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Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by Travis Cody in

It's encores and results!

First, we tell you what we liked.

We definitely liked the Swing marathon. But I couldn't find a clip of it.

The judges, Len in particular, didn't think Evan and Anna danced a bouncy party Samba. The music had a slower tempo, but we still liked it.

Louis denied Niecy her cookie during their Argentine Tango. We enjoyed the humor, and we admired the precision in her footwork.

Len didn't like the Samba from Nicole and Derek either, but we thought it was the dance of the night.

Here's the leader board after Monday's performances:

36 Nicole and Damian
34 Erin and Maks
31 Chad and Cheryl
30 Pamela and Damian
27 Evan and Anna
26 Niecy and Louis
25 Jake and Chelsie

Results even before judges encore...Erin and Maks are safe.

So now the judges decide they want to see the Argentine Tango from Chad and Cheryl.

Melissa Etheridge is in the ballroom! She's got a new CD out and performs the title track, Fearless Love. Chelsie, Tony, Anna, and Maks take the floor as well. That was a fierce song accompanied by some fierce dancing!

More results...Chad and Cheryl are safe.

Spanish flamenco guitarist Benise is in the ballroom with his dancers. I'm usually impressed and entertained by the guests, but not this time. I think part of my disappointment was that there was so much going on and the director kept changing cameras. I couldn't see all of it and I started to get dizzy. A straight on shot would have been much better.

Now that was a fascinating video clip from the Sports Science guys at ESPN. They took measurements of Edyta and Dmitry performing dance moves in Jive, and concluded that dancers are world class athletes. Well no kidding! Didn't we know that already gang?

Melissa Etheridge returns to perform Come To My Window. Will someone please explain to me why I don't have any of this woman's music in my catalog? I must fix that. This time it's Edyta and Alec on the floor.

Results again...Nicole and Derek are safe. Pamela and Damian are safe. Evan and Anna are safe. Niecy and Louis are safe.

That means Jake and Chelsie are out.

There we go...we're past the half way point. That Fabulous Mirror Ball trophy will be awarded in just 5 weeks!

And check it out! So You Think You Can Dance returns for Season 7 on 27 May with a 2-hour premier!

I don't normally like scary shows, but I think we'll give this Happy Town program a look tomorrow. One of my favorite actors, Sam Neill, is in the cast. So I think we'll record it.


  1. Dianne says:

    I have every album of Melissa's
    She's a force of nature
    I love women with powerful voices

    It was a great show
    Now we get to the part where no matter who leaves I'm sorry to see them go

  1. Jamie says:

    Mr. Cranky Pants was decidedly cranky about the samba performances. Happy Town looks good, but I have to record David Tannant's Hamlet on Great Performances so I'll try to watch.

  1. Jamie says:

    Mr. Cranky Pants was decidedly cranky about the samba performances. Happy Town looks good, but I have to record David Tannant's Hamlet on Great Performances so I'll try to watch.

  1. I'm glad you do these recaps, Travis - I hate results shows. I can't stand the whole being eliminated thing.

    I'm glad my two favorites are still tango-ing toward the trophy.

  1. I'm afraid I've got nothing.

  1. Akelamalu says:

    Pamela is doing well!

    I like Sam Neil too. :)

  1. As you have said, I think the results were correct last evening.

    Melissa was great...

    have not thought about Happy Town, but might have to sneak a peak

  1. I watch this when I can. There is some real creativity going on !

  1. Ivanhoe says:

    I missed the results last night (cavs game ;o) so I'm rushing over here. Oh yeah, Jake is out. I thought it was him or Ms. Nash. No surprise there :o)

  1. Linda says:

    I think that Niecey has been improving by leaps and bounds each week and it's so nice to see her having such a good time. My eyes might be playing tricks on my but it looks like she's been getting quite the workout and slimming down some, too! Good for her!

  1. Travis says:

    Dianne: I'm going iTunes shopping for sure.

    Jamie: We're going to record it tonight just to make sure we can pause if it's too scary.

    Julia: But you miss so much good entertainment if you don't watch!

    Charles: Understood.

    Akelamalu: Sam is one of my favorites from way back.

    V: I hope it's not another one of those wacky shows that has too many questions and no answers.

    NNG: We're down to the better pairs now, so it should be good!

    Ivanhoe: Congrats on your Cavs! Four games down, 12 to go. Of course, you understand that I'm rooting for my Lakers to win 16 instead of your Cavs, right?

    Linda: She may be tightening up some of her jiggly bits!