The country gentlemen return

Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2010 by Travis Cody in

My mom was here last weekend to help with the reorganizing of the condo, as well as the spending of some of my money. She excels at both and has a first class assistant in Pam.

It was fun! The condo looks great.

I can report that construction about 85% complete. I spoke with the foreman on site and he says the things left to do for our building are basically exterior finish stuff like painting, deck railings, front stair railings, and reconnecting porch lights and doorbells. Those sorts of things have to wait for the weather, because exterior painting is the biggest job left.

I am putting together a photographic retrospective, but I thought I'd wait until I can report 100% completion.

Anyway, Mom was here and she brought her two country gentlemen to stay with us for a month while she and my stepdad travel in California and Arizona. Mr Tucker is settling in quite well with Mr Bailey (the house panther) and Mr Newby (the tiger kitty).

Oh, pardon the state of the bed. We were washing all the linens and anyone with more than one kitty will tell you that if you want a picture of all of them together, you have to take it quick and not worry about the background!

With all the construction, Mr Tucker has lost a bunch of weight. At first it was because he spent his time during the day hiding from all the scary construction guys swarming all over the place, and didn't eat nearly as much. Now that they aren't coming around as much, Mr Tucker is taking advantage of his new sleek self. He's much more active than he used to be, despite being 12 going on 13 this year.

So I wanted to get him a nice tall climbing perch. This past weekend seemed like the perfect time to do that, to give all three guys another thing to do while we're at work.

They seem to be taking to it quite well. Sleek as he is, we did find out that Mr Tucker needs a little step to get up into that cradle bed so that's why we put it next to the chair. He loves it, and he did manage to pull himself onto the top perch.

So it's crowded and cozy now with me and Pam, Mr Tucker, and the two gentlemen.


  1. Jeni says:

    Had to chuckle a bit at your comment about your Mom's ability to spend your money for you. It made me think of my Mom but in her case, it was that she excelled in figuring out all kinds of ways for me not to spend any money! And the cat pics -great! Your Mom has two beautiful cats who rank right up there with Mr. Tucker!

  1. Love the pic of the two on the scratching post while the other claims the chair.

  1. Bond says:

    So glad things are moving along and your place is getting all back together...

  1. Barb says:

    Cats are complex creatures, are they not? My cats would hardly eat at all when we first moved to the Swamp a few months ago. After 2 months, we're just stating to get back to normal eating and playful personalities.

    I must say, Mr. Tucker must be quite the mellow fellow to seemingly not mind having 2 strange cats in his abode. Bonus points because they are both males!

  1. Mags says:

    I've contemplated buying a tower for Bella but just can't bring myself to yet. She has a little one that she lays in and on now and she seems happy with that, but the towers look like such fun. I've seen (on home improvement shows) shelves that you can put up for them to climb on. I might look into that instead.

  1. Hi Travis, now don't get too attached to the kitties... :)

  1. Jamie says:

    Your mom and my granddaughter must share the same gene. Theresa has a black belt in shopping. Loved the photos of the kitties and your bed looks like kitty heaven (don't look at us that way, we didn't make THIS mess)

  1. Love those cats! All chillin on the bed! Cant wait to see all your condo updates!

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Can't wait to see the photos of the finished condo. :)

  1. Great photos,I look forward to the condo photos.

  1. Linda says:

    It's hard enough to get pictures of just one cat most of the time so I congratulate you on getting all three of them at once!

    It's also nice to see that Mr. Tucker doesn't mind sharing his home with the country gentlemen for a little while. There are others who might not be as welcoming!

    Looking forward to the photo retrospective on the condo construction!

  1. 'The country gentlemen' - I love that, Travis! Love the shot of the perch and three levels of cats.

  1. Kitties! Love the kitties! Please give them all head nuzzlins for me! Glad y'all are getting to the end of the construction--what a pain in the butt THAT can be!

  1. They all look happy and and Pam are such good kitty guardians! They won't want to go home now you know.

  1. Travis says:

    Jeni: I don't know that we could be multiple cat people. It's tough to make sure all three are getting enough attention.

    Charles: Mr Tucker has firmly established himself as the owner of that chair.

    V: It's been nice to live without chaos this week.

    Barb: They are indeed. But they are fun too!

    Mags: I've seen those curvy shelves...that might be a way to go. If you buy a tower, be aware of Bella's particular jumping habits. We almost made a mistake because the cradle bed is a bit too high for Mr Tucker. He manages by using the chair as a step.

    Mary: I know!

    Jamie: They took it kind of easy on my bank account this time around.

    NNG: Just waiting for some better weather so the pictures turn out bright enough to be seen!

    Akelamalu: It's really turning out well.

    Mike: Thanks!

    Linda: He's a pretty mellow guy most of the time.

    Julia: There was one that had a third perch, but I think this one is going to be perfect for Mr Tucker after the boys go back home.

    Lana: Head butts have been delivered as instructed!

    Mimi: I think they'll be happy to go home, because here they can't go outside.

  1. Dana says:

    Look at all the kitty cats!

  1. awwww.... sweet kitty boyz... I know you're glad that progress is being made. Our floor is being renovated right now... the public spaces, that is... So I'm right there with ya on the construction.