Encores and results

Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by Travis Cody in

Cue that theme music...it's live from Hollywood!

Our pairs took on four new dance styles on Monday...Bolero, Lambada, Charleston, and Country Two Step. I should choose one encore from each style, but I'm not gonna because my favorite dances were every Charleston and a Lambada.

Melissa and Mark scored a 10, from Bruno. I didn't think their Charleston was perfect, but it sure was enjoyable to watch. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Kelly and Louis danced a delightful Charleston to Cabaret. When she wasn't looking at her feet, she brought such joy to the performance. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Donny and Kym might have been on their way to a 10 or two, but he had a couple of footwork mishaps. Despite that, this Charleston was my favorite dance of the evening. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Mya and Dmitry captured dance of the night for me again with their classy and lyrical Lambada. This gal has everything a celebrity needs to win this competition. Click here to enjoy the dance.

Here's the leader board after Monday's performances:

28 Mya and Dmitry
28 Melissa and Mark
26 Joanna and Derek
24 Donny and Kym
24 Natalie and Alec
23 Kelly and Louis
22 Mark and Lacey
18 Aaron and Karina
17 Chuck and Anna T
16 Louie and Chelsie
16 Michael and Anna D

The judges select the Charleston from Melissa and Mark as the encore performance.

Shakira is in the ballroom, performing Did It Again.

Now let's have some results. Mya and Dmitry are safe. Melissa and Mark are safe.

Alec, Karina, Louis, Cheryl, Dmitry, and Edyta demonstrate the dances for next week. Brilliant! The individual routines will be Argentine Tango or Paso Doble. The dancers will also take on a group Hustle.

More results. Kelly and Louis are safe. Natalie and Alec are safe. Joanna and Derek are safe. Mark and Lacey are safe. Michael and Anna D are safe.

Now that was a terrific little video clip of some of the celebrities' kids.

Shakira returns with Hips Don't Lie. Gotta be honest...I don't really care for Shakira.

Final results now. Donny and Kym are safe...and Pam is breathing again. Louie and Chelsie are safe.

Aaron and Karina are in the bottom two, as are Chuck and Anna T.

Aaron and Karina are safe.

So that means Chuck and Anna are out.

Tune in next Monday when our 10 remaining couples dance either Argentine Tango or Paso Doble. And the group dances are always an adventure.

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  1. Great job on the recap, Trav! I'm having a difficult time picking a favorite this season. Each week I change my mind. It's been an enjoyable season! :)

  1. Anndi says:

    Thank goodness the plundering across the dance floor is over, is all I have to say about the results.

    Missed the last Bee e-mail, good thing I managed to grab it before posting. Hmmm... I wonder what a wolf looks like with a hard hat on...

  1. no surprise I think the fanbase made a difference here. Not a lot of ultimate fighters callin' and textin' to keep Chuck.

    I still have sentimental favorites (kelly, louie) and ones I think will go all the way based on performance (mya, natalie).

    One of these seasons they will be the same.

    I so thought of Pam when they finally cleared Donny.

  1. Travis says:

    Tookie: I think it's a really good group and I actually have several favorites at the moment.

    Ann: You'd have to make ear holes in the hard hat for a wolf.

    Katherine: It's definitely going to be interesting to see how the fanbases drive the results as we get close to the Final Four.

  1. jennifer says:

    Oh shoot Travis. I love the Peace Globe Worker Bees badge! That is cute!