Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2009 by Travis Cody in

The screen on my laptop is dead. I took the laptop to Geek Squad today, and it's as much to replace the screen as it is to buy a new laptop.

I'm bummed.

There's nothing wrong with the computer at all, just the screen. That's the downside to working with a laptop...when something goes bad, the whole computer is useless.

So now I have to make some decisions.

I have access to a computer, so I can keep up with blogs and write my dancing review posts. There won't be any photographs though because all that stuff is on my laptop.

I can send my laptop off for repair or I can order a new laptop. In fact, I could order a new one today. I think I'd prefer to wait until the end of October though. Microsoft releases its new operating system on 22 Oct. There's nothing wrong with Vista...my work computers have used it and I haven't had any trouble with it. But if there's something new, I might as well wait for it.

The one good thing is that when Geek Squad cleaned up my laptop from my virus problem, they backed up all my files to disks. So when I finally do get a new laptop I'll be able to get all my stuff transferred over.

I just hadn't budgeted for a new laptop this year. The purchase was supposed to be a new desktop for music and the photo project that has been sitting in plastic boxes for the last couple of years.

Rotten timing.


  1. Jeff B says:

    Serious bummer man!

    I've been a PC guy for years, but I think my next purchase will be a Mac.

    Hope you can find something that will suit both your needs and budget.

  1. barb says:

    Thank goodness for backups. I'm pretty anal about that. I hate to lose anything or redo anything. I've got way too many photos to fit on DVD's so my next purchase is an external hard drive to transfer between computers. Multiple (4) backups! I said I was anal, right?

  1. Oh no!! But I'm so glad you have all your stuff somewhere else backed up. Losing pictures and files would seriously bite.

    Sorry to hear this.
    I'll send a woobie.

  1. Very rotten timing. And not very considerate of your laptop screen.

  1. Don't these things always happen at the worst possible time? I do empathise.

  1. I'm sorry to hear about the old laptop...

  1. Big Time Bummer! I guess that's why I'm sticking to the tower and monitor computer.Takes up more space,but if the monitor goes no biggie I'll just truck on down to the computer store and get me a new one.

  1. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, laptops as a complete system can be an issue. At least they aren't super expensive, although any unexpected expense can blast a budget

  1. Linda says:

    Seems like these sort of unexpected problems never ever happen at a time when you can afford them - if there is such a time!

    October 22nd isn't as far away as we might think so if you do decide to wait, it won't be that long and you can just paint pictures with words until then!

  1. Jeni says:

    What a boatload of crapola that is with the laptop! I'm glad you posted this about laptops and this issue with them if your setup develops problems. That would sure be a big consideration if I ever start thinking about getting a lap top. Doubtful I'll have to worry over that though as I don't see any new computer in my future -hopefully, for a long long time!

  1. Travis says:

    Jeff: I was considering a Mac as a desktop because of the music and photo projects. But I've always been a PC guy so I don't know.

    Barb: I've got a double back up for my music. I bought a portable drive last winter. But I'm really glad that I had them burn my files to disk.

    Mimi: Thanks. An extra woobie never hurts.

    Julia: I know.

    WelshCAKEs: Now that's a very interesting screen name!

    Terra: Thanks.

    Mike: That's a good plan.

    Charles: I probably would have upgraded next year, but I don't like this being forced to do it.

    Linda: Painting pictures with words...I like that!

    Jeni: I knew it was a possibility. But I sure do like the flexibility of being mobile with a laptop.

    NNG: Thanks!

    Ann: I do!