And cue music

Posted: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Welcome to auditions from Salt Lake City and the final stop before Vegas Week. Judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Emmy winner Mia Michaels.

Another great B-Boy heads to choreography. But he wasn't able to learn the routine. As he walked away he said he'd get some lessons and try again. Good for him!

There was a gal called Haley who herniated a disk not long ago, but has made a full recovery. She was fearless in her acrobatics and her dance style was intriguing. She was very powerful. She is delightful and she made it through to Vegas.

Nigel got his horndog on. There are some pretty girls in SLC.

You don't often see Rumba danced as an audition. But it was done in SLC and it was a brilliant performance. The man wasn't auditioning. The Lady was beautiful and one of the finest ballroom dancers who has ever tried for the show. She went straight through to Vegas.

The ballroom dancers were out in force. I could have done without the graphic injury footage though. It's just not necessary to show that. The gal who got hurt did make it through to Vegas, either despite or inspite of the toe injury. Her partner didn't make it. But a husband and wife team did.

So now we've got a full complement for Vegas Week...152 dancers from all styles. And it begins tonight.

We're on our way to the Season 6 Top 20.