelsie are safe.

Looks like a favorite could go home.

Robin Thicke returns, accompanied by Pasha and Anya! We love Pasha and Anya, two more SYTYCD alums.

Gilles and Cheryl are safe. That's all of Team Tango.

So Shawn, Melissa, and Chuck from Team Mambo are all in danger.

And now the new pro competition. The four dancing this week are Genya, Afton, Mayo, and Anna.

Genya and Afton dance Quickstep. Genya showed his adaptability this week. He focuses mainly on the Latin styles, but he's also a true professional. Not only did he dance well, but he emphasized character and personality. Afton proved how strong a teacher she can be by taking the lead with choreography. The dance was very well made and quite well performed. We like them both this week.

Mayo and Ann dance Jive. This is an elegant pair, turning to Latin. They are so good together. Their length in classic ballroom emphasizes class and sophistication. In Latin, it puts a spotlight on every move. They had to be crisp and quick and clean, and they were. Their movement was fluid and graceful, and they really make each other look good. We are impressed by both of these two.

The two finalists will dance next week with a former celebrity competitor to show how well they work with a celebrity partner. I really like this competition. But I still want to know if one of these pros will replace one of our regular pros, or if the cast will simply increase next season.

Yikes...they sprung more results on us! Shawn and Mark are safe.

And that means Chuck & Julianne and Melissa & Tony are in danger.

Melissa and Tony are safe...

...so that means Chuck and Julianne are out.

Next week, the 5 remaining couples must perform two individual dances in both ballroom and Latin styles. We'll get down to the Final Four, and then the Terrific Three, and then it will be time to aware that fabulous mirror ball trophy!

Last night's American Idol was sublimely good as the remaining 5 singers performed standards from the Rat Pack era, mentored by Jamie Foxx. They were all outstanding.

Kris Allen, The Way You Look Tonight
Allison Iraheta, Someone to Watch Over Me
Matt Giraud, My Funny Valentine
Danny Gokey, Come Rain or Come Shine
Adam Lambert, I'm Feeling Good

Big time props to Mr Foxx. He helped bring the best out of these kids. As a musical director, he gave critical advice to improve the performances. And the kids had the sense to listen and incorporate his suggestions.

Well done to all.

We're three weeks from the May 19 finale. And you know what that means?


It means that the May 21 premier of So You Think You Can Dance is also just three weeks away!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I was shocked that Chuck went home but I'm elated that Ty is still there. He is so humble and will talk about his faults. He's just an all around guy. I'm going to miss Julianne and I hope that DWTS learned not to have a real life couple on there. I think that sort of hurt them for some reason. Hmmm never watched So You Think You Can Dance...might have to check that out since all my shows are going to close next month. Good show and Good luck Ty...keep it real :)

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Well, I can't say that I was shocked to see Chuck go, just diaspointed. Actually, I'm more upset that Julieanne is gone.

  1. barb says:

    I couldn't stay awake until the end of DWTS.

    I agree, the AI top 5 were all eally good last night, although I loved Danny's performance more! First time I've said that!

    PS. All your AI video links are broke - YouTube removed the videos for terms of use violations.

  1. Dianne says:

    I wasn't a fan of Chuck and I liked what Len said about how Melissa should stay based on 7 weeks rather than Chuck staying based on 2 performances

    but - I think, using that same logic, that Ty should have gone before Chuck - he did a decent part in a team dance, that's all

    plus I thought his remark about Len was incredibly cheap.

    I think I'm all for Kim at this point.

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    Oh you little dancing devil, you have another dancing show coming up :o)
    I've heard that AI was really good last night so I check their performances later - when I get home from school.

  1. Bond says:

    I heard them say the top THREE professionals will come back next week and work with past stars, meaning only on will go home this week.

    I am also concerned that one of our favs will be replaced. personally, I like Afton. Mayo and Ann are way too tall IMHO and could be trouble depending upon the celebs height.

    Sorry to see Chuck go home. Guess Ty has a ton of fans out there.

  1. every elimination from now on will be tough.

    the Team Tango was WONDERFUL...almost makes me want to take lessons.

    I'm gonna try and stay away from SYTYCD....

  1. Akelamalu says:

    LOL you have your TV viewing all mapped out don't you Trav?

  1. Thank goodness for you, Trav! You keep me up to date on all this celebrity stuff so I don't fall down in the conversations at work! Whew! Are you going to watch "Lost" tonite? :)

  1. Travis says:

    Thom: There really is no telling how the fans are going to go with this show. I always have to remind myself that it's not always the best dancer.

    Drilleraa: She's definitely a pro I enjoy watching.

    Barb: Dang that AI! And I thought those links were actually put up by the show. Oh well. It's worth a search or two if you have time.

    Dianne: That really was the way to put it. Ty's humor at Len's expense did fall a bit flat.

    Ivanhoe: Yup yup! SYTYCD makes my summer tv viewing.

    NNG: Well dangit!

    V: I didn't hear them say 3. I thought they were finishing up this competition prior to the finale. But maybe I ms-heard it.

    Katherine: Really? No more dancing for you after this eh?

    Akelamalu: I do!

    Mary: I haven't watched Lost since the second season. It got a little too weird for me to keep track of.

  1. Julie says:

    SYTYCD? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!