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Posted: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by Travis Cody in

It's live from Hollywood!

Our encore is the competition Mambo marathon. If the video here doesn't play, check it out here.

Taylor Swift is in the ballroom before we get to anything else, with a song called Jump and Fall. I don't like it.

Now my timing is all thrown off! Let's see...oh right! This is where I remind you of our leader board from performance night.

36 Joanna and Derek
33 Aaron and Karina
33 Mya and Dmitry
32 Mark and Lacey
31 Donny and Kym
28 Kelly and Louis
24 Melissa and Mark
22 Michael and Anna
21 Louie and Chelsie

It's the big skeery double elimination this week, with a dance off. The couple with the lowest combined votes and judges' score will be eliminated. Then the next two lowest will dance off to say in the competition. The judges will decide between them. Yikes!

Here we go with some results. Joanna and Derek are safe. Mark and Lacey are safe. Donny and Kym are safe...Woooooooooo from me and Squeeeeeeeee from Pam. Aaron and Karina are safe.

Tiempo Libre performs. That was some pretty hot Mambo.

More results. Mya and Dmitry are safe. Kelly and Louis. Happy Birthday Kelly!

So the bottom three is Louie & Chelsie, Michael & Anna, and Melissa & Mark.

Taylor Swift returns. I don't like this song either. I'm certain it wasn't supposed to be flat and off key. But I do like that the pros did a little dancing. We saw Jonathan, Anna, Tony, Cheryl, Maks, and Edyta. Hmmmm...our pros got a bigger ovation than Ms Swift.

Results. Melissa and Mark are out.

So we have a dance off. Each pair has chosen their own music, costumes, and dance style.

Michael and Anna dance Samba. I'm surprised that they would select this style. He's not doing badly, but he still doesn't have the technique or structure to his footwork. There wasn't much content, but in the short amount of time, he brought the right flavor to it. It was a fun performance.

Louie and Chelsie dance Jive. I can't believe I didn't see him drop Chelsie on her backside last night. The problem with Louie is that he doesn't have any rhythm. It becomes very evident when he tries to perform one of these quick dances. He had the energy in the performance, but he couldn't overcome the expected footwork stumbles.

Judges had positive and negative comments for both pairs.

And the final result is...Michael and Anna are safe.

So that means Louie and Chelsie are out.

Next week we have the return of Team dances, plus individual dances...and another skeery double elimination.

Due to a slight problem from the construction, we weren't able to watch the first performance night for our Top 20. We got locked out for a couple of hours because the deadbolt on our front door broke. We didn't get into the condo until right before 8pm, so at least we were able to click on the DVR to record DWTS results.

But that meant we only caught the last 20 minutes or so of SYTYCD. Evidently, the kids paired up as usual and danced their routines. But rather than viewer votes to decide the bottom 3 couples who then dance solos, the judges selected two guys and two gals to dance solos to stay in the competition.

The four chosen were Pauline, Ariana, Brandon, and Russell. The two who went home were Ariana Debose and Brandon Dumlao. Brandon is the dancer selected to replace Billy Bell, who had to withdraw due to illness. I didn't have a chance to grab a photo of him.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to be able to handle reviews for this show right now. I'll let you know.

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  1. I've never been a huge Taylor Swift fan. Unfortunately, I have not gotten hooked on DWTS this season. Too many life distractions I suppose. I am still a huge fan of SYTYCD though and am looking forward to the competition on this show. The talent is simply amazing.

  1. Travis says:

    Geez. Plenty of typos in this post today. You can tell I was off my game. It's cold when the sun goes down!

    Anyway, it was just before 9pm that we finally got in the condo last night, not 8pm as I wrote in the post. It was an all around frustrating night.

  1. the dance off competition is very skeery indeed. Bruno did vote for Louie...but Michael was the right choice between the two.

    The show didn't really hold my attention until the end...I don't know why.

    glad you finally got into your home...

  1. Linda says:

    The one time I saw Taylor Swift perform live on TV she was horrible; seems like she's just not much of a live performer (some artists do so much better in the studio).

    I'm not surprised by this week's results; especially after Louie dropped Chelsea the night before (I actually did catch that and didn't think it was supposed to part of the performance though she recovered well).

    Not being able to dance a lick, I give all of these people major points for getting out there and trying as hard as they do. Dancing doesn't come naturally to a lot of people and for them to come out of their comfort zones and try to learn new things - yay for them! At least Melissa and Louie can go home knowing they did their best and take a well-earned rest!

    I can imagine that not being able to get into the condo was really frustrating for you and Pam; that's a good reason to be thrown totally off your game but you did a fine job with the post as always!

  1. Jody says:

    ACK! I read your blog for the SYTYCD review. I hope you continue to do them.....

  1. Dianne says:

    I wasn't surprised by either elimination

    I'm also back to not knowing who to root for other than Kelly who I doubt will make it all the way

  1. Travis says:

    Driller: I did see some good dancers during auditions.

    Katherine: I would have chosen Michael over Louie as well.

    Linda: You make some good points about the dancing.

    Jody: Thanks for being honest! LOL! I'll do the recaps, I just have to figure out when it's more convenient to begin.

    Dianne: She might surprise us.

  1. Bond says:

    I did not enjoy Ms Swift at all

    I am sorry Louis fell off the cliff...and Michael seems to be getting "better" each week...