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Posted: Thursday, September 24, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Cue that theme music!

It's live from Hollywood!

Before we get to results. Let's have a few encores from the last couple days of performances.

I think Mya took an unjustified hit from Mr Cranky Pants for Dmitry's choreography choices in the Viennese Waltz. I understand, and even agree to a certain extent, that the dance probably should have had more traditional competition elements to it. Lacey gets the same criticism. But Len should have addressed Mya's dancing before he went off on Dmitry. I thought Len was disrespectful, and his score of 5 for the dance unfairly penalized Mya for something beyond her control. Click here to enjoy the Viennese Waltz from Mya and Dmitry.

Aaron and Karina are real contenders. He has natural ability and the two of them had great chemistry together. Click here to enjoy the Cha Cha Cha from Aaron and Karina.

The Chairman also has natural ability and potential, along with a ton of charisma. Click here to enjoy the Cha Cha Cha from Mark and Lacey.

That squeal you might have heard Monday night was Pam and the thousands of ladies who used to have crushes on Donny Osmond...and maybe still do. Click here to enjoy the Foxtrot from Donny and Kym.

Dance of premier week honors go to Kelly and Louis for their beautiful Viennese Waltz. Click here to enjoy it again.

Now let's have some results.

Here's a reminder of our leader board after the first dances:

34 Joanna and Derek
32 Aaron and Karina
31 Mya and Dmitry
31 Kelly and Louis
30 Donny and Kym
29 Mark and Lacey
27 Louie and Chelsie
27 Natalie and Alec
24 Melissa and Mark
22 Debi and Maks
22 Chuck and Anna T
20 Tom and Cheryl
20 Kathy and Tony
19 Ashley and Edyta
19 Michael and Anna D
19 Macy and Jonathan

YAY! The judges select Kelly and Louis for the encore performance.

The first two fellas who are safe are Louie with Chelsie and Aaron with Karina.

Sean Kingston is in the ballroom doing a little reggae rap.

The next three who will return are Mark with Lacey, Chuck with Anna T, and Donny with Kym. Thank you DWTS for not leaving Donny until late in the results...it's really not nice to make Pam hold her breath for so long.

Finally, Tom and Cheryl are safe as are Michael and Anna D.

That means Ashley and Edyta are out.

You'll forgive me if I forward through the Mylie Cyrus video without any commentary, won't you? I thought you might. Thanks.

Now the first two ladies to be safe are Natalie with Alec and Mya with Dmitry.

You'll also forgive me if I forward through the Adam Carolla thing? Good. Thanks.

Let's watch the Macy's Stars of Dance instead! It's The Lion King! I saw this live on Broadway with my sister. That was so cool.

The next three who will return are Melissa with Mark, Joanna and with Derek, and Debi with Maks.

The pros perform a beautiful series of dances in tribute to Patrick Swayze. Cheslie and Dmitry started with a Rumba to She's Like the Wind. Then Anna T and Jonathan danced to Unchained Melody from Ghost.

And then Cheryl and Tony recreated the final dance from Dirty Dancing. They did this for the first time back in season 2. Back then they were joined by some of Maks' students. This time it's Chelsie & Dmitry, Anna T & Jonathan, and Anna D & Louis.

OK...I'm not too proud to admit it...that was very emotional.

Here's the clip from season 2.

But we still have the last bit of business. Kelly and Louis are safe, as are Kathy and Tony.

That means Macy and Jonathan are out.

Baz Luhrman is in the ballroom next Monday as a special guest judge. Dances next week are Jive, Quickstep, or Tango.

Oh, you may have noticed that I haven't been around to visit in several days. There just hasn't been time. Things have gotten hectic with work and with stuff around home. But I'm collecting your posts in my handy dandy Google reader, so I'll resume rounds very soon.

I hope you enjoyed the first week of dancing. Have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. barb says:

    I wish I'd seen the Dirty Dancing bit last night. I fell asleep before the end. Of course I did, I always do.

  1. Bond says:

    Thank you for fast forwarding through those two segments - what a waste of time...I also thought the bit with Adam and Ashley after he was eliminated insulted those who come on the show and try to compete.

    I read somewhere that Macy was not happy she accepted the invite to appear on the show and did not work very hard. She did not look disappointed at all.

    The Lion King segment was spectacular.

    The tribute to Mr. Swayze was very well done.

  1. Anndi says:

    Seeing Kelly dance again last night was a highlight. She really has so much potential.

    The Mya Incident - here's the thing: I can't say it's completely wrong of Len to penalize for choreography that doesn't respect the dance style. The couple competes, if either of them flub, well, points get taken off. Something has to signal that going too far away from real ballroom for the sake of votes from the audience will not be tolerated. The pros sign up to win as well and they are also in it to win it.
    The celebrity brings their commitment to learn and respect the dance... the pro must bring a commitment to teaching and crafting the piece. The pros get a title as well.
    But, that being said, Mr Crankypants went far too low. Taking a point off (like Carrie Ann does for a lift) would have been sufficient.

