It's Madness!

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2010 by Travis Cody in

And it's about to begin!

I filled in a bracket with my predictions, but I never do very well with that. I suspect we could be in for some upsets today and tomorrow, but I'm damned if I can figure out which games are likely to see them. The 12 vs 5 match ups are generally where upsets happen, but the key is picking which of the four games.

But there's a couple of guaranteed "wins" when you're filling out a bracket, and they come in the first round and in the Final Four. In the first round, no 16 has ever beat a 1. So advance all four 1 seeds into the second round. The other given is that double digit seeds generally don't make the Final Four.

So with those two "guarantees", I give you my predictions for this year's Final Four.

Midwest - 1 seed Kansas
West - 2 seed Kansas State
East - 3 seed New Mexico
South - 3 seed Baylor

I don't think there is a dominant team this year, but I think the closest we come is Kansas. That's kind of been my pick all season. I think there are two places where the Jayhawks could stumble, either against 5 seed Michigan State in the round of 16 or against 3 seed Georgetown in the regional final. But I think Kansas is the team to beat, as did the selection committee who made the Jayhawks the overall #1 seed in the tournament.

I think the 1 seed from the West, Syracuse, is wobbly at best. They limp into the tournament having lost two in a row. And I think 2 seed Kansas State is determined to get a final rematch with Kansas. I have a soft spot for 5 seed Butler. I've picked them to get out of the first weekend and face 1 seed Syracuse. I didn't pick that upset, but it wouldn't shock me to see the Orange go down right here. I went ahead and advanced Syracuse to the regional final, where I picked K State to win. Oh, the pundits are suggesting that 13 seed Murray State could be a spoiler in this bracket.

I've succumbed to the hype surrounding 3 seed New Mexico in the East. And despite coach Steve Alford's potty mouth, I've always thought he was capable of taking a program to the elite level. It seems that he has put together one of his best chances with the Lobos. I've also been listening to similar hype about 5 seed Temple. So I went ahead and picked both teams to meet in the regional final, with New Mexico advancing to the Final Four. Why? Because I think 1 seed Kentucky is vulnerable due to their inexperience, and I don't think John Calipari is a good tournament coach.

You'd think, as a long time Duke fan, that I'd pick my 1 seed Blue Devils to go to the Final Four. Particularly since the consensus seems to be that they have the easiest road of any 1 seed. I was tempted. In fact, I did advance Duke to the regional final. I also picked 12 Utah State and 13 Siena for my big upsets in the first round, with Siena playing Duke in the round of 16. But I've got a hunch about 3 seed Baylor. I've seen them play several times, and I think they are a hot team right now. So, as much as it pains me, I'm picking the Bears to beat my Blue Devils in the South regional final.

Less than 90 minutes until tip off. I'm all ready to go. And this year I've got for when something wacky is going on and CBS refuses to switch over and let us see it.

If this is your thing, enjoy! If it's not, enjoy whatever is!


  1. Marilyn says:

    I don't know what seed means but I like Kansas

  1. Anonymous says:

    Trav: Thanks for sharing your picks. I never have good luck with horses or b-ball. But I'm going to watch. First game on here is Old Dominion and Notre Dame. What's a Catholic girl to do?

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Is it football?????? {:0

  1. Travis says:

    Marilyn: Seed means the position each team gets in the bracket. And picking Kansas is a pretty good idea.

    GGG: That was a hard fought game this morning. I'm sad for ND, but ODU played so well.

    Akelamalu: Basketball dear.