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It's live from Hollywood!

It's two dances tonight, an individual dance and the team dances...Team Paso vs Team Tango. And we've got sickness invading the ballroom still.

And, the celebrities design the costumes this week. So here we go.

Michael and Anna D dance Foxtrot. He has certainly improved over the course of the show. His lines are much better, although I'd like to see him finish off movements with stronger extensions of his arms and legs. This was a pleasant Foxtrot. Very enjoyable to watch. It had some classic choreography and he led Anna through it very well. But he's still a bit lazy with his footwork. At this point I just don't think that the dancing is good enough. The performance was charming, his musicality was pretty good, and I enjoyed the coverage of the floor. But he's stil Michael Irvin and I just don't like Michael Irvin. Sorry, that's my reality. Judges say 8,8,7 for a total of 23. That score seems a little high, considering that the choreography didn't appear to be all that challenging.

Donny and Kym dance Quickstep. Perfect Quick step song with Sing Sing Sing. The posture bar worked for Donny, but he snuck a lot of peaks at his feet during some of the tougher steps. Performance wise he's got everything you'd want, but he's definitely struggling with the footwork and choreography this week. This is a really tough dance to do well. There are some good moments, but this isn't one of his better dances. Shhhh...don't tell Pam I said that, although she's a little pouty because of some of the footwork errors. He tried to cover with charm and performance, but we saw them. In his defense, the choreography was fast and difficult. Len did give him props for managing it. Judges say 8's across for a 24. Looks like he got some points for performance.

Mark and Anna T (dancing in place of Lacey, who has the flu) dance Samba. Tony also stepped in to help a bit too. It's really a shame, because Mark and Lacey were really starting to get in a groove. Wow. He's done a tremendous job of maintaining his focus and adapting to the situation. What he lacks in smooth technique he makes up for in energy and effort. It was a little rough in spots, and there was a bit of stomping rather than gliding. I guess you could say the dance was a bit frantic, and there were a few spots where Mark and Anna seemed to be dancing to different beats. But other than that, the dance was upbeat and fun, and I enjoyed seeing Anna dance again. Judges say 6,7,6 for a total of 19. Pppppfffffttttt. I don't think it wasn't that bad.

Mya and Mmitry dance Foxtrot. Technically she's always fantastic. But you can't always tell that she's enjoying what she's doing. This week, she glowed. The choreography was elegant and classy. And she was sophisticated and sassy. This week she had form, technique, character, and performance all wrapped up with ribbons and bows. That was the total package for me. Len is a traditionalist and he didn't care for the dance...I won't say he had his cranky pants on, but something was definitely strapped too tight. This was not classic choreography, although it had classic elements to it. It was a modern Foxtrot and I liked it. Judges say 9,7,9 for a total of 25. The 7 is just too low.

Aaron and Karina dance Jive. This is the first time I thought he looked relaxed with what he was doing. He actually looked like he was enjoying himself. I think that might be because Jive is close to his performance style as a singer/entertainer. I can honestly say I enjoyed this performance. It was fast and clean and he kept the energy up throughout the whole routine. The choreography was full of quick kicks and flicks, and he was in control of it the entire time without seeming to think so much about controlling it. He seemed to get out of his own head this week and that was good to see. That was very well done. His best dance of the season, I think. Judges say 9,10,10 for a total of 29. Carrie Ann said she saw a weird mistake, but I didn't see what she saw. Great job!

Kelly and Louis dance Salsa. You know, I didn't really think I had a paternal instinct, but I felt all fatherly and stuff watching Kelly melt down during rehearsal. It's time for her to put aside her fear and just go for it. But she's so sweetly insecure that I just want to give the girl a hug. Ya know? Well maybe that little melt down is what she needed because she's letting go in this dance. The only real awkward moments were when they shed the lower frills on the costumes. Otherwise the transitions were good and the performance maintained its energy from start to finish. She really fought threw it and finally began to understand that the criticism is designed to help her improve. Judges say 8's across for a total of 24. She did have one or two footwork stumbles, but she never lost the feisty character and she never let it get into her head.