    I think letting Ashley go in favor of Tom DeLay was unfortunate. While I agree that Ashley was stiff and could have come out of his shell a bit more, at least he didn't pander.

    There just wasn't an easy choice where the ladies were concerned.

    Debi Mazar gets sportsmanship points from me. As the camera panned to the group of dancers that made it through while Macy was on the dancefloor for the lasy dance, I read "I feel sad/bad for her" on Debi's lips... she showed genuine concern for a fellow competitor's feelings and I respect that immensely.

    Loved the Lion King - I got big african bird bumps on my arms watching that!

    Good thing I had a box of tissues to watch the beautiful tribute to Patrick. *sniffle*

  1. Jaye says:

    Donny!!!!! *swoons* I am so pleased he's good I can't tell you - didn't want my childhood memories shattered. *Throws the extra smelling salts Pam's way*

    Thank you so much for the videos - been trying without success for two days to find anything!

    Oh - and Len's consistent!LOL - I watched through to see what he'd say about Mya's Viennese Waltz - he's never good when there's lots of "mucking about" at the start!

  1. The Lion King gig was wonderful...Travis I am envious you saw it in NY! The ONLY thing I miss about moving from southern California was being able to see the shows. San Francisco is okay...but nothing like New York or Los Angeles.

    I felt a tug on my heart on the Swayze tribute too.

    My take on Len's comments regarding Dmitry's choreography is that it seemed personal. As if the boy's have had a difference of opinion. Even with the "Esprit de Corps" of the theater bonding, any group of people who work together have their tiffs...and it seemed to me that there was something else going on there. Dmitry's reaction and all. I dunno.

    I am sure the DWTS production staff loved making Pam hold her breath...they do things like that.

    I didn't like the junior Hamilton at all. So I was happy with his ousting.

    Macy wasn't a surprise. But I would have liked to see more of her. I don't know if she wasn't into it...or if the timing with her world tour just didn't leave her enough time and energy to dance?

    Anndi...I caught Debi's reaction as well.

    And yeah...Kelly is just so bright and happy. I am really looking forward to where she takes this. She is only 24...

  1. Travis...as you probably know..."Esprit de Corps" is also the rallying cry for the Army Corps of Engineers.

    The appropriate response being:


  1. Akelamalu says:

    Oh I loved that Dirty Dancing clip!

  1. Travis says:

    Barb: It was really very nicely done.

    V: I hope she doesn't regret the decision. It's too bad about the timing with her tour. As Ann said, she had that "weeee I'm dancing" look about her, like she really did enjoy it and hadn't expected she would.

    Ann: I agree with you about the Mya thing, which is why I paraphrased some of the comments you made about it. Take off 1 or 2 points as Carrie Ann does for lifts...that would have been appropriate. The styles should be respected, and there should be a balance with artistic interpretation as well, which should be rewarded...or at least not discouraged so harshly.

    Jaye: The cranky pants thing has been a running gag for several seasons now. I really do appreciate what he has to say, but sometimes he's a little too harsh that it becomes almost personal.

    Katherine: The thing about Dmitry is that he's such an outstanding choreography for someone so young. I guess I shouldn't say it that way...talent is talent and has nothing ot do with age. I will agree with Len that the atristry would have been just as beautiful in a more traditional Viennese Waltz. But the 5 was too harsh and made it seem like a personal beef.

    Akelamalu: Wasn't it wonderful?

  1. Marsha says:

    Are you going to be ok with Edyta gone so early ?????? hehehe

  1. Jamie says:

    The Swayze tribute was great. When you are watching the movie you get caught up in the characters and don't really pay attention to just how good the choreography really was. Seeing it this way was neat.

  1. jennifer says:

    The Dirty Dancing tribute was wonderful. I think Patrick Swayze would have appreciated it.

    So Macy should stick to singing? I love her voice.

    I hope that your weekend is less hectic Travis!

  1. Travis, I'm sorry to see Macy Gray go. She's the only one I know of all the dancing stars! Great voice, very tall! :)

  1. I am excited about Baz. I adore Baz.

    Kelly is looking like a major contender this year.

  1. TopChamp says:

    Ah. Macy was rubbish... so it's right she went. Off to watch the dirty dancing bit now.

  1. Travis says:

    Marsha: That will be tough, but I think I'll manage.

    Jamie: Agreed.

    Jennifer: I hope Macy enjoyed the time she spent.

    Mary: It's a good group of celebrities though.

    Starr: Baz did pretty well, although he stopped a bit short of any useful criticism.

    TC: Well, I think she was a bit less than rubbish but I know what you mean.