Cue that theme music...

Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by Travis Cody in

It's results live from Hollywood!

We're just two weeks from the finale gang! Woooooo!

Let's have some encores.

We liked the lovely Foxtrot from Kelly and Louis. Click here to enjoy the dance. And let me just take a moment to congratulate Louis van Amstel, and thank him for the work he has done with Kelly. She has been an absolute delight, and I think that is attributable to her innate charm as well as Louis' wonderful teaching and choreography. He has been patient, and his touch has been spot on with her throughout the season.

We liked the beautiful and elegant Viennese Waltz from Donny and Kym. Click here to enjoy the dance.

We thought Mya and Dmitry and the dance of the night...twice. Click here to enjoy their nearly flawless Quickstep, and here to enjoy their completely flawless Samba.

The judges select the futuristic Paso Doble from Joanna and Derek as their encore.

Here's a reminder of our leader board after Monday's performances:

59 Mya and Dmitry
52 Joanna and Derek
51 Kelly and Louis
50 Donny and Kym
50 Aaron and Karina

Joanna and Derek are in the Final Four.

Michael Buble is in the ballroom, performing Haven't Met You Yet, accompanied by Jonathan, Anna T, Maks, and Cheryl. I didn't care much for the tune, but you know I always love to watch our pros.

Mya and Dmitry are in the Final Four.

GAH! I really don't like the silly Dance Center feature. Most of the filler I enjoy, but they can ditch this feature any time.

Sabrina Bryan is the celebrity the fans voted to be part of the Macy's Design a Dance. She'll be dancing Paso Doble to Eye of the Tiger with Mark Ballas, who was her partner in season 5. Many thought this pair was one of the best ever to compete, but she never connected with voters and was eliminated earlier than anticipated. That dance was really good!

Michael Buble returns with his most excellent cover of Feeling Good. But the hi-light of the performance was the stunning Foxtrot. And dammit...I rewound over and over again but the crowd noise kept me from getting the names of the dancers. I've seen them before but I just could not hear their names. I really really hate that.

Donny and Kym are in the Final Four. The squee didn't startle me...I was prepared for it. That's what Pam wanted. She would have been disappointed with anything less than Final Four.

Susan Boyle is in the ballroom to perform I Dreamed a Dream, accompanied by Tony and Chelsie. Very nice.

Kelly and Louis are in the Final Four.

That means Aaron and Karina are eliminated.

Tune in next week for the semi-finals when our Final Four will have to dance three individual dances for points and votes to earn a spot in the finale.

I'm so pleased that both Kelly and Donny have made it through!


  1. Jamie says:

    I was so pleased with Kelly. The judges were right that her footwork is still just a shade ragged, but her growth and presence have grown phenominally. With effort she really could go the distance.

  1. Bond says:

    The SQUEE you heard from down south was Kelly getting in from me!

    I think the correct 4 are in this semi-final

    I zoomed through the Dance Center crapola...

    Buble did nothing for me - the dancers who performed in both songs were incredible

    I liked the Macy's Stars of Dance...

  1. Dianne says:

    I'm so happy for and about Kelly!!

  1. Jaye says:

    Kelly's dance was adorable! And Mya showed the way with a disco samba, ours were *whispers* nowhere near as good!