Joanna and Derek dance Rumba. And Derek takes his partner to the beach...he's done that before. It's an effective training technique for Rumba. Now I have quoted this description about Rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal, sensual, romantic...all without being raunchy. That was WOW. I will pick a few nits...she didn't have enough hip action. And it was unfortunate that she got her heal caught in the dress. But the choreography was amazing, as I've come to expect from Derek. Joanna really isn't up to dancing with him, but she hung in and let him throw her around and hide the issues she still has with technique. Judges say 9's across for a total of 27. They likely would have gotten a 10 or several without that little costume glitch. I still don't get anything from her, but Derek elevated Pam's temperature.

Team dances next! In the past, these competitions have been between even teams. But this season it's 3 pairs against 4. Team Tango is Donny & Kym, Kelly & Louis, and Joanna & Derek. Team Paso is Aaron & Karina, Mya & Dmitry, Michael & Anna D, and Mark & Anna T.

Team Paso dances first. It was a rocky rehearsal. Egos were front and center with the pros, and Lacey got sick after the routine had been blocked out. I think this Paso suffered from having only one male pro. Paso is a male dominated, powerful dance and there were times when the male celebrities just weren't up to it. It started very rough, and I thought the individual performances were a bit weak. Mya and Dmitry stood out for me, and Mark had a pretty good performance. Synchronization was a problem in places. Judges say 8's across for a total of 24, to be added to each individual score.

Team Tango is up. This team has the two best Latin choreographers in Louis and Derek. Rehearsals really worked well, with the pros blocking out the routine and then bringing in the celebrities to learn it in a supportive environment. And that showed in the performance, which felt and looked more cohesive and polished. Each of the solos was powerful and dramatic, and very well executed. This was an exciting dance. The synchronization was excellent. Outstanding! The choreography was so challenging and almost perfectly executed. Carrie Ann knocked them for a lift. Judges say 9,9,10 for a total of 28.

Here's our leader board with the team scores added:

55 Joanna and Derek
53 Aaron and Karina
53 Kelly and Louis
53 Donny and Kym
49 Mya and Dmitry
47 Michael and Anna D
33 Mark and Anna T

Pam voted before Donny and Kym got their scores. She was very nervous until that Team Tango. I must say that squees and wooos combined are very cute. So guess what I did? I threw in with Pam and voted Osmond!

It's another skeery double elimination with a dance off. And Rod Stewart is in the ballroom! Can I get a WOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!?!

We're going at least one more game in the World Series. Cliff Lee pitched another stellar game, and the Phillies held off the Yankees to win game 5. Now the Yankees lead 3 games to 2, and will host game 6 on Wednesday.

Pedro Martinez will pitch for Phildelphia, and Andy Pettitte will go for New York.

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  1. It was a great game last night. Since both starting pitchers were from Arkansas, I was hoping both would do well. Lee is just unshakable.
    Somewhere along the line, I have lost interest in DWTS, but I do appreciate your updates.
    Got my globes locked and loaded.

  1. Linda says:

    I missed the team dances as we always switch over to "The Big Bang Theory" at 9:30 at work (my dispatch partner LOVES that show!). Thanks for filling me in on how it went; I'll look forward to your review of tonight as I'll be out and won't see it.

    As for the World Series, I rather hope it goes to Game 7 - that always makes for a more interesting series and keeps the damn Yankees on their toes!

  1. missed just about the entire show.

    I wasn't the only one with control of the remote...between the series and a pretty exciting monday night game...and then like Linda the Big Bang Theory...I didn't get much DWTS time.

    does anyone know where the BBT episodes can be watched? Neither Hulu or Fancast has them...or the network...sigh.

  1. Bond says:

    OK, I read it before watching I am not sure I need to watch the whole thing, maybe a dance or two...I also feel that way about Kelly...something about her makes me want to take her face in my hands and say "Listen you ARE good enough stop doubting"

    Andy v Pedro...getting in the wayback machine indeed!

    Katherine - CBS does not put them up? really? I thought they did...

    I had it on TiVo at the end of the game...funny stuff

  1. Dianne says:

    I really enjoyed the team dances, and the Tango was fantastic!!!

    Kelly did good :)

  1. Travis says:

    Driller: It's just a lot of dancing these days. I can see how it could end up being just a little too much.

    Linda: Oh I hope not...I hope the Yankees can wrap it up in game 6.

    Katherine: I missed a lot of the football game. Just too many things going on at once.

    V: Looking forward to beating Mr Martinez one more time.

    Dianne: Agreed!