Top 12 goes to Top 10

Posted: Thursday, November 26, 2009 by Travis Cody in

My focus this week was on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I haven't even watched the performances for So You Think You Can Dance yet. I have them recorded and I'll catch up over the long weekend.

I can report that Cat Deeley looked stunning in sliver and black, with the wild flowing hair and make up that enhanced her natural beauty rather than detracted from it or pasted over it. Mmmmmm....legsses too.

And I can report that Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo embraced their inner wacko with the opening number. It was strange, unusual, and fantastic.

I can also report that the bottom three couples this week are Karen and Victor, Mollee and Nathan, Ellenore and Ryan.

Finally, I can report that Karen Hauer...

...and Victor Smalley have been eliminated.

So the Top 10 dancers on the tour are:

Ashleigh DiLello
Jakob Karr
Noelle Marsh
Russell Ferguson
Kathryn McCormick
Legacy Perez
Ellenore Scott
Ryan DiLello
Mollee Gray
Nathan Trasoras

Now we start mixing up the partners, and getting down to the serious business of selecting America's Favorite Dancer as the fans take over sole responsibility for keeping their favorites in the running.

And I suppose I should get serious about recapping the show. My problem is that as much as I loved the idea of more dancing, this show just doesn't work with the two seasons so close together. At least it doesn't work for me.

That reaction surprised me. And it disappointed me too.

Maybe I'll get excited now that we're down to our Top 10, and now that the coveted and fabulous mirror ball trophy has been safely awarded.

Happy Feasting!


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  1. Bond says:

    I have not watched and even deleted this show just last night...figure now I will jump in and see what is happening with these kids