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Posted: Monday, March 08, 2010 by Travis Cody in

Take This Tune is a feature hosted by my pal Jamie at Duward Discussion. Jamie puts up a video prompt complete with lyrics to the song, and the task is to find another song or to write something inspired by the title of the song or something in the lyrics.

I really enjoy participating in Jamie's feature because of where the prompts take my thoughts and emotions. This week's prompt is Fruhlingstraum or Spring Dream.

I thought I would share another original poem today. I did post this once before...two years ago, in fact.

A Day Passes Unremarked

A day passes unremarked, and yet a flower blooms.
Night beckons, and a solitary man will search his soul.
As sun yields to moon, so his heart yearns toward her,
Unexpected moment, wielding the most profound power.

He is animated again, awake and alive as a crystal aria,
Frail and barely audible, a melody of infinite peace
Piercing a life filled with doubt and anger, casting fear
Aside as a lingering presence fades with unshed tears.

Desire humbles, laying bare the prison of his mind.
A quiescent warning whispered in his ear, old wound
From another age when a soft bright smile stole his passion,
Leaving him an uncertain shell of bitter loneliness and pain.

Married to this malicious memory is his mind, closed to hope,
Prey to false remembrance; casting himself as victim.
Yet now to wonder, and to let time assuage melancholy spirit
With a golden spring, unlooked for and treasured as a gift.

Slowly discarded the recollection of that instant
When reckoned love became fractured and corrupt.
The pieces of his heart, once scattered and dead to light,
Respond now to a sun rising in the depths of her eyes.

Night passes, and a solitary man emerges from the cold
To truly love for the first time; to feel possibilities in her kiss,
And to catch the sweet sound of her laughter in his ears,
Precious and savored, like the welcome release of unabashed tears.

This has been an original poem by Travis Cody, copyright 2006.


  1. Akelamalu says:

    If you're not already a published poet, you really should be. :)

  1. Linda says:

    Wow, such images these words conjure. I totally agree with Akelamalu!

  1. Lovely poem, hon. Honest, powerful.

  1. Bond says:

    Thank you Travis...my day needed something and I just received it

  1. Jamie says:

    How absolutely beautiful A true expression of the idea.

  1. Travis says:

    Thanks to all for your compliments on the piece!

  1. jennifer says:

    You have such a gift for expressing yourself in a deeply honest way. This is an amazing poem.

  1. More poems! *jumping up and down*

    Love this line, Travis:

    'When reckoned love became fractured and corrupt'

  1. To truly love for the very first time...solitary man...healed.

    It made round way to joy.
    Inspires me, my friend.

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